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Singer Chamois

Bodgy blue      
BSD 747C     1965 
FFR 924D     1966award winner: 3rd Singer Chamois saloon, Imp07
owner: Alan Platten
LYT 917D Spring Gold    1966From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no.: 224):
Haverhill, Suffolk
Singer Chamois, LYT 917D
Colour: Spring Gold
Owned since 1986
Milage at Imp09: 102,000
Engine: 875cc; Engine modifications: None
Top speed: ?; MGP: ?
What attracted you to this car: I tried to acquire the car from a collegue whilst it was in good condition, but failed. Was offered it some years later as a banger for £30
Restoration history: Stripped & rebuilt 1986-1989 using doors, suspension, rear window surround from 1973 Imp Super. Initially used engine from donor car, but overhauled & refitted original in 1991
DJT 927C     1965 
MJH 756H     1969 
HWC 371H     1968 
CCC 450D     1966 
RLH 131E       
FTB 625F     1967 
BSD 747C     1965 
PKL 858G     1969 
THM 499F     1968 
KPP 654C     1965 
LPV 433G     1969 
ECC 713E     1967 
CAG 172C    1965 award winner: 1st Singer Chamois saloon, Imp07
owner: Graham Crompton
URB 287      award winner: 2nd Singer Chamois saloon, Imp07
owner: Mr. Lambrecht
UBH 79E     1967 
TKH 712H    1969 
TRX 151G       Malcolm Anderson's
in advert March 2006
KKN 789E Silver    1967Singer Chamois Spring Special

From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no.: D81):
Singer Chamois 'Blossom'
Colour: Blue
Owned since 2008
Milage at Imp09: 67,800
Engine: 875cc; Engine modifications: standard
Top speed: 85-ish; MGP: 48-ish
What attracted you to this car: general condition, she's cute
Restoration history: 'Webasto' sun roof
Claim to fame: Registered with ITV for use in 'Heartbeat'

Sunbeam Chamois

URB 287     1966  
13-39-DZ mint green   27-09-1967 Mk II (Polar White)
27-33-EK green   03-05-1968  
52-59-DT brown   23-05-1967  
63-33-DN red   20-04-1967  
63-81-EF green   07-07-1967  
76-45-BS green w/ white roof   15-12-1966 Mk II
78-95-DD dark blue   30-12-1966 might be a Singer
80-03-NK Golden Sand metallic (?)   24-06-1970 link to image
55-59-NU Signal red with black boot lid   21-Nov-1970  
92-92-HV green   25-04-1969  
93-44-BR blue / white   11-11-1966  
96-98-HU Signal Red   29-05-1969  
92-52-JF       Bart's Blog: MijnImp – Over het nieuwe leven van mijn Hillman Imp


  Singer Chamois RLS193/C Clayton
Ref. No. RLS 193/C  

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