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Luncheon at Linwood's opening
on Thursday 2nd May 1963

Rootes Luncheon   Rootes Luncheon - menu
Rootes Motors Limited

on the occasion of the
official opening
of the
Linwood factory
Rootes (Scotland) Limited
His Royal Highness
The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G.K.T
Thursday 2nd May 1963


Scotch Tay Salmon
Mayonaise Sauce

   Hock:Schloss Bockelheimer, 1959

Cold Scotch Lamb
New Potatoes
Mint Sauce

Fromage Monsieur
Cheddar Cheese

   Brandy or Drambuie



Three guests at Mr. B.H.O. Massey's table (K.12):

Guest No. 11
Mr. J.M. Service - Divisional Organisor of the A.E.U. (Amalgamated Engineering Union?)

Guest No. 13
Mr. Eric Bylund - Managing Director of the Sunbeam Electric Company

Guest No. 18
Mr. T.C. Norwood - Director of the India Tyre and Rubber Company - Suppliers


The whole brochure is 11 pages, and the seating plan is for Tables A thru U.

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This menu card and the note about table K12 were supplied on August 1, 2005 to by Mr. Barry Massey (Chief Buyer at Linwood) via his son: Guy Massey, amongst many other informational gems.