Nicholas Rowe / Stuart Turner, 1966 Tulip Rally
Nick Rowe and Stuart Turner in their Hillman Imp during the 1966 Tulip Rally - R56658/C
  Nicholas Rowe / Stuart Turner, 1966 Tulip Rally
Remarkable toe-in and toe-out !

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Nicholas Rowe / Stuart Turner

Monte Carlo Rally

1965, January 15-20 (34th Rallye de Monte Carlo)

Imps in the Monte - by Carles Bosch / Alain Barbou
year Comp.No. Driver / Navigator car / registr. result
1965 95 David Pollard et
Barry Hughes
4525 KV 15e scratch
(2e Classe 1000cc GT
113 Rosemary Smith et
Margaret Mackenzie
7674 KV 22e scratch
(4e Classe 1000cc GT
124 Tiny Lewis /
130 Gudim/
145 Rowe/
178 Dinwiddy/
198 Ziegler/
1966 #136 Patrick Lier et
Henri Vuarraz
GE 106902 23e scratch
(20e Groupe 1, 1r Classe 1
#146 Tiny Lewis et
Tim Bosence
FRW 307C 62e scratch
(12e Groupe 2, 1r Classe 1
#162 Philippe Simonetta et
Bernard Dirren
GE 106900 70e scratch
(20e Groupe 2, 2e Classe 1
#107 Rosemary Smith et
Val Domleo
Nick Rowe 8305 KV aussi partants
35 ???/
MTB 217C aussi partants
92 Bolton/
FRW 948 C
161 Ziegler/

N. Rowe and D. Doidge had to retire their Hillman Imp. They had started from London.

Tulip Rally

1966, April, 25-29

1,750 miles through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. 23 timed tests on racing circuits and mountain climbs. 117 starters.

in class: up to 1,150cc , G.T.
1st: I.D. 'Tiny' Lewis (Bristol) and Timothy Bosence (Honiton, Devon)
2nd: Nicolas Rowe and Stuart Turner (Torrington, Devon), Hillman Imp 8305 KV, private entry, Comp. no. 109
The Imp driven by Rowe was the same Imp in which Rosemary Smith won the 1965 event outright.
3rd: Simon Heijndijk and Nol Martini, private entry


Alpine Rally / Coupe des Alpes

1966, September, 5-10

All the Hillman Imps had trouble and did not finish:



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