Hillman Imp. Robert Stewart. Competition no. 99
Rob Stewart: 'a photo taken around 1963 (the vehicle is UK 'B' Reg) of my Father in one of his competition Imps'.
  Robert Stewart; Hillman Imp
the same Imp as above
  Robert Stewart; Hillman Imp
 Robert Stewart; Singer Chamois, Competition no. 51
a Singer Chamois, 'which was red if I remember correctly. I do remember sitting in it and finding it strange that the steering wheel was on the wrong side.'
 Robert Stewart; Singer Chamois, Competition no. 51

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Robert I. Stewart

24 July 1935 - 2006 (aged 71)

His son, Rob Stewart, sent me a message on 30 Jan. 2013, saying his father competed at national and international level during the 60's and 70's exclusively with Imps.

'Sadly he died in 2006, aged 71 but never lost the love of his Imp days and built up a large archive over the years of his competition days.
'The archive is now in my possession and I think it would be a fitting tribute to make the information I have public, in his memory.'


'My first memory was standing in the Kielder Forest complex in 1968 with my grandfather, as Dad whizzed past in The Imp.
'There is also somewhere a photo of me at the Carlisle service halt, sitting on the knee of Rosemary. Unfortunately I was very young at the time and never really knew who the nice lady was, that gave me sweets.'

'From the age of 4, I was dragged around with the Rally Team and invariably left with the Service Crew, who taught me to be a mechanic.'

'My Father, who only had ever seen greasy lads who were poorly paid and worked in terrible conditions, told me that there was no way I was going to be one of them and sent me to University.
'I came to Holland in 1996 while working for IBM, but in 2006 I fulfilled my lifetime ambition and became a Motor Mechanic (for Land Rover Nederland).'


RAC Rally
November 1967
Cancelled due to foot and mouth

Car #CrewCarClass 
2G.Birrell/ M.LockeSouthern Imp7 
46A.Cowan/ R.CryleImp Sport10 
58Miss R.Smith/Mrs V.MorleySunbeam Imp7 
70Mrs M.W.Lowrey/ Mrs A.H.WatsonImp Sport2 
72P.Burch/ G.MarlowSunbeam Imp2 
83C.M.Malkin/ K.BillowsImp10 
114J.R.Chidzoy/P.LangmaldImp Sport2 
117D.E.G.Cox/ Miss A.BertramRallye Imp10 
122P.R.Darby/ R.LeslieChamois Sport2 
131R.I.Stewart/ R.H.AltonImp2 



Shell Racing Annual
season of 1968:
Robert Stewart finished 2nd in the 1001cc - 1300cc class, behind championship winner Angus Hyslop. He raced at every round, winning four races, and dnf'ing only once.

Competition licence, 1967, international rallies for Mr. R.I. Stewart   RAC competition licence of 1967 for international rallies for Mr. Robert Ian Stewart, entrant and/or driver
I am assuming the R N I stands for regional, national and international.
Competition licence, 1972, international rallies for Mr. R.I. Stewart   FIA and RAC competition licence of 1972 for international rallies for Mr. R.I. Stewart, driver


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