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Rootes Press Release 1965 Monte Carlo Rally

The Rootes Group (Devonshire House, Piccadilly) published a 2 page report covering their succes of the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally.




Sunbeam Class Victory for Harper

In the toughest-ever Monte Carlo Rally, Sunbeam Tiger sports cars driven by Peter Harper and Andrew Cowan have taken first and second places in their class (over 2.5 litre G.T. cars) and finished 4th and 11th overall of the 238th-strong entry.

Hillman Imps backed up the Sunbeam successes with an impressive performance - the all-women crew of Rosemary Smith and Margaret McKenzie taking second place in the Coupe des Dames and Savid Pollard and Barry Hughes in another Imp finishing 2nd in their class and 15th overall.

This means that four of the five works-entered Rootes cars successfully completed the event including the mountain circuit - a remarkable performance ina a year when Alpine blizzards, snow-bound roads and tightly timed speed tests eliminated more than 80% of the competitiors.

Only 35 cars fought their way through the gruelling special stages in the Alps to reach Monte Carlo within the time limit. Of these only 22 survived the final 380 miles duel in the mountains.

Harper at the wheel of the leading 4.2-litre Tiger is awarded the Internal Sporting Club's trophy for his class victory and the R.A.C. Challenge trophy for the highest placed British competitor driving a British Car.

Rootes Press Release 1965 Monte

On 27 April 2014 a copy of this Rootes press release sold for £103. It had an autograph of Rosemary Smith. No photographs came with it.

That is how I came to have the text of the 1st page. What is on the 2nd page is unknown to me.


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