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Hillman Imp, CH-5540

Matthew Lambert's Mk 1 Imp; in front: Alan Lane
[photo: Matthew Lambert]  October 2007

Matthew Lambert:

"The Imp is a 1963 Mk I. (It originally had the pneumatic throttle - but I changed it). From the front you cannot see that is has the GT/Sports engine, engine lid & oil cooler. I restored it over 6 years, and have driven in all over Australia"

Event: 100-years-of-Hillman celebration, October 2007 at Point Cook (an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia).
The gentleman in the photo is Mr. Alan Lane, who joined Rootes in 1961 and helped to set up the Linwood factory.

The gearbox on the ground is a 'cut away' demo model provided by another club member of the Rootes Club

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