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Hillman Imp Super, JCD 839E

DVLA: Hillman,
Date of First Registration: 01 July 1967
Cylinder Capacity: 875cc
Vehicle Colour: Gold

First registered in Brighton.

mm Visiting Donington during the Imp Go 50 event, May 2013

Hillmnan Super Imp, JCD 839E
Impulse 09: National Weekend 2009 at Reading

At Impulse 09 near Reading

Hillmnan Super Imp, JCD 839E
Impulse 09: National Weekend 2009 at Reading

What's that below the grille?

Imp 07: Paddock Wood, Hop Farm

Hillman Super Imp 'Spring Special' JCD 839E

This car was first registered on 1st July 1967. To date 12th August 2007 it has done under 19,000 miles. This is verified by my having all MoTs and other documentation.

'Spring Specials' were a group of 250 cars, which were meant to have been exported to Canada, but were sold on the UK market. They have certain features not seen on regular UK models.

  • different bumpers to onform with the North American crash requirements of the 60s
  • additional engine guard as fitted to many export models
  • a larger heater to cope (perhaps) with the Canadian winters
  • white wall tyres

This car has also been fitted with some 60s period extras:

  • an after market wooden dashboard
  • Britax sunroof
  • radio
  • alarm

The car has just completed a run of 2,148 miles over 8 days driving, including the journey from Land's End to John O'Groats, giving 43,3 miles per gallon.

Colin Gunn
Swindon A.C.O.


John Simister
Grand Day Out : Mobil Economy Run / John Simister. - Practical Classics 2001, July. - p.30-37
A small-scale re-run of the 1966 Mobil Economy Run, which was won by an Imp (as was the 1965 event). For the re-run we tried to gather together the four types of car that won the different engine-size classes, an Imp, a Renault 8, a Wolseley 16/60 and a Humber Hawk. The Renault didn't make the start, because it blew a head gasket (rear engine, blown gasket, sound familiar?)
Colin Gunn provided his 12,000-mile-old, almost completely original Super Imp Spring Special, and it was almost like driving a brand-new Imp. Amazing.
Three degrees in economics. A gallon of petrol went a long way on the mobil economy run. John Simister takes three class-winners on a re-run of the 1966 event.

Impish driving delight : Buying guide: Hillman Imp / Richard Dredge; photography: - Practical Classics 2004, Spring. - p.108-112
Thanks to Richard Sozanski of The Imp Club and Colin Gunn for his car for the photography: JCD 839E

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