period picture of Stiletto VJD 949G
period picture of Sunbeam Stiletto VJD 949G

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Sunbeam Stiletto

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JVC 625E metallic Turquoise ?   5th June 1967 chassis no. B301000011


TMF 104F     1967  
DMA 19F Turquoise metallic    1968  
LWK 593F     1968  
NTT 186F Lincoln Green metallic   1968 winner 2011 best stiletto and best in show
2012 masterclass winner
NUT 325F Signal Red   196?  
PMS 923F     1968  
UAB 576F Polar White    1968  
VGX 434F     1968  


VHN 220G dark blue   1968  
VPL 814G blue metallic   1968  
WYX 348G   golden brown metallic    1969  
66-76-GX Glade Green metallic    02-01-1969  
GZU 876     1969  
VIJ 8674 yellow    1969  
RAY 450G     1969  
DSK 65G Turquoise metallic  '68-'69  
71 MH 513 red Stiletto     Irish flag


FDH 44H Turquoise metallic  1970  
ROD 218H blue metallic      


EUC 485J     1970  
KEC 658J     1970  
71-48-RA Polar White    19-03-1971  
TVC 73J      1971  
82-90-NS Turquoise metallic   07-05-1971  
DR-50-83 golden bronze metallic   07-05-1971  
76-10-PN Moonstone metallic (light blue)     12-03-1971 webmaster's own  
??-??-?? former red, to become
Moonstone metallic (light blue)
    webmaster's own  


YEL 199K orange   1971  
YRU 172K silver metallic   '71-'72  
MAL 962K     1972  
        From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no. ?):
Colour: Tahiti Blue
Owned since 2002; No. of owners: N/A
Milage at Imp09: no idea!
Engine: 875cc; Engine modifications: standard
Top speed: 85; MGP: 45
What attracted you to this car: the price!
Restoration history: Respray 2007; engine rebuild 2009
Claim to fame: The steering wheel ! - featured in Impressions

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