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Imp 02

The Imp Club National weekend 2002

where, when
(with P&O from Rotterdam Europoort to Hull)

Imp02 Organising Team:


Register Colour Make Type Owner note
AGS 988D white        
JCD 839E Golden Sand metallic ? Hillman      
XLY 828G light blue
black slash
Hillman Husky    
LVF 285E white
blue slash
Hillman Husky   blue alloy wheels
  silver Clan      
  luminous green metallic       convertible; wide alloy wheels, yellow 'roll cage'; white indicator lights
        Murray Mitchell gave me his photos
76-45-BS green, white roof     Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve  
        Harm & Jeannette van Dijk  
71-48-RA white Sunbeam Stiletto Henk & Tineke Hol  
        Wouter Hol  
        Ernst Paul Keizer & Martine  


Arrival Registration Car Owner
no. 015??
no. 015??


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