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Imp 09: IMPulse09

Saturday 8 August 2009, leaving for the 'Red Kite, Cider & Steam' Scenic Run to Berkshire Downs
Organisation: David Oakes, Oxford AC

Dave [a.k.a.], the ACO of Northumbria, made videos on his mobile phone of the 4 long lines of Imps leaving the field for the run on Saturday. He gave them to me, to upload them on to YouTube. So here I embedded them on this page. Previously [Wed Sep 02, 2009] Dave made them available to the forum-members of The Imp Club.

the first row

2nd row

3rd row

last row


The YouTube format is somewhat smaller than the original MP4's that Dave filmed. Though on the originals, you can't read the registration numbers either. But I say the quality is not half bad! Well done, Dave and thanks very much !!!

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