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The Imp Site

Magazine articles &
Newspapers cuttings

(more or less in chronological order - the date isn't always exactly known)

Imp covered in magazine clippings    

Couverte d'éloges
par la presse mondiale

Voici quelques citations de revues qui font autorité. Carrosserie: "La lunette arrière à charnières, une idée pratique et originale." Moteur: "Un moteur que l'on ne s'étonnerait pas de trouver sur une voiture de sport bien plus chère." Transmission: "Sa boîte à 4 vitesse ne mérite que des éloges." Sécurité: "Sa tonue de route est absolument parfaite." Ces jugement se passent de commentaires.

Covered with praise
by the world press

Here are some quotes from authoritative journals. Body: "The rear window has hinges, a practical and original idea." Engine: "An engine that one wouldn't be surprised to find in a sports car much more expensive." Transmission: "The four speed box deserves only praise." Security: "Its road holding is absolutely perfect." These judgments speak for themselves.

The gentlemen of the motoring press had many nice things to say on the Imp and Rootes rightly quoted them in this French advert.

In Australia Rootes did a similar thing: they made a folder with 20 quotes from the press: Australian motoring experts acclaim Imp - zippiest on the road. Read what the experts say.


The Imp Club only reproduces articles if permission is given by the copyright holder. The club has permission to reprint any Imp-related articles from Motor, Autocar and Hot Car.


1962Testing 1, 2, 3...

Burrell, L.
Enter the Ajax! : will the new Rootes baby clean up the opposition? / Lionel Burrell. - Small Car & Mini Owner 1962, November
2 pages

It's the new 'baby' Hillman 850 / by Basil Cardew. - The Express 1962
newspaper cutting

Baby-Hillman mit Heckmotor. - Die Stern 51/1962
An item covering a 3rd of a page. A large photo of a tested Imp in a locked garage of an Italian hotel in the Dolomites.

19632 May 1963!

The fact that the Imp was the first Scottish built car for something like 30 years, meant the Scottish papers gave the new car launch a lot of publicity.

Scotland's new car. - The Motor World and Industrial Vehicle 1963, March

Scoop: Hillman Imp. - Small Car 1963, April. - p.8-9
Exclusive! First facts. Pictures.

    Autocar 3 May 1963

Hillman Imp: first full description and road test. - Autocar 1963, May 3 (Special Issue)
Cover: Rootes make motoring history with the new Hillman Imp an inspiration in light car design

Hillman Imp de luxe : 875cc. - Autocar 1963, May 3
Autocar Road test no. 1921: Imp de luxe, reg. 7431 VC. 5 pages. Praise for its smoothness, silence and responsiveness and a list of other qualities.
Reprinted in Impressions 1983, August

Hillman Imp : new model. - Autocar 1963, May 3
Introduction article of Hillman Imp WHS 171. 8 ½ pages
It also shows adverts on original equipment supplied for the Imp by different companies, i.e. Dunlop C41 tyres
Reprinted in Impressions 1983, August

Morris, B.
Motor industry in Scotland : Rootes Imp is first Scottish production car for 30 years / Bill Morris. - Autocar 1963, May 3
1 1/2 page
Reprinted in Impression 1983, August

Vlugt, F. van der
Wij reden de nieuwe Imp in Schotland / door Fred van der Vlugt. - Autovie 1963 (vol. 8), May 3 (no. 19)
5 1/2 page
Bij de voorplaat: De nieuwe Hillman Imp, gefotografeerd door Nout den Boer, tijdens de exclusieve testrit, die wij met deze wagen in de Schotse Hooglanden maakten.

  Hillman Imp 7659 VC, Autovisie 3 May 1963

"Great boost for Scotland". - The Motor 1963, May 8. - p.61
H.R.H. the duke of Edinburgh opens the new Rootes factory at Linwood

Hillman Imp : at last - the new Rootes small car. - The Motor 1963, May 8. - p.74-78

Hillman Imp (de luxe) : extended road test no. 18/63. - The Motor 1963, May 8. - p.80-85
Testing Imp 7951 VC
the magazine dropped the 'The' from its title in 1964
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187. - p.8-12

Waar eens de schapen weidden. - Auto-Visie 1963, May 10. - p.16-19
12 photos

Kosten: 250.000.000. - Auto-Visie? 1963, May 17. - p.?
3 pages

Exclusively yours ! The Hillman Imp : Rootes pioneers the 'slant four' engine. - Small Car, early 1963
2 pages

Car Mechanics 1963, May

Imp. - Automobile Engineering 1963, May 15

Imp, New small engine. - Automobile Engineering 1963, May 20

All new - all different : the Rootes Group's exciting new Hillman Imp brings a fresh approach to the small car. - Cars Illustrated 1963, June
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.26-29; 4 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187. - p.4-7

First Imp-ressions. - Sporting Motorist 1963, May. - p.312
Hillman Imp Mark I. Driving & description of the Imp WHS 305. 4 pages
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.42-45

Hillman Imp : Rootes long awaited baby. - Sports Car 1963, May. - p.116
Description of Hillman Imp at time of its release. 2 pages

beside Loch Katrine in the beautiful Trossachs in
Perthshire, not far from the home of the Imp

A very tough youngster [editorial]. - Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May. - p.17

This spectacular Imp. - Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May. - p.18-22-23,25-26

Brabham, J.
Here's a car with a future / Jack Brabham. - Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May. - p.22-23,25
Jack Brabham, twice World Champion racing driver, tests the new Hillman Imp, 7660 VC

The Linwood story. - Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May. - p.27-29, 31

An exciting car to desgn and develop / by Peter Ware, chief Executive Engineer, Rootes Group. - Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May. - p.33, 35

Imp accessoires. - Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May. - p.37-39

Imp related advertisements in Modern Motoring and Travel vol. 33 [1963], May

Hillman Imp - Rootes' long-awaited baby from Scotland. - Sports Car, 1963 May. - p. 116-117
Hillman Imp de luxe reviewed - only a short trial run.

The car of the month : the Hillman Imp / by Bill Hartley. - The Illustrated London News 1963, June 1. - p.866. - [The World of Motoring]
1 page

Tantalising Imp. - Modern Motor 1963, June. - p.14
(Australian mag.) Photos taken of prototypes under testing and other details discovered. 2 pages

Imp transmission. - Automobile Engineering 1963, June. - p.290-296

Coachwork. - Automobile Engineering 1963, June. - p.274

Imp vs. Mini : Special. - Small Car 1963, June. - p.39

Photos: Twenty Hillman Imps on the starting grid at Silverstone; Mike Parkes and Tim Fry finishing. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1963, July. - p.9, 13

Autotechnische Zeitschrift 1963, July
Introduction of a Hillman Imp

Road & Track, 1963 July
Imps reviewed.

An Imp to Le Mans / by Alan Brinton. - Sports Car, 1963 July. - p. 182-183
Hillman Imp de luxe 7428 VC reviewed.

The little giants : Mini vs Imp. - Small Car 1963. - p.39-41

Road Test 17/63: Hillman Imp. - Sports Car Graphic 1963, August. - p.54-57
Testing 8535 VC

The Financial Times, mid October 1963
The Rootes Brothers wrote articles on the Rootes Group and in particilar on the daring Imp project

Cylinder Block. - Automobile Engineering 1963, October. - p.454,463

Modern Motoring and Travel 1963, October

Road Research Report: Hillman Imp. - Car & Driver 1963, November
Imp 7426 VC reviewed. (U.S.)
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.30-35; 6 pages

Yoxall, J.
Lightweight towing : Imp and Cygnet on the road and site / by John Yoxall. - Autocar 1963, December 13
2 pages

Hillman Imp : cars on test. - Cars Illustrated 1963, December. - p.16-18
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187. - p.16-18

1964Oct.: Chamois

Hillman Imp de luxe. - Sporting Motorist 1964
4194 KV
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.37-39

Plush Chamois from Singer. - Sporting Motorist 1964. - [Motor show news]
ADU 636B. 1 page reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.9
Reprinted in 'Singer Chamois family', Unique Master Portfolio, p.7

Ankersmit, J.W.
Rootes Group schiep in Schotland nieuwe werkgelegenheid / J.W. Ankersmit. - Autokampioen 56 (1964), 3 (18 januari). - p.114-117

Kuzmicki, L.
The Hillman 875cc engine / by Leo Kuzmicki, A. Craig Miller and Peter Ware. - The Motor World 1964, February.
From the paper presented at the symposium on the Design of Small Mass Produced Car Engines in November 1963, and presented to the Scottish branch of mechanical Engineers (Automobile Division), January 20, 1964.
Part 1 was reprinted in Impressions 1997, November. - p.13-15, 18-20

Modern Motoring and Travel 1964 Feb - 7428 VC

Jack Brabham, twice world champion does a second test of the Hillman Imp. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1964, February

Imp Cooling fan. - Automobile Engineering 1964, February. - p.45

Berk, G.P.
Hillman IMPressies en ervaringen / door G.P. Berk. - Auto & Motortechniek 24 (1964), no. 12
Roadtest of Hillman Imp JH-42-21. 5 pages

Four Mighty Midgets. - Wheels 1964, March. - p.16
(Australian mag.) Hillman Imp compared with Morris 850 (Mini), Volkswagen Standard and Fiat 600D. 6 pages

Hillman's Great Small Car. - Wheels 1964, March. - p.30
(Australian mag.) Road Test. 4 Pages

Motor Manual 1964, March
(Australian mag.) Road Test Hillman Imp.

Full Test: Hillman Imp. - Modern Car 1964, March. - cover, p.27-31,76

Hillman Imp engine and gearbox / drawing Vic Berris. - Autocar 1964, May 15
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187. - p.19

Happy Birthday to the Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1964, May 22. - p.977
Imp story after 1 year of production. 1 page

Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1964, May 22. - p.978
Long term report on staff Imp. 2 pages

Bowker, M.
12,000 / Michael Bowker. - Motor 1964, May
Testing a Deluxe Imp for 12,000 miles

A strenuous test of the latest O.H.C. 875-c.c. Hillman Imp / W.B. - Motor Sport 1964, May. - pp. 343-344, 346. - [Small-Car Topics]
Testing 4192 KV

The Jack Knight Imp 4-speed box. - Autosport 1964
single page

New product review: Orbit spare wheel cover. - Autocar 1964, May. - p.890

Improved Car: Nerus Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1964, May. - p.908-909
Reprinted in TSB 081. - p.18-19

Autovisie 1964, no. 12
Introduction of Hillman Imp JJ-55-57

Road Test: Sunbeam Imp. - Road and Track 1964, June. - p.69

Imp in elf dress : an introduction to the gentle art of body mechanics / photography Tom Northey. - Small Car 1964, June
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187. - p.20-21

Hillman Imp. - Motor Trend vol. 16 (1964), no. 9 (June). - p.69-71

Imp Decoke. - Practical Motorist 1964, July. - p.1213-1215

Titus, J.
Sunbeam Imp : the Rootes' dealers are grinning with Impish delight / Jerry Titus; photos: Pat Brollier. - Sports Car Graphic 1964, August. - p.64-67
Road test of US specification Imp: Sunbeam Imp Mk I. - 4 pages
A photocopy was supplied with The Impress, edition summer 1998/ 1999.

Rosenthal, S.
N.Y.C. to L.A. in 48 hours / Stanley Rosenthal (text and photos); film by Ansco. - American Rodding 1964, August. - p.40-45
A Sunbeam Imp sports sedan (ZT-86-20) completes the First American Rodding Magazine sanctioned endurance run and sets a world's record in the process, covering 3,011 miles in 48 hours, 9 minutes, 54 seconds at an average speed of 63.7 mph. August 12 - 14, 1964; New York, N.Y. to Los Angeles
American magazine as it says 'sedan' in stead of 'saloon'?

3000 Miles in 48 Hours. - American Rodding magazine 1964
The endurance test Imp on its way to California in record time
3 pages, no author mentioned, except the bits out of Stanley Rosentall's log. The Imp does not seem to have a register number.
A one page advert follows for the Imp ($1495) and Alpine.

Hartwell's Hot H'Imp, Motor 1964, August 22
Testing GRH 5. 1 page
reproduced in Impressions 1999, November. - p.31

Forum: argument on design with Peter Ware. - New Motorist 1964, September. - p.35-37

Small Car 1964, September
Hey four eyes!
Something fishy about
this Motolux Hillman Imp

Meet Impudence, the 110mph Hillman : the hot Imps are coming; 1. - Roger Nathan's 110mph Imp / photography Farrokh Dhalla. - Small Car 1964, September. - p.12-14
[Anti-Mini lineup] Setting the saloon-racing world on fire, it's the 110mph Roger Nathan Cooper-looper fireball performance from a teeny 875cc

Making an Impression: Motoluxury : the hot Imps are coming; 2 / photography Charles Pocklington. - Small Car 1964, September. - p.15-17
Plus Motolux Hillman Imp (reg.no. TVV2) on the cover

Motolux Imp: Baldet's best on test : the hot Imps are coming; 3. - Small Car 1964, September. - p.16
Road test, only 2/3 of page 16

Singer Chamois : 1965 models. - Autocar 1964, October 9
Introducing the Chamois. 1 page

Hillman Imp. - Quatroruote 1964, No. 10
Italian magazine

??. - Small Car 1964, October

The Nerus Hillman Imp : performance car test. - Practical Motorist 1964, November
testing 7760 FN
reprinted in TSB 081. - p.23

Singer Chamois : 875 cc. - Autocar 1964, December 18. - p.1254
Road Test no. 2006. Testing ARW 841B. 5 pages

Motolux Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1964
TVV 2. 1/2 page

Chamois de ville. - Autocar 1964
CBD 555B. 1/2 page

Il 'Folletto' di Zagato : Società italo-inglese per una nuova vettura sportiva / Franco Lini. - ?title autocar journal? 1964?/1965?. - p.8-9
La 'Zimp' che conserva il pianale e le parti meccaniche della Hillman Imp, risulta più leggera rispetto alla piccola Rootes
With photos of 9053 PG.
Franco Lini was the journalist who became the Ferari F1 team manager shortly after Ferrari engineer Mike Parkes was drafted in to replace John Surtees.

1965Sep.: Mk2; Van; Super

Singer Chamois. - Cars Illustrated 1965, January. - [Cars on test]
AWK 483B. 3 pages
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.6-8
Reprinted in 'Singer Chamois family', Unique Master Portfolio, p.4-6; page missing? sentence doesn't end.

Rootes' new baby. - Good Motoring. - [Good Motoring Test]
ADU 636B
Reprinted in 'Singer Chamois family', Unique Master Portfolio, p.8-9

IMPerial Chamois de Ville. - Motor 1965, January 16
The Moto-Baldet Chamois de Ville. 1 page

Singer Chamois : Road test. - Motor 1965, January 16

Singer Chamois Sport : Singing a happy song... - Supplement to Motor Road Test No. 3/65
"a completely roadworthy conversion... fuel consumption not suffered unduly... increase in engine and exhaust noise". - 3 pages
date correct ? car wasn't introduced until Oct. 66...

Singer Chamois ...a leading contender in the small car luxury class... - Motor 1965, January 16. - p.128-132.
Number 3/65
Road testing ARW 840 B for 1,159 miles

Profile of Peter Harper. - Motor 1965, January 27
Part of Rootes Owners' Supplement

Made for MONTEneering / John Ferguson and Laurence Watts sketch some of the refinements. - Autocar 1965, January 22. - p.192-193
Part of Rootes Owners' Supplement

The Fraser Imps. - Motor 1965, January 27. - p.15
Part of Rootes Owners' Supplement

Go-faster specialists, Hartwells of Bournemouth. - Motor 1965, January 27. - p.13,15
Part of Rootes Owners' Supplement

Specifications and Performance. - Motor 1965, January 27. - p.30-31
Part of Rootes Owners' Supplement

Rootes Accessories. - Motor 1965, January 27. - p.32-33
Part of Rootes Owners' Supplement

Rich Imp. - Small Car 1965, January
Hillman Imps rich relation, the Zimp is profiled

John Surtees says: Women will like this chic car : Car Test - The Singer Chamois. - Sunday Mirror, 31 January 1965. - page 28; three full length columns
written by John Surtees (world champion racing driver)

Trans-Continental Imp : coast to coast in a weekend. - Sports Car Graphic 1965, February. - p.38
Driving across America in a Sunbeam Imp Sport sedan. 2 pages

Abarthtime : Gents at £950 it's the slickest quickest Imp yet / photography by Albert Foster. - Small Car 1965, February. - p.32-33,35
Peter Sheen's Abartesque Imp (Road test)
3 colour photos; 5 B&W: by Albert Foster near Wisborough Green, Sussex

Cut 'n' shut / photography by Elisabeth Lewis; Max Le Grand. - Small Car 1965, February. - p.46-47
Emery Imp: Watch out, it burns (Road test)
4 photos: Elisabeth Lewis at Putney Reach, London and Max Le Grand at Brands Hatch, Kent

Giant test: Singer Chamois vs Fiat 850. - Small Car 1965, March
5 pages

Testing the Emery GTI. - Cars and Car Conversions 1965, March

Imp act : two ways of getting to France / E. E. - Autocar 1965, April 23
two ways of getting from Coventry to France compared
AWK 498B. 2 pages

Chamois part I, appraisal of 875cc engine. - Automobile Engineering 1965, April. - p.128-138

Diva Demon. - Autocar 1965, April

Nathan-tuned and Hartwell Stage III Hillman Imps: improving the performance of popular cars. - Autocar 1965, 30 April, p.872 - 874
Roger Nathan (racing driver + tuning expert) offered several tuning packages and Autocar tested one, BLC 808B. It had a 998 and could top 107mph. 0-60 in 12 secs. Brakes were unchanged, suspension too (well, it was slightly lowered). The testers were impressed but hesitant where the car's high speed behaviour was concerned.
reprint in Impressions 1987, June.

Hartwell Imp Group III : modified car series no. 6. - (Sporting Motorist 1965 ?)
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.62-63

Singer Chamois 875 cc. - 1965. - p.131-136
Testing ARW 841 B

Autosport May 1965
Cover picture and main article on Hillman Imp / Rosemary Smith winning the 1965 Tulip Rally.

Chamois part II, transmission steering and suspension. - Automobile Engineering 1965, May. - p.170-178

Chamois part III, brakes bodywork heater ventilation and electrics. - Automobile Engineering 1965, June. - p.280,287

Spot check : Hillman Imp : the used car buyers's guide. - Motor 1965, (the week ending) July 10
2 pages

26th Alpine rally. - Autocar 1965, July. - p.192-195, 237

Improved performance Test: Taurus tuned Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1965, July. - p.226-227

Chamois versus Hornet : which is best ? 1,000 miles of tough comparison testing brings you this special six-page analysis. - Popular Motoring 1965 August
Comparing Singer Chamois AWK 477B with a Wolseley Hornet

Hillman Imp: op de auto af gevraagd. - Revue 1965, augustus 21. - p.42 - 43
Interviewing ??-06-93.

Prance, J.
Imp ideas : a John Prance special on the Rootes baby. - Car Mechanics 1965, August. - p.55-57
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187

Hartwell tuned Imp : Practical Motorist perfomance car test. - Practical Motorist 1965, August
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 081. - p.24

Hillman Super Imp: '66 models. - Autocar 1965, September 24. - p.611-612
Reprinted in Transport Source Books 187. - p.31-32

Bigger better Bond / M. - Motor 1965, September. - p.15-17

Singers for the new season. - Motor 1965, September 18
Week ending September 18, 1965

New Bond 875 3 wheeler. - Autocar 1965, September. - p.451-453

The Imp goes Super : Hillman introduce addictional 875cc model with more lavish equipment. - Motor 1965, October 2
1 page

1965 Cars - Singer Chamois. - Motor 1965, October 16
Week ending October 16, 1965

    Autocar 1965 Oct 8

Road Test: Hillman Super Imp. - Autocar 1965, October. - p.849-850

Show report. - Autocar 1965, October. - p.802, 810

Improving an Imp: Nick Brittan samples a Taurus-tuned Imp producing startling performance figures. - Popular Motoring 1965, October
Speed shop special ; no. 6. 3 pages

Rallye Imp. - Autocar 1965, October. - p.878
London Show Report
Autocar of 22nd October 1965, contains 280+ pages including full motor show report. Loads of period adverts, full colour ads for a.o. Rootes Group (imp, alpine etc.). Road test on the Hillman Super Imp

E is for Emery : improved (and how) Imps : the tuners. - Cars and Car Conversions 1965, October. - p.257-258

Roger Nathan's Hillman Imp : Impudence II, prepared by Roger Naathan Racing Ltd. - Motor Racing 1965, October. - [John Blunsden Track Test No. 41]. - p.319,321

Hartwell Group 4 Imp : 998 cc : improved performance test. - Autocar 1965, November 26. - p.1142-1143
Reprinted in Impressions 4 (1984), 2/3 (Feb./March)

RAC rally: Susan Reeves and Rosemary Smith. - Autocar 1965, November. - p.1154

Rally specials for sale. Autocar 1965, November. - p.1033

New Rootes harness. - Autocar 1965, December. - p.601

'66 Hillman Super Imp. - Autocar 1965, December. - p.611-612

The Singer Chamois. - Country Life 1965
AHP 981B described.
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.11

The Fraser Imps. - Motor Sport 1965, December. - p.1080, 1084
Some comments on the cars and those who prepare and race them

1966Oct.: Sport

Rallye Imp : given the works 4. - Autocar 1966 January 28. - p.190-192
An impression of Hillman Imp Rallye EDU 710C. This was the Imp driven by Rosemary Smith on the 1965 RAC Rally. It had a 998 with twin Strombergs, producing around 65bhp. Extra equipment included an alternator, twin ignition coils, heated windscreen, twin brake servos and an oil cooler mounted on the left-hand side of the engine bay, in front of the radiator and the fan. Performance was 0-60mph in 15 seconds, with a 92 mph top speed.
reprint in Impressions 3 (1983), 6 (July)

A clean sweep for Britain : Monte report. - Autocar 1966, January. - p.166

Rally conversion of a Hillman Imp. EDU 710C. - Car & Car Conversions 1966, January

The Imp : Tuning. - Car & Car Conversions 1966, February.
3 pages ; 3 photos

Buying an Imp / John Prance. - Car Mechanics 1966, March. - p.70-72

Chrysler Imp-erial. - Wheels 1966, April. - p.30
(Australian mag.) Road Test Hillman Imp. 4 pages

Meet the men who make racing cars... and those who drive them. - Courier Motor Review 1966, May 6. - p.10-11
The aim - the fastest small car in the world
Newspaper article on the Alan Fraser Racing Teams
A 2-column sub-article on page 11 is called: Modifications meet stress and strain.

Through 15 countries in an Imp. - Autocar 1966, May 27

Costin-Nathan sports­racing car / by John Blunsden. - Motor Racing 1966, May. - p.?. - [Track Test ; No. ??]

Nathan tuned Hillman Imp RN 95 Imp H. - Car & Car Conversions 1966, May

Brittan, N.
What ho she yumps : Peter Harper - down to earth rallycrosser / by Nick Brittan; photographs by Maurice Rowe. - Motor 1966?67?. - Rootes Owners Supplement
Reprinted in Impressions 1984, May.

Cater, R.D.
Commer Imp 5-cwt. Van / by R.D. Cater, A M Inst B E; Pictures by Harry Roberts. - Commercial Motor 1966; June 17
Commercial motor road tests the Commer Imp Van HXD 704D. 5 pages + advert. Road test no. 8/66

Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1966, June 10. -
Works Hillman Imp EWK 573C of Rosemary Smith

Imp/Chamois review. - Autocar 1966, August. - Special Issue

Where do Imps come from: how well are they made? : three years of production have seen many changes in men and machines : over 200,000 Imps and Chamois now produced / M.A.S. - Autocar 1966, August 19. - p.382-388
Reprinted in Impressions 1984, July

Tuning Imps. - Autocar 1966, August 19. - p.392
Hillman Imp; technical. 1 page

Brittan, N.
Racing Impmen / by Nick Brittan. - Autocar 1966, August 19. - p.406
Article on racing Hillman Imps; how the Alan Frase Team did things. 3 pages

i/c Imp-Chamois accesories. - Autocar 1966, August 19

Sunbeam Imp Sport 875 c.c. : Autocar Road Test no. 2102. - Autocar 1966, October 21. - 6 pages
reprinted in Impressions 1987, June

Hillman GT Road Test. - Modern Motor 1966?. - p.5-8

Hillman Imp deLuxe road test. - Autocar

Autocar 1966 Aug 19

Imp-Chamois review, running two Imps. - Autocar 1966, 19 August. - p.390-391
Full Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois review! Running, tuning, accessories, racing etc.

Tuning Imps ... - Autocar 1966, August 19. - p.392

Imp-Chamois accessories ... - Autocar 1966, August 19. - p.393

Bond 875 3 wheeler. - Motor Cycle 1966, September 1

Imp & Chamois Supplement. - Cars and Car Conversions 1966, September. - 30 p.
p.181 - Imp and Chamois Supplement (page sized photo)
p.183 - Imps in a Hornets Nest
p.189 - Imp Improvements
p.189 - A Canny Shammy
p.193 - In on the Imp Scene
p.195 - Some Converted Imps we have tried
p.197 - Hillman Rally Imp Road Test
p.199 - The Man and his Cars - Alan Fraser
p.202 - Imps through the Lens (photographs by Dave Gary)
p.204 - Hartwell Stage II Imp
p.207 - A Talk with Rosemary Smith
p.209 - Tuning Rootes Cars for Competition / by Marcus Chambers
p.211 - The Tuners - Hartwell

Imps in a hornets nest. - Car and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.183-184
Rally results 1964-1966
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.40-41
according to reprint taken from 'Cars Illustrated'

Imp improvements. - Cars and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.185-188
About the accessories and equipment available for the Imp.
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.46-49
according to reprint dated 1967

Cars & Car Conversions September 1966
Rally dust is kicked up by the 'Canny Shammy' which you can read all about on page 189 (photo: Graham Gauld)
GGG 77D was orig. reg. Glasgow, 1966

Leeke, M.
A canny Shammy : Scotland's 100bhp-plus Singer Chamois / by Mike Leeke; photo Graham Gauld. - Car and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.189,191
Mike Leeke, General Manager of Claud Hamilton (Motors) in Scotland, describes the work done on their special Racing Singer Chamois which is cleaning up the 1200cc opposition in Scotland.
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.4-5
Reprinted in 'Singer Chamois family', Unique Master Portfolio, p.12-13. (quoted as from Cars Illistrated 1966)

In on the Imp scene : with Nick Brittan / photo: Brian Jordan. - Car and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.193-194
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.69-70. (quoted as from 1968)

Some converted Imps we have tried. - Car and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.195-196
Emery stage 1; Hartwell stage 3 (CLJ 195C) ; Nathan's Impudence II (317 XOV)
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.64-65 (quoted as from 1968)

Road test of Hillman Rally Imp. - Cars and Car Conversions 1966 September. - p.197-198
FHP 198C
reprint Unique Master Portfolio. - p.54-55 (quoted as from Cars Illustrated 1967)

Alan Fraser: the man and his cars : Hillman Imps. -
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.50-51 (quoted as from 1967)

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JYP 911D. Property of mr. R.A. Wimbush, Rootes Group's marketing manager.
reprint in Impressions 1985, Dec.
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.60-61, quoted as from Car Illustrated 1967

The editor talks to Rosemary Smith / Martyn Watkins. - Cars and Car Conversions 1966 September. - p.207

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Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.74-75
Reprinted in Impressions Feb. 1994. - p.24-25

H is for Hartwell: the tuners. - Cars and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.211-212
Reprinted in Unique Master Portfolio, p.58-59 (quoted as from 1967)

Modern Motoring anf Travel 1966 Sep

Theres an Imp in our motorcycle. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, September. - p.11-12
Vic Philips and Mike Paerce were backed by the Rootes Group to make a bid to capture the world motorcycle combination sprint record.

Three men in an Imp / by T.J.B. Pellow. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, September. - p.22-24
Driving Hillman Imp DTK 358D into every one of the 40 countries in England on less than £5 at 53.2 miles per gallon

Getting out in front of flying spray / by Nick Brittan. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, September. - p.34-35. - ...on the sporting side
Nick Brittan reports each month on the Fraser Imp team for which he drives

Now where does that piece go. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, September. - p.42
Hillman Imp de luxe saloon. Quiz answers on page 50

There's an Imp in our motorcycle : story of a world record bid. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, September. - p.?

Rootes '67. - Top Gear : Scotland's Motoring Monthly 1966 [vol. 16], October [No. 10]. - p.20
introducing the Sunbeam Imp Sport and the Singer Chamois Sport

Commer Imp Van : Motor Trader Service data no. 452. - Motor Trader 1966, October 3 or 5. - Supplement
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.33-40

Imp: rally conversion: Rootes; Hillman : another major manufacturer joins the tuning movement. - Cars Illustrated 1966
Description of the conversion and of their few enjoyable hours driving a couple of Rally Imps, one being EDU 710C. A full road test would be published later.
reprint Unique Master Portfolio. - p.56-57 (quoted as 1967)

Sunbeam Imp Sport. - Autocar 1966, October 7. - p.726
Test Sunbeam Imp Sport Mk II. 1 page

Imp and Chamois go sporty : new Sunbeam and Singer variants bring the Imp into the 90mph class. - Motor 1966, October 15
Sunbeam Imp Sport GVC 146D. 1 page

Sunbeam Imp Sport 875cc. - Autocar 1966, October 21
Autocar Road Test no. 2102: GVC 147D. 6 pages
At a glance: Extremely lively - new version of the four-seater Imp, with 90mph top speed. Smooth but rather noisy engine. Cornering improved and ride very good. Fade-free and very efficient drum brakes with servo assistance. Attractive and well furnished interior. Economy particularly good in relation to performance.

Smith, B.
Track test : Fraser Imp / by Brian Smith. - Sporting Motorist 1966
2 pages
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.52-53 (1967 ??)

Sunbeam Imp Sport : road test. - Cars Illustrated 1966
GVC 146D
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.12-13

Roger Nathan, Mod 'n' mend your Imp. - Popular Motoring 1966, December. - p.60-61

Imp Sport. - Practical Motorist 1966, December. - p.393

51.863 m.p.g. / by the editor. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, December. - p.11-12
Modern Motoring's Impeconomy run trhough Englands 40 counties clocks up...
Hillman Imp GRW 442D - trying to beat Mr. T.W. Pellow, of Wells in Somerset, and his 2 companions, who drove his Imp 930 miles and did 53.2 m.p.g. in June 1966.

Add an Imp engine to a motorcycle and what do you get? A world record. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, December. - p.31-32
Vic Phillips and Mike Pearce set a new world record for 1,000cc three-wheelers.

We call in a girl ... and a plane / by Nick Brittan. - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, December. - p.32-33. - [The Fraser Imps]
The title refers to Fraser having to chart an aeroplane so Bernard Unett could be at 2 meetings on the same day - which paid off: 2 class wins in 2 championships; and Rosemary Smith raced a Fraser Imp at Silverstone, and came 2nd.

1967Jan.: Californian; Apr.: Husky; Oct.: Stiletto

Sunbeam Imp Sport Saloon. - Road and Track 1967, January. - p.58

Two articles on the twin-cam engine by Lynton Racing
Motor 1967, 7 Jan. (p. 52 ?) and 14 Jan.

The new Hillman Imp Californian. - Autocar 1967, January 12. - p.28-29

The Californian : lower fastback version of the Hillman Imp. - Motor 1967, January 21
1 page

Coventry 2+2 : performance similar to Imp ... seats more comfortable ... handling better still ... excellent economy. - Motor 1967, January 21
2 pages. Supplement to Motor Road Test no. 9/66
A favourable testing of Californian GKV 891D

Brittan, N.
Never too late : Ray Payne - rule-proving exception / by Nick Brittan. - Motor 1967, January 27. - p.3-5
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.59-61

Dymock, E.
Rijervaringen met de Sunbeam Imp Californian / Eric Dymock (English correspondent) [while not mentioned, photographer likely Michael Cooper]. - Autovisie vol. 12 (1967), January 27. - p.16-17
Testing JDU 504E

The Sunbeam Sports Imp. - Car and Car Conversions 1967
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.15-16

The new Hillman Californian : the 'fast-back' version of the Imp. - Car 1967
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.23

Sunbeam Imp. - Road and Track 1967, February. - p.35

Californian here we come : standard and Hartwell modified versions of Rootes' low-line Imp. - Car 1967 ??
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.24-25

4-cylinder Bond. - Popular Motoring 1967, February. - p.41-44

Sunbeam Californian. - le magazine L'automobile 1967, Feb. - p.105

Californian here we come : or do we ? Car takes a look at the Rootes Group's adventurous notchback. - Car 1967, March
1 page

Sunbeam Imp Sport full road test. - Car & Car Conversions 1967, March

Hillman Imp Californian 875cc. - Autocar 1967, March 23
Autocar Road Test no. 2124. Testing GKV 896D. 4 pages

Brinton, A.
A new GT car... / reports Alan Brinton. - (Australian Motor 1967, March ?). - 1 photo, 1 drawing
partly reproduced in Impressions 2002, Aug. - p.16

Hillman Husky reborn. - Autocar 1967, April 20. - p.24
Description. 1 page

On the road. - Scotland's Magazine 1967, May

Killeen, T.
A car for cornering : the Fraser GT, project K9 / Tom Killeen. - Motor 1967, 8 April. - p.29-31

Cooke, B.
Hillman GT / Barry Cooke. - Modern Motor 1967, June. - p.35-37
Road test in an Australian magazine
An advert from Chrysler Australia ltd. on p.60
photocopy supplied with The Impress of Winter 1999.

Hillman IMP Husky. - le magazine L'automobile 1967, July. - p.12

Imp with Devil : Road Test. - Wheels 1967, August. - p.52-56
reproduced in Hillman News 1991, December (no. 41). - p.95-99 (Australia)

Jennings, R.
Wheel-Spin takes a turn at the... Lively Hillman Imp GT / by Bob Jennings. - The New Wheels-Spin 1967, August (vol. 2, no 16). - p. 12-13
On the cover: (large photo) The New Hillman Imp GT - for a road test on this car see page 12
The official magazine of the Sporting Car Club of South Australia Incorporated
found at the site of the Hillman Car Club of South Australia (full text, reproduced with kind permission from the SCCSA and article author Bob Jennings)

Sunbeam IMP sport et Chamois rally. - le magazine Sport-auto 1967, August. - p.45-??
Plus an announcement on page 70.

Chamois Sport : Singer Chamois test. - Popular Motoring 1967, September. - cover and p.1-4
Special 2,000 mile Singer sport test. 6 pages?

Nathan GT / by John Blunsden. - Motor Racing 1967, September. - p.378-379. - [Motor Racing Track Test ; No. 64]

Sunbeam Californian. - le magazine L'automobile 1967, Oct. - p.37

Hillman IMP Husky. - le magazine L'automobile 1967, Oct. - p.38

Sunbeam Stiletto. - le magazine L'automobile 1967, Nov. - p.104

Hillman Husky : 875 c.c. - Autocar 1967, October 5.
Autocar Road Test no. 2152. Praise for Husky KHP 850E. - 5 pages
reprinted with permission in Impressions July 1983

New Sunbeam Stiletto. - Autocar 1967, October 5. - p.30 Brief Test. 2 Pages

Autovisie 1967, nr. 50
Sunbeam Californian test


Front cover: autocross in Kent. - Cars & Car Conversions 1967, October (vol. 11; no. 5)
Who, where, when, results?

Stiletto! a fastback companion to the Sunbeam Imp Sport. - Motor 1967, October 7. - p.74
New Model Release. Description of Stiletto with specifications. 1 1/4 pages

Test Sunbeam Californian. - Autovisie ? p.26 - 30
High praise in some Dutch magazine

Those Fraser Imps : Tony Lanfranchi applies opposite lock to the Group 5 Fraser Imp at Silverstone. - Autocar 1967, 9 November. - p.17-18
More power from the engine, unusual but effective suspension and the right drivers have built the highly successful Alan Fraser Racing Team.
Reprinted in Impressions 1984, May.

Emphasis on Imps: Imp-ossible Bill Thacker. - Autocar, 9 November 1967
Imp Cartoons by Bill Thacker
Reprinted in Impressions Aug. 1986

A world car. - Autocar 1967, November
Reprinted in Impressions Dec. 1991. - p.14-15

Three cars in one : compact four seater; agile looks, handling and performance; great fun to drive and cheap to run; harsh tyre noise; darts about in side winds. - Motor 1967, November 25. - p.23-28
Motor Road Test no. 40/67. Sunbeam Stiletto.
Printed in Impressions 3 (1983), no. 5 (June). - permission obtainded by M. Jones

Stiletto : sharp number from Rootes / as crunched by Tom Northey. - Car 1967, December
1 page

Tuning Imps. - Cars & Car Conversions 1967, December. - p.332
Part 1 of a series. 3 pages

Sunbeam Stilletto road test. - Autocar 1967, December 14. - p.13-16
Autocar Road test no. 2163. LPH 31F. 4 pages

Sunbeam Californian roadtest. - Autovisie 1967 (vol. 12), December 15 (no. 50). - p.26-30
Autocar Road test no. 2163. LPH 31F. 4 pages
In dit nummer vind u een roadtest van de Sunbeam Californian, een vlotte wagen, die door de zojuist bekendgemaakte prijsverlaging eindelijk in een prijsklasse is beland, waar hij zijn naaste coupé-concurrenten werkelijk aankan: de wagen kost voortaan net onder de 7000 gulden.


Tuning Imps. - Cars & Car Conversions 1968, January. - p.407
Part 2 of a series. 3 pages

Renew Imp king pins. - Popular Motoring 1968, January. - p.60-61

Robson, G.
Prize fighters : the Broadspeed Anglia and Fraser Imp : two Group 5 wolves in sheepish clothing / by Graham Robson. - Autocar 1968, January 4. - p.2-4
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.62-65

Low line custom Imp. - Hot Car 1968, January. - p.32-4
roof chop job

AA, Imp Californian test. - Drive 1968, January

Bayley, S.P.
Fraser Racing 's Imps / drawn and described by S.P. Bayley and M.A. Roberts. - Model Cars 1968, January
reproduced in Impressions 1999, November. - (Prototype Parade no. 260). - p. 28-29

Griffiths, W.
Tuning Imps / by Willy Griffiths. - Cars & Car Conversions 1968, February
2 pages (Feature on tuning Hillman Imps, Part 3)
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.66-68

The Sunbeam Stiletto / by J. Eason Gibson. - Country Life 1968, February 15
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.45

Turner, P.A.
The devil we know - part 1 / Michael Bowler; Philip A. Turner. - Motor 1968, March 9. - p.
Mike Parkes and Tim Fry tell for the first time the full story of the development of the Hillman Imp
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.66-70

Bowler, M.
The devil we know - part 2 / Michael Bowler; Philip A. Turner. - Motor 1968, March 16. - p.45-48
Mike Parkes and Tim Fry conclude their personal story of the birth and development of the Hillman Imp - with a footnote by the present Rootes Director of Product Planning and Development, Cyril Weighill.
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.71-74

Used car of the month : Hillman Imp. - Popular Motoring 1968, March
2 pages

Davies, P.
Improve your Imp : speed shop special : a sting in the tail for the Rootes baby - Imp supertuning / by Paul Davies. - Hot Car 1968, April. - p. 45-47

Sunbeam Stiletto, Rootes Group : 68 on test. - Practical Motorist 1968, April. - p.832-833
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB 081). - p.78-79

MG 1300 vs. Stiletto. - Hot Car 1968, May. - p.39-42

Ginetta G15. - Cars & Car Conversions 1968
2 pages, 4 photos of BHK 47G (which had been exhibited at Earls Court in 1967)
Reprinted in Impressions 1984, November

Roadtest Sumbeam (sic) Imp. - Autokampioen 1968, no. 25
5 pages. A positive view of 07-27-GH

Group test no. 2: small saloons. - Motor 1968, May 25. - p.45-50
Austin Mini Mk. II; Reliant Rebel; Fiat 850; Hillman Imp (SJD 659F); Renault 4
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.47-52

Performers. - AA Motorists Magazine 1968 Summer
Sunbeam Stiletto UGW 689F

Sonic: Imp-Act scene stealer. - Motor Manual 1968, June. - p.36
(Australian mag.) Article on Hillman Imp Sonic coupe and convertible. 2 pages

The relaxed passenger : go rallying - part 6 / by Hamish Cardno. - Motor 1968, June 1. - p.?,77
About codrivers, in particular Brian Coyle. Photos of Scottish Rally 1967; Andrew Cowan; Sunbeam JRW 700E; JHP 100E
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.75-77

Custom Hillman Imp

Low line Imp / Richard Hudson-Evans. - Hot Car 1968, July. - p.32-34
David Weightman transformed his blue 1964 Imp CPH 121B - custom Imp with lowered roof and twin headlamp panel;
large photo on front page: Low-line custom Imp

Building our Imp. - Cars & Car Conversions 1968, July. - p.131

Harrington, P.
Hot Crispy Noodle / by Paul Harrington; photos by Trackshot. - Cars & Car Conversions 1968, July. - p.132-134 : 7 photos
visiting George Bevan

David Noad, Autocross Mini with Imp engine. - Cars & Car Conversions ?/?? p.208-209

Roadtest Sunbeam Imp. - Autovisie vol. 13 [1968], no. 48 [29 Nov.]
07-27-GH, 5 pages

  CCC 1968 sep
  Emery GT, sponsored by CCC. Driver: Jeremy Walton, author / motoring journalist
source: JAPMagna, who writes: The big triangular sticker on the side was promoting the JAP Magna wheels that were fitted to it.

Building a rally Hillman Imp. - Cars and Car Conversions 1968, September

Sunbeam Stiletto gets a full description . - Cars and Car Conversions 1968, September

Upping the Imp : Imp-prove your engine power with mascots tuning hints. - Popular Motoring 1968, September. - p.49-51
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.53-55

Smith, B.
Imp : get the right year for a good Imp / says Brian Smith. - Popular Motoring 1968, October. - p.60-61
(Budget Buys ; 4). Best year 1966. 2 pages

Improved Imps : new for '69. - Autocar 1968, October 10
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.80

In all directions : Rootes review. - Autocar 1968, November. - p.103

Harrison, N.
Rally Imp: the second 12,000 miles / by Neil Harrison. - Autocar 1968, November 28. - p.24-27
Long term assessment of the Hillman Rallye Imp. 4 pages
Reprinted in: Transport Source Book 114: Hillman Imp volume 3. p.74-77

Buy a used Imp. - Hot Car 1968, November

Ginetta G15 road tested. - Car & Car Conversions 1968, November

Group test. - Motor 1968, December 28
incl. Stiletto


Singer Chamois road tested. - Autocar 1969 January 30. - p.18-22
Testing Singer Chamois VLR 1496

Singer Chamois (875 cc) road test, .Motor, 30th January 1969
Autotest no. 2224. VRL 149G. 5 pages

The Ginetta G15 : a series II, Hillman Imp engined coupé : a car for the enthusiast. - Motor Sport 1969, January
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.56-57

Cooper vs. Imp. - Hot Car 1969, February. - p.47-49

Come rallying : No. 2. Underbody protection / Colin Malkin. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, February. - p.145-146

Silverstone Test Day : Falcon, Anglia, Berpop, Nathan GT / by Jeremy Walton; driving: Steve Neil; photos: Max Le Grand. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, February. - 147-149
This and future articles, which will deal with each car in more detail.

Our Imp. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, February. - p.150-151
The continuing story of the CCC Imp since December 1968

Cor Blimey : What of 1969 / by Paul Harrington. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, February. - p.152-153
Norman Abbott builts the Hillman Twin Camifornian, a cally bodyshell with a longer wheelbase houses a Ford engine.

A VERY modded Hillman Imp track car gets a full write up. - Car & Car Conversions 1969, February

Tosen, J.
Imp components for the Lombardi Grand Prix. - Motor 1969, week ending March 1. - [Jim Tosen's Motoring plus]. - p.22

Those high-speed Imps: trying the Hartwell Stiletto and Ginetta G15. - Autocar 1969, March 13. - p.2-4
Comparison between Hartwell Sunbeam Stiletto, Ginetta G15, Sunbeam Imp Sport & Hillman Imp. 3 pages

Lynton 998 twin-cam Imp. - Cars & Car Conversions 1969, March. - p. 280
Reprinted in Impressions 1985, February

The choice was yours. - Autocar 1969, March. - p.20

Come rallying : No. 3. / Colin Malkin. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, March. - p....-...

Grand Prix Imp - continued. - Autocar 1969, March 20. - p.45-47

Silverstone Test Day : Nathan GT / by Jeremy Walton; driving: Steve Neil; photos: Max Le Grand. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, April. - 345, 347

Group test no. 13: tuned cars : Motor's test team go driving in convoy to try competitive cars under identical conditions. - Motor 1969, May 31. - p.43-48
LuMo Pirana; Hartwell Stiletto (GRH 5); Master Hunter; Downtown 1300 (BMC); SAH 1300 (Triumph); Blydenstein Viva
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.58-63

Town car plus. - Motor Road Tests 1969, test no. 5, p.151-156
Hillman Imp PDU 112 G

This Stiletto's no heel / Jeremy Walton. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, July. - p. 669-670
Hartwell Stiletto road test GRH 5

Bell, R.
Probe 15 : design or doodle / by Roger Bell. - Motor 1969, July 19. - p.34-38

Rijervaringen met de Sunbeam Imp. - Autokampioen 1969, no. 30 (26 juli), p.1950-1954
Testing 07-27-GX

Jeff's improved Imp. - Hot Car 1969, August. - p.30-31. - [Custom Cars]
Win £5 like these readers. Hillman Imp 499 GXL (1963) of Jeff Linnecar has a Neal Davis Weber conversion with a 310 camshaft

Hot Car 1969, September
Hot Car of August 1969 said they would do a comparison test on a Mini Marcos, Mini Jem, the GTM and Davrian Imp if they all turn up in time.

Cardno, H.
The ultimate Imp : 60 in 10.2 seconds isn't hanging about ! / by Hamish Cardno. - Motor 1969, week ending October 18. - p.123-124
Testing the Rootes' Competitions Department's Group 6 Imp demonstrator: Sunbeam Imp ALN 650H. Praise for its performance, tractability, roadholding, handling and the beauty of the way it had been prepared. They loved it.
Reprinted in Impressions 3 (1983), 4 (May) with permission from Motor Magazine.
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.83-84

Your Imp : Weekend mods / by Richard Hudson-Evans. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, September. - p.915-917

Motor Sport, 1969 October
To advertise tuning parts available from the Chrysler Competition Department an Imp was built to near ultimate specification and joined the press fleet. ALN 650H featured a 998 with R17 cam, larger inlet valves and 10,4:1 compression ratio. There were twin 40 DCOE carburettors and an across the bank silencer, reputedly from an Aston Martin. Other parts were a 10-gallon fuel tank, front discs (possible Viva) and a front radiator (possible Hunter). The car had weight saving features like as Perspex side and rear glass, fibre-glass bonnet and no rear seat. It was valued at 1,500. Power was 94 bhp, with 74 lb/ft of torque giving a top speed of 102mph and 0-60 in 9.2 seconds.

Motoring News 1969, November
Full road test of ALN 650H

Fiat 850 special - Sunbeam Imp Sport : 2 car test / M.S.; C.J.H. - Autocar 1969, November 6. - p.26
Sunbeam Imp Sport Mk III WMX 610G. Neither tester was impressed by the Imp. 6 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 114. - p.78-83

Impish fun from Ginetta. - Motor Racing 1969, December. - p.31
Test Ginetta G15. 2 pages

Sunbeam Stiletto. - Motor Trader 1969
Service data
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.17-22

Know your car : a technical information and development record of the Hillman Imp and variants. - Autocar supplement
Owners' Reference Sheet 4. 4 pages


A 100 m.p.h. Imp - from Rootes / J.W. - Motor Sport, 1970 January. - pp.28-29. - [Tuning test]
ALN 650H. Nearly 2 pages
Eight dedicated people under the supervision of Des O'Dell at Rootes Competition Dept. at Coventry currently have the most frustrating jobs in the improved perfomance business, for they have proved their workshops can prepare cars to beat the world and yet, because of a high-level Rootes decision to withdraw from competition, they can no longer demonstrate the point to a motoring world which needs as many different marques as possible.

DIY Sports Coupe. - Motor Road Tests 1970, test no. 6, p.134-139
Ginetta G15 FPU 37 H

Lynton's Imp tested / David Hardcastle. - Cars and Car Conversions 1970, February. - p.175

Fittipaldi drives our Imp / David Hardcastle. - Cars and Car Conversions 1970, February. - p.204
Emerson Fittipaldi (Brazil), 22-year-old Formula 3 champion takes the Triple Rallycross/Autocross Imp for a spin.

A Sportique Imp. - Car 1970, March. - p.70
Description of a Hillman Imp tuned by GarageSportique. 1 page

Would You Believe 50MPG and 100MPH ?. - Car 1970, March. - p.70
Driving a Ginetta G15. 2 pages

1967 Hillman Super Imp : used car test no. 303. - Autocar 1970, April 30. - p.28
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.84-85

The last Works Imp ? / RH-E. - Cars & Car Conversions 1970, April. - p.424-425, 427
Driving the last works rally Imp. 3 pages
With a list of some parts fitted to this Works Imp

Hartwell's big Sport 1-litre Imp. - Hot Car 1970, April. - p.50-52
Test of Hartwell Imp GT, registered RRU 3H (based on Sunbeam Imp Sport Mk III). 3 pages
Paul Davies says it is better than the Mini Cooper.

Main-Smith, B.
The Imp : unimpressive performance? / Bruce Main-Smith tells about. - Popular Motoring 1970, April. - p.62-64
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.64-66

Dexter, K.
Car clinic : Rootes / Ken Dexter. - Popular Motoring 1970, April. - p.21

Narrow Imp. - Popular Motoring 1970, April. - p.39

Hillman Imp. - Motor 1970, 4 April. - p.42-43
(You and your car ; 4)

Tosen, J.
Motoring plus / by Jim Tosen. - Motor 1970, May 16. - p.58
The Hartwell 1-litre GT.
Reprinted in Impressions Apr./May 1986

Build Ginetta from a kit. - Hot Car 1970, May

Ginetta G15 : fine cornering from an economical, quality fun car. - Autosport 1970
Road testing FPU 37H. 2 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 114. - p.84-85

Smith, B.
Secret service special / Brian Smith. - Popular Motoring 1970, June. - p.72-73

Championship team. - Motoring News 1970, July 23. - p.5
Bevan Imp. Excellent article on George Bevan's race successes

Ginetta G15 road test. - Custom Car 1970, September

Hartwell Imp GT. - Hot Car 1970, April
A review of the new Hartwell Imp GT. "It's the answer to the question everyone began asking when the Mini Cooper left the Price Lists. Except - it's better". But what is most interesting is the open letter the magazine had to the Managing Director, Rootes Motors, Coventry. It said...

Giant test : Mini 1000 v Hillman Super Imp. - Car 1970, December. - p.54-59
The Imp (OMJ 240H) is by far the nicer car to drive.
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.67-71

Team Hartwell Imp mods. - Car and Car Conversions 1970, December. - p.433

Der Superzwerg / Falk vom Hofe. - ??? 1971. - p.46-48

Used car : Imp is top. - Hot Car 1971, January. - p.30-31

Hey, J.
Chamois clutch / Jack Hey. - Popular Motoring 1971, January. - p.52-53

Motor 1971 Feb 3: Track test: Bevan Imp

Track test: the Bevan Hillman Imp. - Motor, 1971, 3rd Feb., issue no. 3579
Article on George Bevan's successes and they tested the car at Silverstone Racing Circuit. 5 pages, incl. a centre 3 page colour spread ; plus the Bevan Imp on the front cover: Saloon Car Champion: An Exclusive Motor Test.
Week ending February 6, vol. 139/No. 3579

Improvers : two Imp specials. - Hot Car 1971, February. - p.59

Improving performance. - Car Mechanics 1971, March. - p.75-77

Choke an Imp. - Car Mechanics 1971, April. - p.76-77

Hartley, Ch.
12000 mile report : Sunbeam Stiletto : faults and poor service spoil an entertaining car / Chris Hartley (second opinion: Michael Bowler). - Motor 1971, week ending 17 April. - p.38
Sunbeam Stiletto YYL 213H as a staff car
Reprinted in Impressions 3 (1983), 11 (December). - 6 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.86-91

Coventry Cavern / Clive Trickey; photographer. - Cars and Car Conversions 1971, May. - p. 521-523
Clive Trickey was sent to Coventry -to discover that Chrysler UK Competitions Department lives after all. In fact he found a veritable Aladdin's Cave of tuning goodies and expertise existing under the capable control of Comps Manager Des O'Dell.

Hogged out Imp : power economy by Hartwell / CR. - Cars & Car conversions 1971, July. - p.781
Reprinted in Impressions Oct 1986
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187. - p.72

Hot Car 1971 July
Davrian GT. - On the cover: Imp-Improver! (with a smallish photo of the pop-up lights of green Davrian FYT 33 or so)

Autocar 1971, August 12
Testing Hillman Imp de Luxe TRW 7J

Cheap tune, fit Stromberg 125CD and sport cam. - Hot Car 1971, August

Smith, B.
Living with an Imp / Brian Smith. - Popular Motoring 1971, August. - p.64-65

Factory packed Power. - Custom Car 1971, September. - p.29-30

Clan Crusader : New-look second car from a new town. - Autocar 1971, September 23. - [Autotest]
Republished in Impressions November 1992

Ginetta G15, road test. - Cars & Car conversions 1971, September. - p.60-62

A 110mph Ginetta you too can build / TG. - Cars & Car conversions 1971, September. - p.60-61

Ginetta G15 road test. - Hot Car 1971, September

Fit an Imp! / Ken Currie. - Hot Car 1971, September. - p.67
Want a light-weight 'cammy' motor in your 'A' series car? Here's how to fit an Imp !
It is hard to catch a Dastle with an Emery 1100 Imp engine with a Ford 1300 Dastle. Hot Car tells how to fit a smaller engine, how to fit the Imp engine to a late series BMC A gearbox as fitted to the Spridget or Minor, and shows how to convert the bell housing and modify the sump to take the vertical installation.
It's a one page article (7 photos), saying Paul Emery can carry out the conversion or supply the parts.

Getting it together / Terry Grimwood; photos: Spencer Smith. - Cars and Car Conversions 1971, October. - p.78-79, 81
Ginetta build - firing up. Continuing our story of of building the Ginetta G15. Last month saw us with the suspension fitted and the engine components assembled. Now we look at engine installation, tubing, lights, finishing off and firing up, and take it on its maiden voyage.

Invigorating Imp / AA. - Custom Car 1971, October. - p.58
Hartwell Imp

The Clan Crusader! : luxury, performance, fantastic roadholding and style in a small sports coupé package from a new manufacturer / Clive Richardson; photos: Jasper Spencer Smith. - Cars & Car conversions 1971, Oct. - p.104-105
reprint: Impressions 1985, Dec.

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Proposal for converting a Hillman Imp to front-wheel drive. 5 pages

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Replacement of 875cc engine with 998cc unit, by Competition Centre (Chrysler UK Ltd, Stoke Plant, Coventry)
Reprinted in Transport Source Book (TSB; 081). - p.94-96

Go Ginetta!. - Hot Car 1971, December. - pp.41-43
98 mph - 34 mpg - £899 - it must be a bargain
Go Ginetta (G15). Hot Car magazine Performance Test Report
best small sports car around today

The Imp revisited. - Country Life 1971
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.76; 1 page

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CCC Year book 1971; CCC Special 1972


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Small bore power / David Vizard. - Cars & Car Conversions 19??
reprint in Impressions 3 (1983), no. 8/9 (Sept./Oct.)

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CCC look-in on the Imp / David Vizard. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, February, p.48-49
This month David Vizard continues the Imp-tweak Saga and explains why bigger is better

Vizard, D.
CCC Look-in on the Imp / David Vizard. - CCC 1972, March, p.66-67, 69
About camshafts

Imp Sport test. - Custom Car 1972, March

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All sideways in Dawson's Zenith Imp / Rex Greenslade; Gordon Bruce. - Motor 1972, 1 April
DFL 492C
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 081. - p.97-98

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Tuning Imps: induction & exhaust systems to use at various stages of tune.

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Driving a racing Ginetta G15, the works G15 of Barry Wood.

Imp Revival ? / Clive Richardson. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, May. - p.100-101
Driving Andy Dawson's rally Imp DFL492C - Zenith/Solex carburettion.

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Davrian's Imp: HC testers take a trip in Clapham's kit-car Sportster / Mark Cole. - Hot Car 1972, May. - p.65
reprinted: Impressions Jan 1995, p.28

CCC Look-in on the Imp. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, July. - p.48
Tuning Imp's front suspension. 2 Pages

Building a Clan Crusader. - Motor 1972 July 1
Building YPT5 59K

How to dry sump Imp engine. - Hot Car 1972, July

G15 vs. Fiat 124 twin cam. - Custom Car 1972, July

Vizard, D.
Look-in on the Imp / by David Vizard. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, August, p.60-61
After considering all the ways in which the Imp engine can be modified to give more power, we now turn to the problem of achieving extra go whilst retaining Group I spec.

Vizard, D.
Look in on the Imp / David Vizard. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, September, p.82-83
David Vizard continues the Group I build - carried out on Jon Vicker's rallying Imp Sport.

Mods to Imp engines and suspension. Hot Car 1972, September

Raising the Clan. - Hot Car 1972, September
Road test

Vizard, D.
Look in on the Imp / David Vizard. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, October, p.86-87,89,91
Tuning the Imp. A suspense-packed saga by David Vizard on modding and strengthening the Hillman baby's suspension. After taking a couple of months off to talk about Group One Imp preparation, David Vizard now returns to less standard topics and tells how to beef up and modify the suspension.

Up your Imp. - Car Mechanics 1972, October. - p.53-55

Andy Chesman / Cyril Quantril. - Quest No.28. - p.6-7, 14
Publ. by Duckhams Oils after the 1972 season and before the 1973 season.
World hydroplane champion, confirmed Duckham's Q user, and master-builder of high-performance Hillman Imp engines

Vizard, D.
Look in on the Imp / David Vizard. - Cars & Car Conversions 1972, November, p.64-65
Don't blow the eau or boil the oil; David Vizard talks about the cooling system ans suggests various setups.
Reprint: Impressions 1985, April

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Llama, Imp-based cross country rambler / AA. - Custom Cars 1972, December. - p.30-31

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Andy Chesman : world hydroplane champion, confirmed Duckhams 'Q' user, and master-builder of high-performance Hillman Imp engines. - Duckhams magazine, 1973. - p.6-7
reprint in Impressions 1986, February

Andy Chesman profile. - ??

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Gathering of the Clans : one for the road... ...one for the lanes / Ian Sadler. - Autosport 1973 (?). - 2 pages
Reprinted in Impressions 4 (1984), 2/3 (Feb./March)

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1 page

Imp tuning. - Cars & Car Conversions 1973, January. - p.54-55

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Clan Crusader: dwerg-GT op Imp-basis / door Hans Veldhuis en Rudolph Polvliet; foto's Ton Thies. - Autovisie 1973

Buying used Imp vs. other cars. Hot Car 1973, February

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K18, the other Mirage / Philip Turner. - Motor 1973, 21 April

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Reprint in Transport Source Book 187. - p.74-79

1971 Hillman Super Imp. - Autocar 1973, July 19. - p.18
Used car test No 388. 2 pages

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test no. 388. 2 pages
Reprint in Transport Source Book 114, p.86-87

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Mirage K18 / Tony Bostock. - Hot Car 1973, July. - p.82

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Pin one back on an Imp / Tony Normandale. - Practical Motorist 1973, August. - p.40

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We try a standard Clan at last. Testing CUP 5L
We like the Clan Crusader, but is the price of individuality too high?

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testing BRU 200L
Reprint in Transport Source Book 187, p.80-81

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testing FKV 299L. - 3 pages
Reprint in Transport Source Book 187, p.82-84


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the encyclopedia of motoring in weekly parts - Issued in 164 weekly parts.
London : Orbis Books, 1973-76

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Compared with the Mini 850. 7 pages
Reprint in Transport Source Book 187, p.88-94

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Always too good to last : Graham Robson traces the charmed life of the Imp - the car everyone raved about but which has never sold in really large numbers / Graham Robson. - Motor 1974, March 9. - p.14
A brief history of the Imp (Hillman Imp, Sunbeam Imp, Singer Chamois). 2 pages
Reprinted in Impressions 3 (1983), no. 11 (Dec.)
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 114, p.88-89

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Thrifty Imp wins through / by John Bolster. - Autosport 1974, April 18
Road test, OKV 314M. - 2 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 114, p.90-91

Living down a poor reputation: secondhand survey: Hillman Imp. - What Car? 1974, May
3 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 187, p.85-87

Buying secondhand : Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois. - Autocar 1974, May 11
3 pages.

Hodson's choice / JH. - Cars & Car Conversions 1974 (month unknown). - pp.61,63
The continuing saga of Triple C's rallying photographer. Cortina bites the dust, rolling in an Imp - June 1974

Hodson's choice / JH. - Cars & Car Conversions 1974 (month unknown). - pp.55-56
The Imp's register: NPE 968D. Triple C Racing Team

Normandale, T.
Warming up to it... / Tony Normandale. - Practical Motorist 1974, June. - p.33-34
16% improvement in fuel consumption on an Imp, by heat transfer from the water to the inlet manifold. So the time it needs to warm up is reduced, and less choke is needed. And it will run on a leaner mixture.

Power on tap / Rex Greenslade. - Motor 1974, June 1st
Many see hydrogen, produced by the electrolysis of water, as a fuel crisis saviour. GRW 591D is the Cranfield Imp, developed by Nigel Beale. It uses the world's simplest fuel in a simple manner.
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 081: Hillman Imp and derivatives, vol. 2. - p.99-100

Tuning and Imp Sport test. - Custom Car 1974, July

Siva Llama. - Hot Car 1974, August. - p.7

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Imp powered custom trike : Moonshine Madness / Ian Wearing. - Hot Car 1974, August. - p.57

Imp engine rebuild. - Car Mechanics 1974, September. - p.44-46

Rallying Chryslers. - Cars & Car Conversions 1974, September. - p.60-65

Imp Analysis. - Competition Car International 1974, September
three pages. Engine tuning. Some interesting competition photographs including a turbocharged Vixen F4.

Constanduros, B.
Impish Group One contender : track test / Bob Constanduros. - Autosport 1974, Nov. 28. - p.32
The Imp Sport of Simon Watson and Jo Baily


Two of a fast dying species : What car? compares Lada and Imp. - What Car? 1975, February
Hillman Imp de Luxe; Lada 1200. 4 pages
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 114. - p.92-95

Cam types and fitting. - Hot Car 1975, February

Normandale, T.
Imp Ideas: 4 / Tony Normandale. - Practical Motorist 1975, February. - p.25

Hartwell's thrifty shifter. - Hot Car 1975, March. - p.53
38mpg, driven hard!

A 'Which Car' report that was recent in March 1975 found that only 31% would buy an Imp again.

Don't skimp on an Imp! - Hot Car 1975, April. - [Used car analysis]. - p.68-69

Vizard, D.
Rolling road Imp tune / David Vizard. - Hot Car 1975, May

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Hillman Imp. - Car Mechanics 1975, May. - p.82-83

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Cheap Imp head mods. / David Vizard and Andy Chesman. - Hot Car 1975, June

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Hillman Imp converted to coupe & fitted with 1300cc Ford engine for racing. 4 1/2 pages

Mini vs Imp vs FIAT 127 vs Renault 5. - Autocar 1975, September

Bolster, J.
... second flight of the Phoenix : road test / by John Bolster. - Autosport 1975, October 30
Sunbeam Imp Sport. 1 page
Reprinted in Transport Source Book 114. - p.96

Now it's 12 months free service for your Imp. - Chrysler News Vol. 1, No. 1 (1975, October 15th). - front page

Imp Caledonian. - Chrysler News Vol. 1, No. 1 (1975, October 15th). - p. 3. - [Recent Car Releases: News and reviews]

Steak, Spuds and Speed / Terry Grimwood; photography: Norman Hodson. - Cars & Car Conversions 1975/76?. - pp.62-65,67
Grimwood gets his hands on a potato pickin' BDA powered Stiletto
Track testing at Snetterton a Lotus Formula 2-based Imp with a 1300 BDA engine (dated 17 July 1975) created by Tony Dickinson (28), garage owner, Leverton, Lincolnshire.
Reason for an Imp body: Dickinson wanted a rear-wheel-drive Mini, but new Special Saloon regs dictated that engines and transmissions should remain in the same half of the car as the original.

What you said about the Imp. - Chrysler News Vol. 1, No. 1 (1975, October 15th). - p. 3. - [Owners news]

Normal transmission will be resumed. - Practical Motorist 1975, November. - p.34
Repairs to Imp transaxles. 2 pages

Giant Test. - Car 1975, December. - p.48
Hillman Imp Mark III: comparison with Mazda 1000 & Fiat 133. 7 pages


Now for the Nymph. - Hot Car 1976, January. - p.42-43
At last - a cheap fun car to revitalise Hillman Imp MoT failures
Reprinted in Impressions 2000, March. - p.34-35

Various Imp kit cars. - Hot Car 1976, April

    Andy Dawson

Dawson, A.
Dawson's Dodges / by Andy Dawson. - Cars & Car Conversions 1976, May. - p.67-69,71
How the experts prepare competition Imps, by the man who probably knows more about it than anyone else. This month Andy Dawson looks at the basics of screwing together 875cc and 998cc engines.

Siva Llama. - Drive 1976, Summer

Dawson, A.
Dawson's Dodges, Part 2/ by Andy Dawson. - Cars & Car Conversions 1976, June. - p.39-41,43
A series on how the experts prepare competition Imps, by Andy Dawson, the man who probably knows more about it than anyone else. This month he ventures into engines of over 998cc's.

Paul Emery. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars 1976, June

Dawson, A.
Dawson's Dodges, Part 3 / Andy Dawson. - Cars & Car Conversions 1976, July. - p.63-65,67
Part 3 in Andy Dawson's series on how the experts prepare competition Imps. In this concluding episode, the master deals with drive shafts, bodyshells and suspension

A Tisket A Tasket. - Popular Motoring 1976, August. - p.38
Fixing an Imp's blown head gasket. 3 pages

Nailing up a Nymph : Geoff Phillips shows how he turned a rough bit of old tat into into a pretty little Nymph. - Hot Car 1976, November. - p.47-49
On the Nymph's construction, following a typical Nymph build-up using Imp donor mechanicals. This (blue) car is registered URE 783C. (Gillian Hill owns it now.)

Chimp cocktail / Terry Grimwood; photography: John Rettie. - Cars & Car Conversions 1976 (month?). - pp.33-35
Terry Grimwood drives a Chevron in Imp clothing - Date for the specifications: 16 July 1976
At the time of this track test it had race only 3 times. 'The Chimp', the Chevron/Imp is driven by well known saloon ace Jonathan Buncombe (1948: 27) and owned by his brother-in-law, Tony Wadsworth.
Super Saloon: beneath the all-glassfibre Chrysler-based bodywork lurked a complete Chevron B21 2-litre sports racing car boasting 270 bhp of Cosworth power.
at Thruxton towards the end of 1975
June 1976 it won the Tricentrol Super Saloon race at the Six Hour Silhouette meeting at Silverstone


Our Imp / P. Davies. - Cars & Car Conversions 1977, Feb.
CCC ran a group 2 Imp BMH 572H 875cc in the 1976 RAC Lombard Rally.
there has been a second article: Our Imp part 2

The 56th MCC Land's End Trial. - Motor Sport 1977, May. - p.533
Rally results, written by driver of a Sunbeam Sport. 2 pages
reprinted with permission in Impressions July 1983

Modsports: Bob Jarvis - Davrian Mk7 / Alan Morton. - Cars & Car Conversions 1977, July. - p.57
Half a page, part of 'Line up', first article in a series which looks at front runners in a British racing class.

Davies, P.
Balance braking / by Paul Davies (with considerable help from Andy Dawson). - Cars & Car Conversions 1977, July. - p.62-63
...better stopping for the CCC Imp - and almost any car that needs adjustable dual circuit hydraulics.

Special on Chrysler Sunbeam. - Motor 1977, July

Imposter Imp special. Hot Car 1977, December


Throttling an Imp. - Practical Motorist 1978, June. - p.61


Invest in an Imp / KC. - Car Mechanics 1979, November. - p.48-50

Once upon a time there were 3 cars. - Rally Sport 1979, December. - p.20
Driving a rally Imp & 2 rally Minis. 3 pages


Grass Cuttings. - Cars & Car Conversions 1980, June. - p.58
Article on on grasstrack racing cars (Hillman Imp Californian, Sunbeam Imp ). 6 pages

V8 powered Imp. - Hot Car 1980, October


Clan Crusader. - Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 1981, February. - p.42
Driving the Crusader & history of the company. 4 pages

Imp-ish: Ginetta's pretty coupe was most successful of several Imp engined sports cars. - What Car? 1981, August
Rarity: Ginetta G15. 2 pages
Reprinted in Transpport Source Book 114. - p.97-98


Ginetta, G1-G24. - Classic & Sportscar 1982, Jan. - p.72

Taylor. M.
Son of slug / Mike Taylor. - Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 1982 June. - p.26-29
About the development of the Imp. Apparently information was used from interviewing Peter Ware, Rootes Engineering Director.


Hot options. - Auto Performance 1983 January, p.20-21,23
As a small package with excellent tuning potential the Imp is a really worthwhile proposition, and it has had a host of competition successes past and present to back up it's image.
Consultant tuners: Dutche Components (Dave Vandervlist); Team Hartwell; Shenpar Competition Centre (Bob Parkinson)

Clan Crusader. - Classic & Sportscar 1983, Feb. - p.92

Blicks, K.
Clan-destine / Kevin Blicks. - Cars & Car Conversions 1983. - p.74-78
Not content with merely building kit cars for road and competition, Peter McCandles of Clan Cars wants to manufacture his own fully type approved mid-engined sports car.

Ballago, S.
Clans across the water / Sandor Ballago. - ??. - p.38-41

Enter the Dragon : Davrian. - Auto Performance 1983, February

Williams, J.
Imp, Chamois, Stiletto. Practical Classics buying feature: a guide to the Hillman Imp and its derivatives / by John Williams. - Practical Classics 1983, April, p.71-74
and continued in the May edition.

Counterfeit Clan? - Alternative Cars April 1983. - p.9
There has been a bit of a mess about the Clan 1983. Peter McCandless stated his company to be completely legal since 1980, and that the Clan design is not regsitered to Paul Haussauer. And the 83 Clan is registered in Peter McCandless' name.
In Chris Harvey's book on the Lotus, the Clan is mentioned as being on the Lotus drawing boards.

Hassauer, P.
The great debate / Paul Hassauer. - Kit Car 198?
with picture of crash-tested Clan

Williams, J.
The Hillman Imp engine / John Williams. - Practical Classics 1983, May, p.55-57
Problems which can arise and how to prevent or overcome them.
The writer wishes to thank R.J. Grimes of Coulsdon and Imp Service of Selsdon for their assistance in the preparations of this article.

Little Wonder. - Classic & Sportscar 1983, December. - p.62-63
The story of the Hillman Imp & its variants (Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Imp)


Impetuosity ! - Classic & Sportscar 1984, March. - p.55
Comparing Ginetta G15 and Clan Crusader. 3 pages

Zimp. - Classic and Sportscar 1984, September. - p.16

Imp Club National Day. - Classic and Sportscar 1984, December. - p.101


Clan reborn. - Motor 1985, January. - p.18-20

Family car? : Irish Clan. - Sports Car Mechanics 1985, April. - p.56-60

Ginetta's Flying Fifteen. - Sporting Cars 1985, May. - p.34
Profile on the G15. 3 pages

Robson, G. Classic engines : Rootes needed a new engine for their small-car Apex project. / Graham Robson tells us how it came about. - Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 1985 April. - p.88-90

   John Simister started writing for Motor in the early eighties. He has been a member of The Imp Club since the start and he was chairman for a while. He now normally writes for 'What Car ?'.

Simister, J.
Clan reborn / John Simister. - Motor 1985, 1 May

   KitCars and Specials

Test of Irish Clan. - Kitcars and Specials 1985, June
Meeting the Clan. We test the Irish coupe

Imp Club eurotour. - Practical Classics 1985, July. - p.37

Readers restoration. - Practical Classics 1985, July
A black Imp deLuxe YRF 17H, 1969

Re-shelled Imp. - Practical Classics 1985, July. - p.58

Imp by nature. - Sporting Cars 1985, September. - p.27
The history of the Imp in competition (Hillman Imp , Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Imp). 4 pages
On the 'gallant underdog'. The article concentrates on the works rallying Imps with many photographs.

Sutton, R.
? / Richard Sutton. - Classic & Sportscar 1985 Dec. - p.111
Mention of Italian club members driving up to attend the Natonal Day. Sutton refers to this effort as 'Laugh of the month'. ???

Blast from the past. - Kit Car 1985
Ginetta G15


Ginetta G15s. - Practical Classics 1986, March. - p.67
Restoration of a G15 and driving the result. 4 pages

Ginetta. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars 1986, March
Company history

Confessions of an amateur mechanic. - Your Car 1986, June. - p.60
Hillman Imp, Sunbeam Sport. 2 pages

Simister, J. Broken promise / John Simister. - Motor 1986, 15 November. - p.60-61
Swinging Sixties supplement, featuring reproductions of original Motor road tests of three cars including a Hillman Imp.
"Broken Promise" is a retrospective story at the end of the supplement putting each car into context.

McCarthy, M.
Ode to an Imp / Mike McCarthy. - Wheels Yearbook 1986. - p.60
Wheels Magazine (Australian). Restoration of a Hillman Imp. 6 pages

Classic choice. - Car Mechanics 1986, June. - p.32-35


Gurdon, M.
Rump stakes: back to back / Martin Gurdon; photography by Neil Turner. - Classic and Sportscar, 1987, January, p.50-52
Comparing NSU 1200TT and Sunbeam Stiletto OKM 157G, owned by Graham Pearson

Imp Sport test. - Motor Sport 1987, January

Cure for a wimp ... - Practical Motorist 1987, May. - p.67
Replacing king pins in Imps. 2 pages

Jack Salter's rally car. - Classic Car Mechanics 1987, Summer

Webb, C.
Hot & bothered: practical / Chriss Webb. - Practical Motorist 1987, July, p.72
Changing a water pump.

Finlay, D.
Opposite Loch / David Finlay; Photography: Norman Hodson. - Cars & Car Conversions, October 1987

Improving the Breed ! - Classic Cars (T&CC) 1987, October. - p.56
The Imp story + Driving a Sunbeam Stiletto & a Singer Chamois. 5 pages
Davrian Imp?

Impressive Imp. - Practical Classics 1987, November, p.45
Testdriving OKM 157G, owned and restored by Graham Pearson

Horton, Ch.
Competitive Californian : Jack Slater may spend less in a year on his rally car than many works teams spend on instant coffee, but there is little doubt that he has more fun / Chris Horton tells how a standard Hillman Imp became a competitve historic rally weapon. - Classic Car Mechanics
4 pages

Finlay, D.
Lotus Esprit racer / David Finlay. - Car & Car Conversions, ??. - p.74-75

Finlay, D.
Impetuous / report: David Finlay; photography: Iain Wallace. - Car & Car Conversions, 1987, December, p.112-113
For 12 ever-faster years Andrew Tymkewycz has been racing a hardcore road-going Imp


Ruyter, R. de
Imp, een vergeten auto: familie Clewits 10 jaar in ban van Rootes' dwerg. - Het Automobiel 1988, April, p.37-41

Impulsion / Ian Ward; photography: Overton. - Performance Tuning 1988, May. - p.57-60
Driving a racing Imp - what's the point in this day & age? When its Coventry Climax derived 875cc engine is bored and stoked to 1200 there's every point, as Ian Ward discovers around Mallory Park.
Nick Humphrey's Imp of NGH Racing Services. 4 pages

Henshaw, P.
Margrate to John O'Groats by Imp: the official story / Peter and David Henshaw. - Impressions 8 (1988), no.5, p.22-25,28-30

Singer Chamois c-h. - Classic & Sportscar 1988, Aug. - p.144

Boddy, W.
Visual Impact / William Boddy; photographed by Ed Alexander. - Mayfair vol. 23 (1988), no. 8 (August). - p.44-50
Stiletto OKM 157G; MEL 864P; yellow Clan UGP 5M; blue Clan FBT 909L; red Irish Clan Q553 WAK; Husky UGW 617F; Singer Chamois NYH 547E; Imp 7742 KV; Stiletto RJB 800F; Singer Chamois AKY 1B

Taylor, M. Quality control / Mike Taylor. - Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 1988 September. - p.62 - 67
An interview with Peter Ware, one-time Chief Engineer of the Rootes Group.

Twenty Twenty Vision. - Cars & Car Conversions 1988, November. - p.46
Description of a replica rally Imp. 3 pages


The Imp (no. 2): our backpages. - Cars & Car Conversions 1989 May, p.117-120
Interviewing Ray Payne of Team Hartwell on what can be done to improve the Imp.

It'll run and run. - Cars & Car Conversions 1989, September. - p.64-67
Description of a racing Davrian Imp. 3 pages

Impressed : the lowest car in the world. - Street Machine 1989, November

Ginetta's fast and nimble jewel. - Sports Cars Illustrated 1989, December. - p.52
Driving Ginetta G15. 5 pages


The 85th MCC Lands End trial. - Motorsport

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Hillman Imp Husky estate / Ian Brewster. - Battery Vehicle vol. 15 (1990), no. 4. - p. 17-25

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Williams, Michael;

Classic meets Custom. - Popular Classics 1990, March. - p.63-67

Crichton, B.
Custom meets classic / Brian Crichton. - Popular Classics 1990 March. - p.63-67
p.65 features Sunbeam Imp JHW 161E, owned by Andrew De Freitas, who put a 1600 Ford crossflow in: 120bhp, 1/4 mile in 15 sec.s, top speed >80mph. No mention of other types of performance (roadholding, cornering).

Mini-Classics!. - Practical Classics 1990, March. - p.79-86
Comparison: Hillman Imp Mk III compared with Wolseley Hornet, Austin A40 & Ford Anglia. 8 pages

Braun, P.
Glückloser Imp / Peter Braun. - Markt: Europas grösste Oldtimer Zeitschrift 1990, April. - p.242-250
(W.Germany). 9 pages

Group test. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars 1990, April. - p14-16
includes a Super Imp

Gin and Tonic. - Classic & Sportscar 1990, April. - p.106-111
Ginetta G15

Improvisation. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars 1990, May. - p.32-35
Richard and Jacqui Clarke

Improvisation: reader rebuild. - Your Classic 1990, May
Jacqui Clark's Husky. 4 pages

Baby Boomers. - Popular Classics 1990, June
5 pages. Roadtest, comparing a '73 Imp with a '59 Morris Mini

Incandescent John. - Motoring News 1990, June. - p.13

Mackie, G.
Impressive / Grania Mackie. - Car Sport 1990, June

Impressive!. - Practical Classics 1990, July
3 pages. technical.

Morgan-Jones, M.
Impressive / Martyn Morgan-Jones. - Practical Classics 1990, July. - p.26-28
Making them go! (without overheating).

Shoestring Sprinter. - Popular Classics 1990, September. - p.68-71
About a Davrian 1040cc, 150bhp prototype 1972
Budget sprinter : how to enjoy motorsport on a shoestring

Impish Charm : Buyer's Guide: Hillman Imp. - Popular Classics 1990, November. - p.67-71
What to look for when buying Rootes' baby

Hudson-Evans, R.
Examine the Imp powerplant : Engine Clinic / Richard Hudson-Evans. - Practical Classics & Car Restorer 1990, November (vol. 11, no.7). - p.110-112
3 pages. Maintenance, Advice a.o. about installing a Talbot Sunbeam 930cc engine. Front Headline: Imp Engine


Practical Classics 1991 January
Photographs of all replacement and repair panels that the Imp Club had manufactured (Brian Wright).

Hudson-Evans, R.
Held in suspense / Richard Hudson-Evans. - Practical Classics 1991, January, p.104-106
Imp suspension: How to keep surviving Imps mobile and legal. (In co-op with Brian Wright) Pt. 9 of a suspension survey series, started Oct. '89

Southern Imp Pact. - Your Classic 1991, April. - p.86
Article on people who use their Imp-powered cars (Ginetta G15, Clan Crusader and Mark Loosley's '76 Sunbeam Imp Sport) every day. 2 pages

Hillman Imp. - Your Classic 1991, July. - p.27
Driving Hillman Imp Mk III. 1 page

Test Match. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars 1991, August. - p.14-22
Sunbeam Stiletto compared with BMW 700, Fiat 850 Coupe, NSU 1200 TT and SAAB 96. 9 pages

Coventry Climax (MC&I). - Classic & Sportscar 1991, August. - p.226

Ginetta G15. - Your Classic 1991, August. - p.13
Restoration. 1 page

Auto Classic 1991, August
general Imp article

Auto Classic 1991, Sept./October ?
a rather half-hearted comparison between the Imp and the Austin A40. Both cars filled the shopping-car role of their era admirably with their opening rear windows

Classic Car Weekly 1991, September ?
Half-page feature on a low milage (8,000) 1967 Imp Super for sale. The car was superb and at £2,295 considered excellent value.

Cars & Car Conversions 1991
Competition to find the country's best converted cars. Wayne Grimshaw came first in the up to 1300cc class. A short description of Wayne's Imp and it was also featured on the cover.

Supercar & Classics 1991
The report of the Pirelli Classic Marathon features a picture of the Tipping/Jolly Imp (black with a silver roof). It was mentioned that this Imp 'went brilliantly but hit trouble', without a mention of what sort of trouble happened.

Pathfinders series / John Simister. - Autocar & Motor 1991 September/October ?
Grahame Pearson's Imp RLR 816E was featured, put through it's paces on the Chobham test track.
The Pathfinder series concentrates on underrated classics whcih never achieved the success they perhaps deserved.

Golly a Gillie. - Classic and Sportscar 1991, October. - p.32

Simister, J.
An impish little mini / John Simister. - Autocar & Motor 1991, November 27. - p.62
History of the Imp. 4 pages

Remember the Hillman Imp? It was ahead of its time. - Autocar and Motor 1991, November

Converted car of the Year: Wayne Grimshaw's Imp. - Cars & Car Conversions 1991, November. - p.64-69

Kitcar International guide : 1964-91. - Kit Car, 1991


Finlay, D.
Double trouble / David Finlay. - Cars & Car Conversions 1992, January. - p.50-52
An impression of a road-legal Imp and a spaceframe racer: Rod MacLeod races a Maguire Stiletto (winning the 85 Scottish Speed Championship; using it in circuit races; winning the 89 Scottish Sprint Championship - special saloon class and did the same in '90 and '91 in the West of Scotland series); Graeme Wight's Imp GLW 19) has very few standard parts, but is said to road legal (in Scotland). He won the class title of the '91 Scottish Hillclimb Championship in it. In emergencies it will do more than 10.000 revs.

AC/DC : is it an AC or was it an Imp? history of the Drambuie Imp. - Cars & Car Conversions 1992, February

Sunbeam 1901-76: Nostalgia. / Popular Classics, vol. 3 (1992), no. 6 (February), p.104

Daihatsu Compagno vs. Hillman Imp. - Classic Car Weekly 1992, March 17. - 147

Horton, C.
Imp overheating / Chris Horton. - Your Classic 1992, May. - p.22-24
How to cure an overheating Imp with advice from Malcolm Anderson.

PTF Impish Delight. - Motoring News 1992, May 20. - p.11
Test Works Hillman Imp 5004 KV

Uphill Challenge. Part 2. - Practical Classics 1992, June. - p.94
Part 2 of an article on hillclimbing in a Sunbeam Imp Sport. 2 pages

Hillman Imps. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars 1992, June. - p.48-59

Well heeled. - Your Classic 1992, July. - p.56
Story of the restoration of a Sunbeam Stiletto. 4 pages

Horton, C.
Naughty but nice : buyers & restoration guide to Hillman Imp / Chris Horton. - Your Classic 1992, July. - p.48-59
It even has a picture of a Probe.

Rosemary's Baby. - Cars & Car Conversions 1992, August. - p.48-51
Works Rally Imp 5004 KV

De Hillman imp, een kleintje dat te laat kwam. - Reformatorisch Dagblad 1992, donderdag 10 sept. - p.17

British Car Magazine, 1992 October
Article on the developement and production of the Imp.

Rootes' Little Miracle. - Practical Classics 1992, October. - p.115
Restoration Brian Featherstone's Commer Imp Van. 3 pages

Practical Motorist 1992, November
article on The Imp Club

Engines, Coventry-Climax (P&P). - Classic & Sportscar 1992, Nov. - p.26


Imperfect couplings. - Practical Classics 1993, January. - p.50
Replacing Imp Rotoflex couplings. 2 pages

De-clutching an Imp. - Practical Classics 1993, February. - p.96
Imp clutch replacement. 3 pages

The French disconnection / Jeff Torrington. - Scotland on Sunday Magazine 18 April 1993. - p.16-17,19
Whitbread Book of the Year winne Jeff Torrington on his last day at Linwood

Improving with Age. - Bristol Evening Post 1993, May 3. - p.3

Hillman Imp. - Knalpot : magazine van de Hogeschool Gelderland; HTS Autotechniek 1993, 6 (juni). - p.11
a 1 page article with two photos

Angelic side of the Imp - the Townsends and 30th Anniversary. - The Daily Telegraph 1993, July 10. - p.15

Pressnell, J.
Learning to love the Imp / John Pressnell. - Classic and Sportscar, vol. 12 (1993), no. 5 (August), p.92-97

Learning to love the Imp. - Classic & Sportscar 1993, August. - p.92
Driving the Hillman Imp and Sunbeam Stiletto, 'Mini-beater'. 5 pages

Pressnell, John; "Learning to Love the Imp"; Classic and Sportscar; vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 92-97; August, 1993.

Savage, J.S.
The girl that was a car: the TVR Tina / by Jeff S. Savage; photos by John Binford. - Autophyle, 1993 Autumn
14 pages


Apprentices' reunion. - US Chrysler Times 1994, January 27

Readers' restorations: 'Sunbeam Imp Sport'; Practical Classics and Car Restorer; vol. 14 (1994), no. 10 (February), p.14-17

The Slug Trail. - Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 1994, March. - p.92
History the Imp's design. 6 pages
With photos of clay mock ups of various preproduction Imps.

Jalopy 1994, March
3 pieces on the Imp, and an Imp on the cover

Imp. - Australian Classic Car Monthly 1994, April. - p.72
Driving an Imp. 2 pages

Practical Classics - buying an Imp

Cox, B.
Linwood's little Imps: buyers' guide: Hillman Imps, Singer & Sunbeam variants / text: Brian Cox; photos: Martyn Barnwell. - Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol.14 (1994), no.12 (April). - p.74-79
Imp on the cover: Hillman Californian UEA 739G

Doug, Bert & Imp. - Microniek, infoblad Philips Nijmegen 13 (1994), 8 (july/aug.)
a 2-page article with photo. See also Impressions 1995, Jan. - p.24-25

Fast Lady / Mark Dixon. - Popular Classics vol. 5 (1994), no. 12 (August). - p.66-71
Interview with Rosemary Smith.

Just Another Girl Called Smith? / Tony Dron. - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol. 21 (1994), no. 11 (August). - p.48-55
Interview with Rosemary Smith

Imperfect ? economy classics: Hillman Imp / photos: John Colley. - Popular Classics 1994 October. - p.95-98
Owners talk about life with with a Hillman Imp: Paul Waites, Sunbeam Sport PVY 787G; Roland Powell, Hillman Imp Super, 1966; Malcolm Cross, Hillman Imp De-luxe JKP 91N, 1975; Gary Binns, Stiletto.

Impish Trio. - Norfolk : Lynn News, 1994 Summer

Lillywhite, D.
A racing heritage / David Lillywhite. - Practical Classics 1994 November. - p.64-68
Specialist tuning houses. Four originally-converted cats, one (p.67) the racing Imp, built and raced by Ray Payne. Hartwell

Flying Imp. - Orpington News Shopper 1994

Imp sought. - Gloucester Citizen 1994


A sting in the tail. - Classic Cars 1995, February. - p.68
Sunbeam Imp Sport compared with Fiat Abarth 695SS, Morris Mini-Cooper, NSU 1200TT & Renault Dauphine Gordini. 8 pages

Hillman Imp Service. - Practical Classics 1995, Spring Special. - p.72
Servicing Imps. 4 pages

British Car Magazine, 1995 June
An article on Imp kit cars.

Lardin, N.
Rootes' Cooper: driving Sunbeam Stiletto / Nick Lardin; photos by Garry Stuart. - Popular Classics 1995, June (Volume 6. No. 9). - p.14-17
Heading on cover: Sunbeam Stiletto Rootes Cooper?
Contents list: Sunbeam Stiletto Less money than a Cooper, but just as much fun on a twisty road. It would be madness to think a Sunbeam Stiletto is merely a Hillman Imp with four headlamps. Mini Cooper owners should watch out as Nick Larkin discovers when he tries a tastefully updated Stiletto for size.

Old Classics give you a runaround. - Daily Telegraph 1995, sometime around June

Imp in devil's clothing. - Practical Classics 1995, July. - p.16
Article on restoration of Davrian Imp Mk 5. 4 pages

Lillywhite, D.
Improving the Imp: Be practical: uprating popular classics / David Lillywhite. - Practical Classics 1995 August, p.74-75
Thanks to Malcolm Anderson

Allan, R.J.
Alternative Classic - the Hillman Imp / R.J. Allan. - Minor Monthly 1995, October


Ginettic engineering / David Hill; photography: Michael Bailie. - Practical Classics 1996, June. - 64-67. - [your cars]
4 Ginettas, one is the G15 of Martin Grundy, GOC chairman: 870 RFM.

Simister, J.
Imp Survival Guide / John Simister. - Practical Classics 1996, August. - p.98-99
A brief guide to keeping an Imp running well and showing how to avoid common faults.

Brian Bradshaw Race Preparation. - New Zealand Classic Car 1996, September. - p.64
Profile of a New Zealand Imp specialist. 1 page

Sunbeam Imp Sport. - New Zealand Classic Car 1996, October. - p.56
Profile of Imp Sport. - 4 pages

Uprating Hillman Imp. - Practical Classics 1996, 12 (Nov). - p.120-121
Nov: Issue twelve 1996.


The Imp, '60s funster : the Imp buyer's guide/ Classic & Sportscar 15 (1997), 1 (Jan.). - p.120

Practical Classics 1997 Spring, issue 5, p.30-36
on Imps and their merits in relation to other small cars of the time: Mini, Hillman Imp, Fiat 500, Honda Z600, NSU Prinz 4.

Our Rubbish : Driving Mr John Simister's Singer Chamois. - Car 1997, April. - p.193-201 (9)
CAR staff members write about other staff members' cars, featured Mark Graham commenting John Simister's Chamois. (and according to Mr. Simister "being surprisingly nice about it".)

Simister, J.
Was that a ... ? Nah, couldn't have been / John Simister. - Classic Cars 1997, May, p.86-90. - Improving The Breed series
About the Imp and featuring Mr. Simister's modified 1964 Singer Chamois.

First Impressions count / Mark Dixon. - Classic Cars 1997, September. - p.62-67. - [On your marques : Hillman Imp]
In the first of a new series, we take a sideways look at the Hillman Imp range.
The Hillman Imp should have been one of the all-time great cars. Mark Dixon tries to explain why it wasn't.
Includes a one page interview with Tim Fry 'I designed the Imp'.

[On youe marques]. - Practical Classics 1997 September, issue 10, p.62-67
a new series - looking first at an old friend: the Imp and its many derivatives.
Including an interview with Tim Fry.

Sunbeam Stiletto. - Classic Cars 1997, September


Time of the Imps / Katrina Dixon; photogr.: Euan Miles. - The Scotsman Weekend 1998, Feb. 21. - p.26-27
Cheap, cheery and, in its time, innovative, the Imp did Scotland proud - almost
Alan Ramsay telling it like it is. A photo of Imp 1, with somebody at the steering wheel.

Pocket rockets : four of the best tested. - Classic & Sports car 1998, July

International Classic Motor Show. - Classic Car Weekly 1998, November 11. - p.2
Caption to photograph: Antoni Sozanski and Michele Ross mark the Imp's 35th birthday.
"Cheeky little devils!" : Focus on The Imp Club. - International Classic Motor Show. - Classic Car Weekly 1998, November 11. - p.10
photograph and an article on the Imp Club with quotes from Graham Beddoe.


Classic & Sportscar 1999, February
Tim Morgan who has owned 53 Imps (at that time)

Mike Parkes : Can't get no satisfaction / Mark Hughes. - Motor Sport vol. 76 (1999), no. 5 (May). - p.76-
Mike Parkes: a gifted driver and engineer? Yes. Happy with his lot? Maybe not...
A natural driver, an intuitive engineer and inspiring team leader, Mike Parkes was also blessed with looks, charm and boundless energy. But as Mark Hughes relates, his wide success did not bring him repose.

The Scots Magazine, October 1999.
Imp article, featuring some comments from current and past Impers, with a mainly Scottish angle.


The little devil : Buying Power / Craig Cheetham. - Classic Car Weekly 2000, 26 January. - p.12-13
The launch of the Hillman Imp could have been, should have been and would have been one of Scotland's finest hours, were it not rushed into production. Today, the horror stories are just a fading memory, says Craig Cheetham.

Tim Fry : Fry's impish delights / Jon Pressnell. - Classic and Sports Car 2000, March. - p.122-126
an article on Tim Fry, and covers a lot of the Imp development, along with his other work.
Tim Morgan wrote it for 51.5% :-)
Tim Fry co-created what became the Hillman Imp, styled cars as diverse as the Elva Courier and the Hillman Avenger, and was a best mate of racing driver Mike Parkes. Jon Pressnell meets a designer who won't slow down.

Taylor, Q.
Racing Imps / Quinton Taylor. - New Zealand Classic Car Magazine 2000, April.
2 pages

Tim Morgan. - Classic and Sports Car 2000, May
an Imp feature in the May edition
(out 10th or 11th April)
And there's a superb piccy of a Sunbeam Imp Sport rally car in the April edition (out 10th or 11th March).

Nostalgie - Hillman Imp: Het duiveltje. - Autokampioen : weekblad voor auto- en motortoerisme, vol. 92 (2000), afl. 25-26, pag. 56-88


Imp Commer Van. - Classic Van & Pick Up 2001, January six pages

Tim, the features editor for Classics:
CLASSICS have not had one issue since Feb 2000 which did not have an Imp in it.  [Feb 2001]

Morgan Jones, M.
A David amongst Goliaths / by Martyn Morgan Jones. - Classics 2001, April. - p.36-40
Only one racing team has ever won three consecutive saloon car titles and they were privateers with a secondhand car! Martyn Morgan-Jones tells the story of the Bevan Imp team.
Steve Potz-Rayner wrote [6-Mar-2001]: The DEFINITIVE George Bevan Imp article
> Just bought the new copy of Classics, and must say: BIG respect to Martyn
> M-J for a STORMING article on the Bevan Imp with some priceless photos
> accompanying!! Absolutely brilliant

Your classics. - Classics 2001, May. - p.21
Your Classics. Much work and several head removals later, Imp gets an MoT and a new home.

Gool, D. van
'We British'-vertegenwoordiger op klompen : de Imp, apart autootje van Hillman, Singer en Sunbeam / Don van Gool. - Voitures Auto Courant 2001, no. 8 (May). - p.4. - 5 photos
An interview with Bert Clewits & Ernie Abels

John Simister
Grand Day Out : Mobil Economy Run / John Simister. - Practical Classics 2001, July. - p.30-37
A small-scale re-run of the 1966 Mobil Economy Run, which was won by an Imp (as was the 1965 event). For the re-run we tried to gather together the four types of car that won the different engine-size classes, an Imp, a Renault 8, a Wolseley 16/60 and a Humber Hawk. The Renault didn't make the start, because it blew a head gasket (rear engine, blown gasket, sound familiar?)
Colin Gunn provided his 12,000-mile-old, almost completely original Super Imp Spring Special, and it was almost like driving a brand-new Imp. Amazing.
Three degrees in economics. A gallon of petrol went a long way on the mobil economy run. John Simister takes three class-winners on a re-run of the 1966 event.

John Simister
Hillman Imp : Practical Super Service Guide. - Practical Classics 2001, July. - p.118-119

Your Classics. - Classics 2001, July. - p.19
Stripped Stiletto saved with the aid of a spray can.

Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part One. Stripdown / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2001, December. - p.134-137
Classic rallying is more popular than ever, so here's our contribution - a new project to build a Hillman Imp rally car.
The restoration is carried out by Imp Technic

Oldtimer Praxis


Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part Two. Sill replacement / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2002, January. - p.134-137
Rally winner, shopping trolley or concours contender, they all need good sills. Simon Goldsworthy explains the process of replacement.

Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part Three. Body Repairs / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2002, February. - p.122-125
You can buy repair panels for pounds, or you can make your own for pennies. Simon Goldsworthy watches our expert to see what it takes.

Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part Four. Moving the radiator / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2002, March. - p.126-129
With a tuned engine thrashing its way round a track, it can be hard to keep your cool. Simon Goldsworthy discovers how to get the best from a hard-pressed system.

Hillman Imp/ Husky / Kim Henson. - Classics 2002, March. - p.80-83
It may have an unconventional, rear engined design and sophisticated alloy engine, but Rootes' Imp saloon and Husky estate aren't difficult to look after. Kim Henson goes in search of expert advice.

Starter Classic : Hillman Imp. - Classic & Sports Car 2002, March. - p.140-143
More fun than your mum's Mini.

Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part Five : rollcage, harnesses and paint / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2002, April. - p.116-119
Got a rally driver? Get a cage to keep him in. Simon Goldsworthy sees how to fit one.

Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part Six : kingpins and disc brakes / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2002, Spring. - p.134-137
The Imp gets a sexy new disc brake conversion, and you can read about it here first. Simon Goldsworthy reveals all.

Restoration Hillman Imp Rally Car : Part Seven : suspension and steering / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2002, May. - p.132-135
After our brand new disc brake conversion last issue, Simon Goldsworthy finds it's back to tried and trusted mods for suspension and steering.

Your Classics. Together in electric blue. - Classics 2002, July. - p.24-25
Dutch reader, Murray Mitchell has been busy in his garage rebuilding a Sunbeam Chamois into a vision in blue.

Deep fried Hillman Imp : review / D. Spaven. - Scottish Affairs 2002; issue 39; p.99-102
This journal is published by 'The study of government in Scotland' and has ISSN 0966-0356.


A tale of two vans. - Classic Van 2003, January. - p.32-33
Being unconventional can be a recipe for success. Geoff Browne compares the contrasting fortunes of the VW Type 2 and the Hillman Imp.

The Imp Centurian. - Classics 2003, January. - p.42-45
Tim Morgan has now owned 100 Hillman Imps - he tells you how and more importantly why.

Thinking of Buying... a Hillman Imp? / Ted Purcell. - Classic Car Mart 2003, March. - p.40-42
It's A Mini Alternative. Hillman's Imp was intended as a great threat to Mr Morris' Mini, but it was never a real rival. Ted Purcell considers buying one.

Your Classics. Tough enough? - Classics 2003, March. - p.24
Jason Paltrow's Imp has taken the place of a string of fast Fords, but the interest in them goes back even further. He tells all...

A devilish good birthday : Out & About / Dale Drinnon. - Classic Car Weekly 2004, May 14. - p.34
The Hillman Imp turns 40, and Dale Drinnon joins in the fun.

Your classics. - Classics 2003, June. - p.24-25
A competition-hungry Hillman Imp enthusiast.

Impossible job? / Tim Morgan. - Classics 2002, July. - p.90-91
Hillman Imp valve clearance adjustment is supposed to be tricky. Not so, says Tim Morgan.

Staff Car Sagas - 1968 Skoda 1000MB, 1966 Singer Chamois / Simon Goldsworthy. - Practical Classics 2003, July. - p.94
The Skoda motors on while Simons Imp resurfaces briefly.

Important facts. - Classic Cars 2003, August. - p.98-99
Hillman Imp at 40: these stories you won't have heard.

Bond's fast new image / Brian Cuplan. - Classic Van 2003, August. - p.16-19
Stick a Hillman Imp engine in a Bond microvan and what do you get? Amazing performance, as Brian Cuplan reports.

Stiletto racer. - Retro Cars 2003, August. - p.82-86
Sunbeam Stiletto looks, Ford BDA motor, Formula Ford chassis. How does that work?

Hillman Imp race car. - Classics 2003, September. - p.60-63
Raver Mike Dowsett retired his winning Imp and built another, as he told Martyn Morgan-Jones.

Tuning Hillman Imps. - Retro Cars 2003, October. - p.52-58
Handling as good as a Mini and cracking motors. Here's why.

Drivers' Diaries. - Practical Classics 2003, December. - p.83
The latest news from the eclectic collection of classic cars run by the Classics team.


Heroic Failures - Group Test / Richard Dredge. - Practical Classics 2004, January. - p.8-15
Thousands of car manufacturers have fallen by the wayside since the car's inception. Richard Dredge looks at one from each of the last five decades to find out what ultimately went wrong. Jowett Javelin (1947-1953); Hillman Imp (1963-1976); Jensen-Healey (1972-1976); Panther Solo (1989-1990); Renault Avantime (1999-?)

Our Classics - Drivers Diaries - Tim Morgan: Hillman Imps, BMW 2002. - Classics 2004, Feb. - p.82-83

Our Classics - Drivers Diaries - Tim Morgan: Hillman Imps, BMW 2002. - Classics 2004, Feb. - p.81
Field yields new car for TIm.

Our Classics - Drivers Diaries - Tim Morgan: Hillman Imps, BMW 2002. - Classics 2004, March. - p.76-77
A change of car, a change of heart and the big bills start to mount up...

? / ?; photography: ?. - Practical Classics 2004, March. - p. ?-?
Yellow Chamois twin lamp coupe. Fashion student lass who got her Dad to buy/restore it. Same Imp that was in Impressions a few months earlier.

Little devils / John Simister; photography: Matt Howell. - Practical Classics 2004, spring. - p. 56-62
gathering six Imps and two Imp gurus: Dennis Allt and Andy Dawson.
Modified IMPS - Little Devils - Hold the head gasket! Wind down the water pump! Keep away from the kingpins! And meet a sextet of imps that shows what imps can really do once the power potential is unleashed in that little aluminium engine.

Drivers' diaries : Bad weather fails to stop the rebuild of Tim's Imp but stops the village ! / Tim Morgan; photography: ?. - Classics 2004, spring. - p. 82-83. - [Our Classics : The latest news from the eclectic collection of classic cars run by the Classics team]
His two Hillman Imps (and a BMW)

Strictly Rootes : modifying classics / Greg Whitaker. - Classics 2004, March. - p.42-46
The Imp was an advanced Mini beater, but build quality and politics let it down. It needn't be that way though as Greg Whitaker discovers. Hillman Imp.

Buying Power - Hillman Imp / Kevin Leaper. - Classic Car Weekly 2004, March 24. - p.20-21
The Imp range offers an interesting and varied line-up of models. Kevin Leaper guides you through the buyer's checks whatever model you choose.

Staff car sagas - John Simister; 1964 Singer Chamois, 1961 SAAB 96, 1999 Alfa 156. - Practical Classics 2004, April. - p.92

Our Classics - Drivers Diaries - Tim Morgan: Hillman Imps, BMW 2002. - Classics 2004, April. - p.82-83
Skye's got a new coat but Pete has croaked.

Ah, that ponderous question: when is a classic car finished ? / John Simister. - Practical Classics 2004, April. - p.92. - [Staff car sagas]
His 1964 Singer Chamois et al.

Staff Classics - Drivers Diaries - 1976 Hillman Imp, Tim Morgan. - Classics 2004, May. - p.78

Our Classics - Drivers Diaries - 1964 Hillman Imp, 1975 BMW 2002 - Tim Morgan. - Classics 2004, June. - p.78-79
A busy month for the Morgan fleet.

Young, free and shingle : Flashback. - Classic Cars 2004 July. - p.104-105
Young things didnt know how much fun they could have, until the marketing men sold them a lifestyle. All they needed was a Hillman Imp, and some rust protection.

Size matters / Simon Charlesworth; photos: Michael Whitestone. - Retro Cars : Modified Classics 2004, August. - p.6-10
Mark Brown's race-cooked 1972 Imp Deluxe (DON 988K) of 1120cc. Article followed by an advert for Ben Boult.

Road Test - Hillman Imp - Built 1963-1975. - Classic Car Weekly 2004, September 8. - p.38-39
Two-Door, Four-Seater, various body styles. Rear-Engined, rear-drive, Four-Cylinder, 875cc engine.

Sunny delight / Phil White; photos: Michael Whitestone. - Retro Cars 2004, Oct. - p.40-44
This '60s Sunbeam Stiletto had lost its sheen, so owner Mick Salt, like any top retro modifier, sorted it.
K-series transplant gives the Imp 103 bhp. MKT 248F

Imp my ride : Readers' rides. - Retro Cars 2004, Oct. - p.117
car: Hillman Imp KCO 820G; owner: Ben Smith

Taken For Granted : group test. - Practical Classics 2004, Oct. - p.70-77
Graham Cashmore's Stiletto
Some British classics are so much part of the automotive furniture that its easy to forget their superb qualities. Andrew Roberts reports. 1971 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1, 1969 MGC GT, 1965 Rover 2000, 1972 Sunbeam Stiletto, 1967 Triumph GT6 Mk1


Impish driving delight : Buying guide: Hillman Imp / Richard Dredge; photography: motoringpicturelibrary.com. - Practical Classics 2004, Spring. - p.108-112
Thanks to Richard Sozanski of The Imp Club and Colin Gunn for his car for the photography: JCD 839E

Open and shut case: the joys of bad telly seemingly made for ardent car spotters have received a lift with some recent DVD issues / Martin Buckley. - Classic & Sports Car 2005, November. - p.47
About Man in a Suitcase (driving a Hillman Imp):

"Then there was the Hillman Imp, the most downbeat anti-glamour transport used by any of Lew Grade's action-series heroes. It was amusing to watch this square-jawed US action man squeeze his massive shoulders and barrel chest behind the wheel of a pathetic English economy car designed for straggly people brought up on stewed cabbage and Spam."


Over the Hillman / John Simister. - Engine Technology International 2006, January. - [The Greatest Engines of All Time]. - p.56-60
Greatest engines: The 998cc heart of the iconic Hillman Imp is voted into the ETi hall of fame

Spring Special! / Steve Wilson; photos by Steve Wilson. - Classic Car Mart (CCM). - 18-24
Steve Wilson discovers an outstanding 'time capsule' example of the Rootes Group baby
Colin Gunn's '67 Hillman Super Imp JCD 839E

3 Imp articles sent to me by R. Sozanski - July 2006

Tricks in the tail / Andrew Roberts; photography: Tony Baker. - Classic & Sports Car 2006, August. - p.160-167
Andrew Roberts entertains a little rear-engined action with four smart '60s baby saloons: Simca 1000, NSU 1000, Seat 850 and Hillman Imp. Featuring Colin Gun's Super again ;-)

Rootes Rocker / Matt Zoll; pictures: Craig Pusey. - Classics Monthly 2006, August. - 66-71
Road Race Rally | Hillman Imp
Everyone has fond memories of their first cars, but none more so than Andy Hennesy, who liked his so much he bought it back 30 years on.

The Imp mans's stable: Chris Buckle's Hillman Imp collection / photogr.: Leon Chew. - Influx 2006, August(?). - 02. - p.42-43

Going for gold. - Practical Classics 2006, Sept. - [Group test: revival racers]. - 28-35p. -
It has one page (31) on Steve Platts' 1966 Singer Chamois GDV 652D
As 'Need to Know' there is only mention of The Imp Site! <very big grin>

  Fast Orange : 1974 Hillman Imp

Fast orange / Andrew Pollock [text & photos]. - Irish Vintage Scene 2007, June. - issue 13. - p. 10-13
Cover story
John Sheppard's Hillman Imp works hard for its keep, as it's his everyday car. But thanks to some subtle modifications, it's well able to hold its own on today's roads.

Hillman / Sunbeam Imp 1963-1976 : Eigenzinnige benjamin van Rootes / Wilco Boer; fotografie: Rootesclub Nederland archief. - Klassiek & Techniek no. 111, vol. 10 (2007), juni. - p. 35-41. - [Aankoopadvies]


Pequeno demónio [Ensaio: Hillman Imp] / Texto: Ricardo José Gouveia; Imagem: Pedro Lopes. - Motor Clásico 2008, Aug. (No. 18). - p.44-49
Fomos até ao Alentejo descobrir como é que se transforma um simples Hillman Imp numa radical máquina de ralis de regularidade. E como bónus conversámos com o especialista Malcolm Anderson, vindo directamente de Inglaterra.
On the cover: Hillman Imp - Utilitário Vitaminado
A lovely article on the 1970 Hillman Super Imp with a 998 of Rui Bevilacqua (Lisbon, Portugal). LF-67-58 is tuned for rallies.
Rui is a member of the Imp Club forum, as Bevan63


Scotch on the road : Die Hillman Imp Story / Text und Bild: Daniel Rinderknecht. - SwissClassics Revue 2009, No. 23-3 (Sep./ Oct./ Nov.). - p.66-71
with, amongst others, 4 photos of the Hillman Imp Mk. 2 of the author Daniel Rinderknecht. It is white with the Scottish flag on the roof plus where the Mk.2 badge is supposed to be.
From the index (Inhalt): Der Hillman Imp was wartungsarm, und mit Details wie der aufklappbaren Heckscheibe und der umklapbaren Rücksitzlehne Wegbereiter des heute so vielgepriesenen variablen Innenraumes.

  Hillman Imp deluxe

RuoteClassiche 2009, February (Febbraio 2009)
Thrice in this magazine:

  photo of this cover supplied by Simon Ardron (September 26, 2020)

Super street '66 Hillman Imp. - Retro Cars 2009, July. - p.8-15
GEL 611D: 1966 Hillman Super Imp rolled from storage, restored and modified on a budget





Impressive / Martyn Morgan-Jones; photos: Gary Hawkins. - Retro Cars 2011, August. - issue 38. - pp.26-32
To mark the 40th anniversary of George Bevan's first British Saloon Car Championship win, his family set out to re-create his famous Sunbeam Imp Sport as driven by Bill McGovern back in period.
Hillman Imp Racer. Bevan/McGovern car reborn

So british ! : Classic Sunbeam & Rootes France / propos recueillis par Thribaut Amant, photos David Pell. - Autocollector & Classic 2011, Avril (No. 13). - [Club]. - p.44-49
Et les Sunbeams? Le groupe Rootes et son lot de Singer, Hillman et compagnie? Là, ça devient plus pointu! Peut-être plu british, aussi, moins international. En tous cas, ces anglaises méconnues ont des fans en France, regroupés au sein d'un club à l'esprit... so british!
Hillman Imp / 7711 VN 93 / Andrew Webb
(Imp Sport 1969 / Bertrand et Catherine Peurey)
Sunbeam Imp Chamois / BB 368 CZ / Pierre Vitalla
Sunbeam Stiletto / AW 211 VT / Marie Céline Tyssier

Classic and Sportscar 2011, May
OAP 760F



There will be a new Dutch Classic Car magazine, called GB. And the first issue will feature an Imp.

Wat was er te doen in november, december en januari?. - Klassiek en Techniek 2012, februari. - p.18-21
a.o. a photo report of Omloop van het Oosten of January 7th, photos by Niko Bloemendal, showing a large photo of a red Hillman Imp on p.19. Driven by Marc Michels; navigator: Wiard Van Wiggen, competition no. 84 (entrant 35), result: 46 of 50.




   Classics Monthly, July 2013    Classics Monthly, July 2013, front cover
 mm  mm

Bitter sweet Imphony : Hillman Imp 50th / words by Martyn Morgan-Jones; photography by Gez Hughes. - Classics Monthly 2013, July (issue 204). - p.8-15. - [Group Test]
front cover: 50 years of the Imp: Rootes little rocker - our special 8-page celebration
contents: 50 years of the Imp: We celebrate the diminutive Rootes funster
Hillman Imp DeLuxe BRU 434B, Giles Palfreyman
Commer Imp van RGO 783E, Dick Tompkins
Singer Chamois coupé SPE 51F, Lynda Dickinson
Sunbeam Stiletto SPE 50F, Dave Dickinson

Great Scot / Patric Mullan (words & photos); extra photos supplied by Leo Nulty and alistair Poole. - Irish Vintage Scene 2013, September. - p.36-41
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Hillman Imp, the unorthodox yet popular Scottish-manufactured small family car that motored its way into the hearts of over 400,000 drivers during it's 13-year production run. To celebrate, Pat Mullan meets two enthusiastic owners with long connections with their well-restored Imps.

Ahead of its time / Andrew Roberts. - Classic Cars Weekly No. 1196; Wednesday 4 September 2013. - p.26-27. - [Nostalgia]
The Hillman Imp could - or should - have bested the world-changing Mini. So what went wrong, wonders ANDREW ROBERTS. Ads that sold the World-beating Imp. The story - and the ads - behind the cheeky Imp

It takes two : Driven by a shared passion, two friends made both of their Imp dreams come true./ Martyn Morgan Jones; photos: Gez Hughes. - Classics Monthly 2013, September, issue 207. - p.34-41. - [Reader Restos]
Steve Burgess, Sunbeam Stiletto SFM 913F; Gary Matthews, Sunbeam Imp Sport EYU 897J



    Meet Tina and her TVR Tina
click image for the link to NECrestorationshow.com

Meet Tina and her TVR 'Tina': PC's new project for its resto show. - Practical Classics 2015, January. - p.6-7
Contents: The big picture. Our new project: the 'lost' TVR Tina.
Large photo of the Tina in gold (with Tina, Gerry Marshall's daughter, John Simpson, editor Danny Hopkins, not in winter garb) over the entire two pages with 5 inserts: photo 1. The Tina as discovered (blue with lots of dust); photo 2. Danny breathes a sigh of relief as he discovers the spare parts cache (in the front of the car) 3. a bit of history + the plan to use it for the resto show 4. Danny Says... and 5. Why did the Tina fail? two paragraphs

A Stiletto deal : Should you rekindle an old flame? John has done / John Simister. - Practical Classics 2015, January. - p.106-107. - [Staff Car Sagas]
Sunbeam Stiletto VYL 3G, 1971

What might have been... / Andrew Roberts. - Practical Classics 2015, March. - p.62-69. - [Potent Prototypes]
Andrew Roberts assesses the potential of five promissing prototypes that never made it into production
Cover: Oneoffs on test: Brilliant prototypes driven and rated.
p.64-65: Zagato Zimp. Owner Mike Hanna, Hillman Zimp CUD 180B. 1 page + 1 paragraph.

Will Tina turn over? Work starts on unseizing our TVR Tina prototype's engine. - Practical Classics 2015, March. - p.97. [Staff Car Sagas]
Workshop Manager: John Simpson

    Practical Classics 2015 April

Little Ray of Sunshine / John Simister; photos: Matt Howell. - Practical Classics 2015, April. - p.48-54. - [Reader's Restoration]
Chris Depledge started with a wrecked 1968 Stiletto, taught himself to weld and won the ultimate Imp trophy!
7 pages; 24 photos
On the cover: "Stiletto Healed: He taught himself to weld; then he restored it!"
From the contents: "Sunbeam Restored. Another ravishing Sunbeam saved for the nation." plus "Stiletto Resto"
Sunbeam Stiletto NTT 186F, Lincoln Green metallic, 960cc

Restoration Show shapes up. - Practical Classics 2015, April. - p.8-9
Shows a photo of the TVR Tina Coupé, newly painted in greenish gold, with nothing fitted yet, flanked by two gentlemen, subtitled: "Watch the Tina being brought back to live"

Hillman Imp : 1963-1976 : Rear-engined fun for all the family / Richard Dredge; photos: John Colley. - Practical Classics 2015, Spring. - p.82-86. - [Buying Guide]
Cover: In-depth Imp guide : How to buy the best; Contents: Market Place: How to bag a beautiful Hillman Imp
Shown example: Hillman Imp FNT 481D
Thanks to: James Henderson, Dick Tompkins, Graham Traxson, et al.

Practical Classics 2015, Spring

Well done those guys : Brand new glazing for the TVR one-off. - Practical Classics 2015, Spring. - p.112 (the table of contents, which says 114, has it wrong). - [Staff Car Sagas]
Shows 5 photos of the TVR Tina Coupé work in progress


Grown up Scalextric : The technically advanced Imp went head to head with the mighty Mini - and sadly lost / words Iain Wakefield (managing editor). - Classics Monthly 2016, February (issue 238). - p.106-108. - [Survivor's Guide: Hillman Imp]
Singer Chamois coupé GJK 147H; Hillman Californian SRE 880G

1966 Singer Chamois / Andrew Roberts. - Practical Classics 2016, Febr. - p.170. - [My favourite ad]
Andrew Roberts enjoys this lively wedding Singer for 3 reasons

Sharper Stiletto : John's Sunbeam is now seriously shiny once more / John Simister. - Practical Classics 2016 June. - p.106-107. - [Staff Car Sagas]
VYL 3G 1969 Sunbeam Stiletto, 998cc. Colour: Vauxhall Aqua Starmist (which is a lighter version of Rootes Turquoise Blue, according to the article)
'Body man' Robin Dalwood.




Hillman Imp en Ginetta G15 / Jesse Kraal (text and photography). - Autovisie 2019 January. - p.56-63. - [report Autovisie Vintage]
Driving impression and Imp history; not too shabby! though Kraal proclaims the Imp was the deathblow for Rootes... A large photo in the Table of contents !
Sunbeam Californian 96-61-HT, Piet Tromp; Sunbeam Imp DR-59-57, Erwin Hoftee; Hillman Imp/ Imp sport 40-26-SM, Jaap ten Hoeve; Ginetta G15 AM-83-84, Ernst-Paul Keizer.

'Clubs are under threat like never before' : John hopes that members will band together in 2019 / John Simister. - Practical Classics 2019 Marchg. - p.44. - [opinion]
John says a.o.: Facebook could take members away from clubs (reminds me of the opposition I got when I started my website); An online club forum can be unhelpful. (some of what he wrote was not universally acknowledged...); There is a heavier administrative burden on committee members










Hillman Imp : Great fun and excellent club support - here's how to buy an Imp / [s.n.]. - Practical Classics 2022 May. - p.78-80. - [Buyer's brief]
plus a chat with Roy & Dawn Blunt about DDY 408D plus photos of FNT 481D.



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