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Ball, K.
Imp Owners Handbook / K. Ball. - Autobooks, 1974. - (Handybooks; 88)
Reprints in 1976 and 1977

Beddall-Smith, C.J.
Hillman Imp & Singer Chamois / C.J. Beddall-Smith. - London : Hamlyn, 1971. - 4th ed. (1st ed. 1965; 2nd ed. 1968). - p. 80 ; 10in.
ISBN 0 600 34369 3 (softback)
This book is more an owner's servicing handbook than a workshop manual, but it includes a good number of assembly and cutaway drawings and quite a bit clearly lifted straight out of the Rootes Group Owner's Handbook

Grainger, R.T.
Hillman Imp / R.T. Grainger. - Haynes, 1971
ISBN 0-90055-044-9

  Haynes manual

Hillman Imp : do-it-yourself... Workshop Manual : Imp all models, 1969/1976. - London [etc.]: Murray Books, 1977. - 160 p. : photogr. ; A4 sized. - (SP Workshop Manual Series; 38)
ISBN 1-85566-370-7 hb
Includes routine service, fault finding, minor and major repairs. Does not mention the spark plug gap correctly.

Haynes, J.H.
Imp owners workshop manual / by J.H. Haynes and R.T. Grainger. - Sparkford [etc.]: Haynes, 1980. - earlier ed.: 1976. - 213 p.
ISBN 0-900550-22-8
[title on cover: Hillman/Chrysler Imp: 1963 to 1976; 875cc; 998cc; plus Sunbeam and Singer variants: owners workshop manual]
Models covered: Hillman Imp 875cc; Singer Chamois, Sport and Coupe 875cc; Sunbeam Imp Sport 875cc; Sunbeam Stiletto 875cc; Sunbeam Sport 875cc; Rallye 998cc; Husky 875cc; Van 875cc

Haynes, J.H.
Sunbeam Owners Workshop Manual / J.H. Haynes and P.G. Strasman. - Haynes, 1986. - earlier ed. 1980
ISBN 0-85696-807-2

Haynes owners handbook

Hillman Imp : Owner's handbook. - Coventry, England: Hillman Motor Car Company Limited; Service Department, 1963. - [Part.No. 6601017 ; Ref. IB.380]. - p.52

Imp : owners workshop manual : Hillman Imp, Husky; Singer Chamois, Sport, Coupé; Sunbeam Imp, Sport, Stiletto; 1969-1976. - Autobooks, 1976. - 162p. - (OWM 920)

Maddock, Ch.
Imp: car repair manual / Chris Maddock. - Autodata, 1979
ISBN 0-85666-004-3
Clear illustrations, every section with technical data and troubleshooting chart and a separate tune-up section. Many mistakes.

Man hour schedule for Imp and Chamois. - Coventry, England : Humber ltd., Service division, 1965. - 3rd ed : 29p. - Ref. MHS 25/3 : Part. No. 6601004
MHS 33/2 of July 1968 refers to MHS 25/5, so there were at least 5 editions

  Piet Olyslager 1916-1993
The extensive Olyslager collection was given in trust to the Netherlands Centre for Autohistoric Documentation (NCAD), Arnhem.

Olyslager, P.
Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois / P. Olyslager. - Sunday Times, 1965. - (Motor Manual; 61)

Olyslager, P.
Vraagbaak voor uw Hillman Imp : een complete handleiding voor de typen: Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Chamois vanaf 1963 / door Piet Olyslager. - Deventer [etc.] : Kluwer, 1965. - 40 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
[public library Amsterdam]

Olyslager, P.
Handbook for the Rootes Imp lange : Hillman Imp, Hillman Imp Californian, Hillman Husky, Singer Chamois, Singer Chamois Coupe, Singer Chamois Sport, Sunbeam Imp Sport, Sunbeam Stiletto, Commer Imp 5-cwt van / [by] Piet Olyslager. - London : Nelson, 1970. - 2nd. ed.; 1st ed. 1968. - (Motor manuals ; 89). - [4],76p : illus ; 22cm, Pbk
ISBN 0171600894
Subject: Rootes Imp cars. Maintenance and repair Amateurs' manuals; Imp automobile

Olyslager, P.
Rootes Imp / Piet Olyslager. - London UK: Nelson, 1971. - 92 p. - (A Sunday Times series: Motor Manual; 89)
ISBN 0-17-160089-4
1st ed. 1968; 2nd 1970
This book is really quite small but contains more technical detail than the usual Haynes manual. For example 7104163 is forth gear shim washer 0.224" to 0.226" colour coded red. It also gives all the distributer advance curves!

Page, S.F.
The Cassells Book of the Hillman Imp / S.F. Page. - Cassells, 1965

Paint manual. - Coventry, England : Rootes Service. - Ref. WSM 146

Paintwork man hour schedule for the Imp range. - Coventry, England : Rootes Service, 1968, July. - 2nd ed. - 28p : drawings. - Ref. MHS 33/2 : Part No. 6601446
loose leaf: page 6A of MHS25: Coupé models
[Stricktly private and confidential. For the use of Rootes dealers only]

Hillman Imp & Singer Chamois Pearson's Manual
a Pearson's car servicing manual dated 1968

Rootes Service Bulletins for Imp
Braking System Fluids
Exterior Paint Color Code Numbers
Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure
35-amp Production Test Fuses
Alternator/Fan Belt Adjustment
Imp I & II Engine Oil Leaks
7.5-inch Clutch Carbon Throw-out Bearing Wear
Alpine, Imp, Minx, & Arrow Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness
Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light in Models Equipped with Negative Ground Alternators
Zenith C.D. Carbs Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots

Russek, P.R.D.
The Rootes Imp Range / compiled and written by Peter R. D. Russek. - London : InterEurope, 1970. - (Intereurope workshop manual ; 134). - 117p : illus ; 28cm, Pbk
Russek, Peter Rainer Dieter
ISBN 0901610151
Subject: Rootes Imp cars. Maintenance & repair Amateurs' manuals

Smith, P.H.
Imp Autobook One / P.H. Smith. - Autopress, 1966

Smith, Ph.
Hillman Imp 1963-68 autobook / Philip Hubert Smith. - Autopress, 1968
ISBN 1-851471-38-2

Smith, Ph.
Imp Autobook One : a workshop manual for the Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Imp and Commer vans, including Super, DeLuxe, Mk II, Rally and Sport versions, May 1963 on / Philip H. Smith. - Autopress, 1969. - 129p.

Thorpe, J.
The Book of the Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois / by John Thorpe. - Pitman, 1966. - (Pitman's Motorists Library: How-to-do-it manuals for owner-drivers). - 130 p. : drawings ; 20 cm Original price 7 shillings / 6pence.

Thorpe, J.
The book of Imps : a practical handbook covering the Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Stiletto and all Imp derivatives to 1971 / Jon Thorpe. - Minster Lovell; Oxfordshire: Bookmarque, 1997. - 122 p. : drawings, diagrams ; 22 cm.
ISBN 1-870519-50-7
1st ed. Pitman, 1966
2nd ed. Pitman, 1972. - ISBN 0-273-36175-9
Author John Thorpe, who was an associate editor of Motor magazine, still retains his affection to this day for the Imp. This replublished edition is a revamp of the 1966 and the 1972 editions in a larger format. "This book is intended to supplement not supplant your Owner's Handbook. Much of the practical material stems from the experiences of the author."


Workshop manual Imp range. - Chrysler United Kingdom
WSM 141. - 16 re-issues.
General data (25 pages); section A. Cooling system (11); B. Engine (45); C. Fuel system (46); D. Clutch (7); E. Transaxle (46); F. Front suspension (24); G. Rear hubs and drive shafts (8); H. Rear suspension (5) I. ??; J. Steering gear (16); K. Brakes (33); L.Wheels & Tyres (6); M. ??; N. Electrical equipment (89); O. Body (38); P. Recommended lubricants (3); Q. Seals & bearings (4); R. Heating & ventilation (8); S. Special tools (4)

Rootes Service Paint Manual. - W.S.M. 146

Mark Norman is working on putting PDFs up of the Rootes Workshop manual

Advice sheets / Lenton Auto Services; Hillman Imp Specialists. 1 Upton Farm Cottage, Upton, near Taunton, Somerset
Our advice sheets are designed to save you time, money and agravation on most major repair jobs. They include tips not to be found in workshop manuals, but gained from actual experience.

  1. Engine and Gearbox removal and replacement
  2. Engine overhaul ((incl. clutch repair)
  3. Head gasket replacement
  4. Braking system overhaul
  5. Rear suspension (incl. driveshaft and joints)
  6. Front suspension (incl. kingpins, steering rack and column)
  7. Electrical trouble shooting (incl. starting troubles)

Mechanical Man Hour Schedule for the Imp Range. - Coventry: Rootes Motors; Service Department, November 1968. - p.39. - MHS 25; 6th ed. - [MHS 25/6]
Strictly private and confidential. For the use of Rootes dealers only.
issued by Service Department, Rootes Motors Ltd., Coventry, CV3 1BD, England
Part.No. 6601004
This schedule supersedes the previous issue applicable to this range
In the back are four forms to suggest ammendments to the Service Department.

Paintwork Man Hour Schedule for the Imp Range. - Coventry: Rootes Motors; Service Department, July 1968. - 28 p. - MHS 33; 3rd ed. - [Ref. MHS 33/2]
Strictly private and confidential. For the use of Rootes dealers only.
issued by Service Department, Rootes Motors Ltd., Coventry, CV3 1BD, England
Part.No. 6601446
This schedule supersedes the previous issue applicable to this range
In the back are four forms to suggest ammendments to the Service Department (p. 21-28.

Autocar Service Sheet No. 4: Hillman Imp, a 4sided leaflet describing the construction specification and maintenance requirements.
A supplement to Autocar 10 july 1969.

Service your own Imp. - Jack Brabham's Car Care Cards 1968
Wallet of 20 cards

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