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Administration Office

By December 1962 all the offices, canteens and the rest was ready, too.


administration offices    

The imposing administration offices, with easy access from the main road to Glasgow, just 14 miles distant.

a quote from the Rootes Review, their personnel magazine, July 1963. - p.7




Linwood admin office
Howden Steel Office Equipment, Rootes (Scotland) Ltd., Linwood, Paisley
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Know anyone on this photo? (See also: Rootes' Personnel)

New Linwood Car Factory of Rootes (Scotland) Ltd.

Linwood, the Imp factory

  1. Administration
  2. Die-Casting Plant
  3. Adjacent Factory of Pressed Steel Co. Ltd.
  4. Unit Machine Shop
  5. Car Assembly Block
  6. Transporter Bridges
  7. Personnel Block
  8. Car Despatch Area

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The scans of the Howden Steel promo photo were supplied on August 1, 2005, amongst many other informational gems, to by Mr. Barry Massey (Chief Buyer at Linwood) via his son: Guy Massey.