Jesus Christ Endorses The New Hillman Imp

by Robert Crawford

I was in our works canteen when a call
Came over the tannoy to watch him endorse the new car.
As he bent and touched it, he said:
"This product will save your area
For another decade: it will be loved
Equally by US management
And families whom its air-cooled rear engine
Will power to school. I'm saying this
That you may take pride in your work."
Nervous execs whooshed him away
For a photo session.

I lost my job
In the first redundancies.
'Does the daffodil have an income allocation model ?
Will the company keep you safe
In a world downturn ? Will you see this factory levelled ?'
Hillmans have long gone out of production.
My launch brochures in a box upstairs
With his photo are greeny with damp.
We did good work, though. No regrets.
It was true what he said, standing up
On a platform in Linwood, Scotland,
Endorsing the new Hillman Imp.

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Publishing this poem here is a breach of copyright.
I haven't figured out yet whom to ask for permission. Hopefully I'll be excused until then. Doing a quick web search on on COPAC and Amazon shows that there's definitely more than one Robert Crawford doing some serious authoring. And there seem to be more than one who may have the above verse to his name.

For instance, there is a Dr Robert Crawford at the University of St Andrews, who has something to do with poetry...
It seems a bit presumptious to ask him if he is responsible for the Linwood factory worker's poem... He may have thought so, too, as he hasn't answered my e-mails.

Mind you, I rather like it. A lot. Surely no one would get disagreeable if they were asked did they write it?

The Mr. Crawford, who has been busy with the books to the right, seems to have visited any university but St. Andrews... so perhaps it's not the same person
And the Crawford with the most recent published poetry uses a London publisher... The third man ?

I'm thinking that the author of the older work, published in the 60s, maybe my best bet.

Maybe I should check the guy who wrote "The Devil's Carousel". Chances are he's an actual Linwood factory man ?

"Robert Crawford is a scrupulously exact composer and individual. He agonises over every note in his small output of outstanding chamber music."
If this is the Mr. Crawford who holds the copyright, I'm probably in trouble when he finds out about this page...

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