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Features of employment and training policies

Personnel Policy

The Company's policy os to provide the following in return for a high level of productivity:

All jobs in the factory are graded after careful job evaluation. Each grade carries a fixed hourly rate. Piecework or payment-by-results systems are not used. Current wage rates are relatd to the period during which production is building up.

Personnel selection

Special techniques are used to ensure that the most suitable candidates are employed for each type of job.

Management and supervision

All management and supervisory posts have been studied and written job specifications have been prepared for each managerial role.

Middle management and supervision are attending specially designed courses of full time training to fit them for their role in the Company.

The number of supervisors to operatives is higher than is usually found in the engineering industry.

A planned programme of management development is conducted by the Group Director of Personnel. Many of the executives employed at Linwood were selected through this means.

Shop Steward training

Shop Stewards employed in all the major factoriesof the Rootes Group receive special training in working hours at the Company's expense. Training programmes are prepared in conjunction with the Trade Unions and the Education Authorities.

A suitable course for training for Shop Stewards employed at Linwood has already been prepared and is due to start in about four weeks time.

Operator training and motivation

All new factory employees undergo a special programme of induction training during which the Company's policies, aims and procedures are explained to them. This period is folowwed up subsequently by a planned programme of employee motivation, the object of which is to maintain high morale and a sense of purpose and participation.

Most operatives undergo a period of supervised job training for the first twelve weeks of their employment.

Joint Consultation

Joint Production, Consultative and Advisory Committees exist in all Rootes Group factories. A similar committee will be established at Linwood as soon as the initial recruiting programme is complete. In the meantime, a temporary joint consultative committee has been set up on which Shop Stewards and Supervisors are represented.


The Company recruited twenty four engineering apprentices in June 1961. These boys are receiving full time training at the Reid Kerr College in Paisley for the first year of their apprenticeship.


These notes were sent by Mr. W.G. Rootes on 29th April, 1963 to all the Rootes employees who acted as hosts during the opening of the Linwood factory.

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