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The official opening of the Linwood factory
on Thursday 2nd May 1963


Official opening - Guests


A.W. Hardie
R. Craig
D. Gramam
N. Shortland
F.J. Hurn
G.B. Sankey
F.T. Connolly
H.E. Hill
H. Heath
P.H. Harris
J. Wright
A.G.B. Owen
W. Hepworth
Hartford King
R.D.G Ryder
S.A. Roberts
G. Kettlewell
J. Inch
J. Martin
N.J. Stevenson
C.S. Joseph


(Jos. Sankey)
(Connolly Bros.)
(Birfield Indus.)
(Coventry Rad.)
(Rubery, Owen)
(Aeroplane & Motor)
(Geo. W. King)
(Thos, Ryder)
(Burton Griffiths)
(Sankey & Sons)
(Clifford Covering)

These photos were taken by Kenneth Sharpe at the opening of Linwood:

Row of shiny new Imps
Row of shiny new Imps on display for the guests

suspended Imps in primer paint
Imp coach-works hanging about in their first (?) coat of paint

painted chassis - high above
Single suspended specimen


I got help with this hard to read memo. Thanks to [look it up]... it seems sorted.

Memo To

Mr. J.M.N. Adams
Mr. F.M.S. Best
Captain J. Brittain Jones
Mr. T.S. Brooks
Mr. W.F.C. Bryant
Mr. R.G. Buckmaster
Mr. B. Campbell
Mr. W. Carter
Mr. G.H.B. Cattell
Mr. W.S. Collins
Mr. S.G.F. Cook
Mr. T. Cotton
Mr. W.H. Elsey
Mr. K.W. Ganney
Mr. T.S. Glover
Mr. A.L. Goate (FCA)
Mr. W. Garner
Mr. R.W. Hammond
Mr. O.D. Horton
Mr. D.G.N. Hannay
Mr. C.A. Hayes

From: Mr. W.G. Rootes
Date: 29th April, 1963

Mr. A.D. Lane
Mr. B.O. Massey
Mr. P.G. Manning
Mr. G.F. Shrigley
Mr. E.G. Vaughan
Mr. R. Watson Lee
Mr. P.G. Ware
Mr. R.M. Webb
Lord Rootes
Sir Reginald Rootes
Mr. R.G. Rootes
Mr. T.D. Rootes


It may be that during the course of the function for the opening of the factory at Linwood on Thursday you will be asked questions about our employment and personnel policy. I, therefore arranged for Mr. G.H.B. Cattell to prepare the attached notes outlining, in very broad terms, our policy in this directions.

These notes are only intended to give background information and the contents should obviously be used with discretion. However, it is hoped that they will give you useful information in discussing these matters with guests on the opening day.


This memo and other informational gems were supplied on August 1, 2005 to by Mr. Barry Massey (chief buyer at Linwood) via his son: Guy Massey

The addressees were rather illegible and I had a lot of help with the names by Mr. Alan Lane, via Matthew Lambert.

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