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From: Mr. W.G. Rootes
Date: April 29th 1963

To: All hosts



I thought it would be useful to give some guidance on the answers to various questions concerning matters of policy which may be raised by guests on Thursday. There is no attempt for this to be exhaustive but merely to deal with one or two main point:

  1. Production quantities
    At the moment production is approximately 100 a day and within four weeks will be rising to 200 a day. We hope to reach peek production of 600 a day in the Autumn.

  2. Exports
    The policy is to put the whole of the first three months production into the Home Market, following which we shall progressively commence to export to the various Export Markets. A few pilot models will be sent beforehand. We are hoping that eventually approximately 50 % will be for export - export being both built-up and C.K.D.

  3. General
    You may be asked whether we are setting up a separate Sales Organisation for this car. The answer to this question is that we are not, but will be handling sales and service through our existing Hillman Organisation, supplementing this, of course, as necessary.

  4. The following are attached:

    1. a leafet concerning the car
    2. the salesman's guide
    3. a note concerning those sitting near you at lunch

Tomorrow you will be sent the programme for the day's arrangements and the seating plan.

Needless to say, all information concerning the car and the factory is to be treated as confidential until the 2nd May.


A memo from Mr. W.G. Rootes on 29th April, 1963 to all the Rootes employees who acted as hosts during the opening of the Linwood factory.
This memo was supplied on August 1, 2005 to by Mr. Barry Massey (chief buyer at Linwood) via his son: Guy Massey

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