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The Duke and the Imp

The Duke of Edinburgh of the Linwood factory tour 7425 VC

COVER PICTURE of Rootes Group Review New Series No. 2; July 1963
H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, at the conclusion of his tour of the Linwood factory, took the driving seat of a Hillman Imp for his return to Renfrew airport, with Lord Rootes and Mr. Geoffrey Rootes.

Alan Lane remembers the Duke as saying "It is with great pleasure that I open this thing... whatever it is..." ...then when he got in the Imp, simply driving off.



At the official opening ceremony

Rootes Group Review : published for distribution to Rootes Group personnel at home and overseas. - New Series No. 2, July 1963. - p.9-11

Prince Philip meeting shop stewards and foremen     H.R.H. Prince Philip meeting shop stewards and foremen in the Car and Die-casting divisions

Does anybody know who these five shop stewards and foremen are ? There is one lady amongst them - maybe easier to remember?

Prince Philip meeting shop stewards and foremen   More shop stewards and foremen in the Car and Die-casting divisions

Can anybody put names to these faces ?

On his tour he met a large number of employees   During his tour of the factory the Prince met a large number of employees and discussed the work of their sections
unveling commemoration plaque   H.R.H. Prince Philip about to perform the official opening ceremony of the Linwood factories, with the Commemoration plaque ready to be unveiled
Mr. Geoffrey Rootes   Mr. Geoffrey Rootes, during his speech, welcomed the Duke and other distinguished guests 
commemoration plaque   The moment of unveiling the Commemoration plaque, which will ultimately be mounted in the main entrance hall at Linwood
at the scale model of the Linwood factories   The Duke, attended by Lord Rootes and Mr. Geoffrey Rootes, inspects the scale model of the Linwood establishment. 
Mr. P.G. Ware   The royal visitor is introduced by the Rt. Hon. Lord Rootes, G.B.E., chairman, Rootes Group to Mr. P.G. Ware, Director of Engineering
Matt Giruan, machinist at Linwood   During his tour Prince Philip frequently discussed the work in progress: here with Mr. Matt Giruan, machinist
die-casting explained   The Duke with, extreme left, Rear-Admiral C.D. Bonham-Carter, C.B., C.V.O., Household Treasurer, receives detail elaboration in the Die-casting section provided by Mr. W.E. Collins, General Manager
Car Divisio, Mr. W. Carter   Prince Philip makes an extended tour of the car division, headed by Mr. W. Carter, General Manager
Linwood engine assembly section   The Prince makes a close-up tour of the engine assembly section
Final tests Imp Linwood factory   The Prince takes a keen interest in the final 'running' tests
The main Imp men: teh engineering team - 7429 VC   The engineering team behind the Hillman Imp: Mr. Tim Fry; Mr. Bob Saward; Mr. Harry White; Mr. Leo Kuzmicki; Mr. Bill West; Mr. Ken Sharp; Mr. Craig Miller; Mr. Peter Ware; and Mr. Bob Croft
Into the Imp - 7425 VC   The royal visitor takes the driving seat of the Imp on his return to the airport, with Lord Rootes and Mr. Geoffrey Rootes


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