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Ireland & Northern Ireland

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?    His son, John Watson (20 in 1967) had bought a two-year-old Brabham BT16-twin cam to replace his CrosslĂ© sports car and won the 1967 Irish libre racingHillmanMarshall Watson? Belfast
?     competed in the Irish libre championship in his his Brabham BT14-twin cam (same car for the 3rd season) HillmanMalcolm Templeton? Ballymena



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Simca and Chrysler Benelux at the Simca and Nekaf site

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Not Imp-related:

Both in The Netherlands and in Norway companies went bust because Peugeot (PSA) did not want any privately owned import companies for their cars. This meant the downfall of ABTH in The Hague in 1980.

Simca Nederland did not come in the picture until everything in The Netherlands came under the Talbot name.