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Rootes Dealers in Italy


Hillman Imp demonstrations to Rootes Dealers

note   company name address
      Giuseppe Dorigatti
Rootes auto
Via Belenzani, 23


Photos of early Imps 918 EGH and 595 EGH, that presumably appeared in an Italian car magazine,

Imp in Milan
Photogr.: Foto-Attualita, Milano, Viale Motallo, 16   (15c-2)
Does anyone recognize the spot? Please let me know?
Imp at an Italian lake ?
918 EGH; Which lake (Varese, Orta, Garda, Maggiore, Lugano)?   (15c-3)
918 EGH
English Imp in Italy
Engine number: 7010091 (16c-6)
Imp in Italia
No chassis no. plate in the usual spot? (15c-5)


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