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Peter Ware

1918, May 14 - 2000, January 13 - aged 81

Technical director of the Rootes Group during the 60s


 Mr. Brian Rootes on the left, a dutch journalist in the middle and Peter Ware on the right, Febr. 1963
    Peter G. Ware
 Part of a publicity photo
in the Sunday Times supplement
at the launch of the Imp.

William Ware
June 2010

My father essentially took over from Miller as the Engineering Director at Rootes - one of the few non family directors.
He has some rear engine rear wheel drive experience in working for Sir Roy Fedden on the rear engine Fedden car.
My father was passionate about the Imp. Even then he believed in small cars. He was a 'Small is beautiful' man and he genuinely believed that gas guzzling big cars were wrong in a world of scarce resources. When he was ill with ulcers (caused by the Imp!) he sketched out some third world derivatives for the Imp. Chrysler were not interested and the company had run out of cash. But the funny thing is that his sketches were very similar to what we now see as the Suzuki Carry which dominates the Malaysian countries Bali etc.
The Imp however was a disaster. It was launched six months too early and engineering-wise had a bad reputation for reliability. It ate up resource which should have gone into more profitable conventional cars eg. Hunter Avenger Humbers. And after that he held a very cautious engineering policy, giving rise to the Arrows, Minxes and Hillman Avenger.
His final battle with Chrysler was over the engine spec for the Avenger. He wanted over head cam (like the Imp) but the Americans would not allow it ("Ford don't have it, GM don't have it, why should we?!" When finally launched Ford with their Escorts were winning Rallies all over the world with over head cam engines!!
It was a small department and over a span of 10 years launched the Imp, Alpine, Tiger, Commer Van, Hunter/Minx, Rapier and a number of Humber upgrades - and finally the Avenger - they were young and very enthusiastic.



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    Peter George Ware
MR. PETER GEORGE WARE, A.R.Ae.S., M.S.A.E., has joined Dowty Fuel Systems, Ltd., as commercial manager. He has served in the Royal Navy, and held posts with Bristols and with Roy Fedden, Ltd.  

From: Flight 1953, July 31. - p.150: The Industry; see photo 

The Hunter (and Singer Vogue) were the first launched of the Rootes 'Arrow' range in 1966. Starting as Peter Ware's Project Swallow, it was taken forward by Rex Fleming as the Arrow Project and launched in Hillman, Humber, Singer and Sunbeam versions.

His name is on a few patents. E.g.: Dunlop Patent 1976: Support means for an electrically operated tool / Peter George Ware et al.