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Record Recce - newspaper clipping

Hillman Imp breaks 1952 record of Stirling Moss  

Record 'Recce'

Twenty-nine countries in 104 hours - this was the feat of tour R.A.F. officers who set out to smash a 1952 record set up by Stirling Moss.

And a reconnaissance run for the R.A.F. team was carried out by 21-years-old Mr. Peter Brown, son of Stafford twon councillor, Mr. Norman Brown.

This week, Mr. Brown told the Advertiser how the four officers covered the trip from Oslo to Andorra in a Standard Imp 875cc.

"It was a joint effort by the R.A.F. and the firm I work for," he explained. "Stirling Moss did it in 1952, and we wanted to beat it."

"In fact, they did beat it by 36½ hours. It was highly successful, and everyone was very pleased."

Mr. Brown made the reconnaissance run with one of the officers before the actual record-breaking trip.

Then he followed them in the film car, from North Germany to Monaco, and picked them up on the retrun trip.

"They covered 15 countries in 53½ hours, and then, by comming back they doubled it, making it 29 countries in 104 hours," he said.

The film is likely to be produced within a month, Mr. Brown said.

clipping supplied by Peter Brown   

Comment by Peter Brown

The Advertiser was a local newspaper distributed in the Staffordshire area.

Murray Loake wrote the article. He was a local reporter then, but went on to be the head of Public Relations for Guinness!!

I am sure the film was released as part of 'Record Breaking Imps' as mentioned on your own website under Imp Videos, but unfotunately I don't have a copy.
If you look up Stanley Schofield Productions on the Internet you will see that have most of his work listed.

Questions for Peter Brown:

  1. What is the date of the clipping? After the reconnaissance or after the actual run?
  2. Why is refered to 'the firm' in stead of The Rootes Group? Rootes is not mentioned. Is that on purpose?
  3. Who initiated this little interview? The newspaper? You? Rootes Dept. Adverts & Promotion ?


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