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Singer (1905-70)

Singer Story : The definitive history of one of Britain's oldest and influential auto manufacturers. From George Singer's beginnings to the last car to carry a Singer badge/ Atkinson. - 1996. - 256 p.
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Last made by Singer Motors Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire.

Singer was a late (1956) acquisition to the Rootes Group. They dropped the name in the first half of 1970.

The marque had a luxurious image

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A famous Singer with no relationship to the car manufacturer:
Singer, Isaac Merrit (1811-75). American inventor who developed the first practical domestic sewing machine. He founded I.M. Singer & Company to manufacture his machine, and by 1860 it was the largest sewing machine company in the world.

Pre War Singer Cars
ISBN 1858473624
Price: $19.95

The Singer story : Cars, Commercial Vehicles / by Atkinson K
ISBN 1874105529
Price: $80.95