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Rawlson space frame

An old photo' of the Rawlson spaceframe Imp which was driven in 2000 by Simon Benoy and Gerry Richards. The car carried Impspeed sponsorship, and much of the sheet metal and body work was carried out in Impspeed's workshops.

Simon and Gerry are going to do the HSA/Aldon Automotive Speed Championship again this year: "We had good fun last year in our G15 and 930 Imp respectively, bashing Elans, Minis TVRs etc., so we thought we'd get something even faster!"

From a Rawlson pricelist   Rawlson glasfibre panels

    price (£) weight (lbs.)
Mk2 Nose cone (as above)   65 13½
Mk1 Nose cone   48 12
Roof  15 9
Doors (pair)  45 9 each
Rear wings (pair)  30 5 each
Engine cover  12 
Rear valance  6 2
Engine mounting kit.....   20 

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Tbe weights quoted can vary as all parts are hand made.

Rawlson Limited
Coombe Valley Road
Dover, Kent, England
CT17 0EW
Telephone: Dover 203527

Automobile Engineers
Designers and manufacturers of glass reinforced plastic products
Directors: G.S. Fish; B.W.F. Sheppard
Registered in England No. 1035413; Registered Offices: 5 St. James Street, Dover
VAT No. 201 7969 65

The same Imp and nearly the same photo was used by S.P. Fibreglass in Northiam, nr. Rye, East Sussex

S.P. Fibreglass in Northiam

S.P. Fibreglass
Manufacturers of quality Glass Fibre reinforced plastics
Reeves Garag, Station Road, Nortiam, nr. Rye, East Sussez

List of Rawlson Imp racing panels

Mk 2 nose cone (as above) 75.00
Mk.1 nose cone 56.00
Roof 28.00
Doors (pair) 68.00
Rear wings (pair) 48.00
Engine cover 21.00
Rear valance 14.00

The above prices are effective from 1 November 1982 and are exclusive of VAT and carriage.

Alan Ramsay (Linwood Area) brought a Davrian-Rawlson race Imp to the National at Huntingdon, Imp 2014.