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From: Adrian Oliver
To: franka
Subject: Imp site racing page
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:59:25 +0100

I have built a site for the HRSR Championship in which I race an Imp myself and have done since 1992, I wondered if you would be interested in including a link on your web page. We currently have 3 Imps racing.

Also at the moment I am also rebuilding a site I have done on building a racing Imp which may be of interest

Cheer's Adrian

Alfred Blackmore Historic Racing Saloon Championship

The Historic Racing Saloon Register (HRSR) series is for cars complying with the FIA Appendix J and K regulations in force in 1966. The success of the current British Touring car championship (BTCC) and the burgeoning interest in historic saloons in the UK and Europe led the HRSR to launch the new series in January 1996 and the interest from competitors and sponsors has been tremendous. There is no doubt that the Historic Saloons is one of the most popular formulae in motor racing today, partly because the public can identify with the cars.

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