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Alison Davis

Between 1970 and 1984, Alison Davis racked up wins in a Ginetta G15, a Diva GT and a Metro, as well as a number of wins in the Shellsport Ladies' series. She ran her car in both prodsports and modsports. She was Britain's first ever Lady National Champion in her G15 winning outright the 1979 DB Motors/Cars & Car Conversions Prodsports Championship.

Her Imp-engied ModSports G15 racer could stay on the race-track with cars twice its size. It was a family concern: Davis Improvements, a small group of talented enthousiasts who took on the Works at their own game. Alison was just as succesful as the Works G15 driven by Barry Wood.

Davis Improvements consists of Alison and husband Roger (both work in local governement), his brother Chris and his wife. They beat the Works G15 to the track by a few weeks.
(Chris Davis did hillclimbing and sprints in a red Ginetta G15)

was particularly good on wet tracks (?)


1970 was the first full season of motor racing for Alison Davis. She won the 1970 Goodwin Trophy, driving a Diva GT, which gave her both hill climb and circuit experience. The next season, she drove a Ginetta G15, and she clinched the Embassy Trophy. She collected a large number of class wins in mod sports, as well as winning the British Women Racing Drivers Club top national award.


In 1972 Alison won the Goodwin Trophy along with Castrol's award for leading lady driver.


In 1976 Alison Davis finished runner-up in the Shellsport Ladies Championship.


In 1977 Alison Davis finished runner-up in the Shellsport Ladies Championship.


Further successes followed in 1978.

She drove her Diva during a race at Oulton Park in 1978.


She won the 1979 BRDC Production Sportscar Championship in a Ginetta G15 and was rewarded with the Lord Wakefield Trophy.

She was runner-up in the Classic Sportscar Championship.


In 1980 she switched partly to a Metro.

The G15 continued to give her a string of wins in 1980 and 1981.


Although she did not win the BRDC Production Sportscar Championship again outright, she was joint champion in the DB Prodsports series in 1981.

1981, Donnington

The organisation combined the last two races of the day, as they were pressed for time. The 850 Motorsports Club and the Ferrari Owners Club Challenge ran together. Alison Davis managed to put her car on the front row of the grid. There were 3 other G15's competing. The Ginettas stole the limelight, taking 4 of the first 4 places, including 2nd and 3rd!

She stopped racing when her father suddenly died in 1983.



One of the UK mags( Triple C, Motor?) apparently ran an article on Alison Davis and her G15 (either Modsports or Prodsports) back in the late 70s or early 80s.

Brute force & Impudence / Mark Cole. - Hot Car 1972, July. - p.66-67 [Twin Track Test]
Mark Cole did a track test of Alison's modsports Femfresh G15 for Hot Car in March 1972 and it was published in the July 1972 edition. This test was carried out at the beginning of Alison's second season with the Femfresh car when it had a front spoiler added and the sponsor's new livery.

Ginetta G15 Super Profile / by John Rose [book]

Women in Motor Sport. - publisher: the BWRDC, 2006 (?) It has more than a page devoted to Alison Davis.

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