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Historic Touring Car Championship (HTCC)

Photographer Toni P1 on Flicker took some photos on Silverstone of the HSCC on May 11, 2008 of four racing Hillman Imps:
no. 1: bright blue, two white stripes lengthwise over entire car; RYF 118E
no. 86: Singer Chamois (1965) blue with grey top; Andy Jones
no. 91: Hillman Imp (1963) red with yellow top; Welsh; Mimilites; Vince Frost
no. 93: white with green top; Singer; name in gold: Graham Martin.

Photographer Albert S. Bite (Martin Alford) took photos of the Silverstone HSCC 'ByBox' on March 28, 2010 of
No. 86; blue Imp, silver top; Andy Jones; Revolutions; Singer Chamois (1965)


Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) Historic Saloon Cars Championship - pre-1966 production cars
Silverstone, October 17th, 2009 (final round)
Class win: Simon Benoy - RYF 118E - bright blue, twin white stripes lengthwise over Imp; 87
Graham Martin, white Imp, green top, 93
Andy Jones; Shrigley Engineering


Silverstone, March 28, 2010
Historic Touring Car Championship
Class winner: Simon Benoy in his 1967 998cc Hillman Imp finished in the Top 10, beating many more powerful cars.
Andy Jones, Shrigley Engineering, 86


At the Imp Club's national weekend of 2011 Andy Jones was given the 'The Peter Harper Memorial Award' as recognition for his various successes in the HSCC and long term involvement with Imps.



Monday 27th August 2012
Race 11 HSCC ByBox Historic Touring Cars

85 Nick Lunn  Singer Chamois  
86 Andy Jones  Singer Chamois  
87 Simon Benoy  Hillman Imp  
89 Adrian Oliver  Hillman Imp  
90 Jon Orr  Hillman Imp  
91 Vince Frost  Hillman Imp  
93 Stuart Kerr  Singer Chamois  
94 Steve Platts  Singer Chamois  
95 Shaun Hazlewood  Hillman Imp  
97 David Heale  Hillman Imp  
99 Ian Gunton  Hillman Imp Super  



Croft, 8 and 9 August 2015 - HSCC Croft Nostalgia Weekend
HSCC/ HRSR 'ByBox' Historic Touring Car Championship - Race 5 - Classification
Class E (provisional results) Saturday 8th August, information sheet 21, issued 4 minutes after the race

886Andy JonesSinger Chamois21:41.91747.92870.571:45.926
1387Simon BenoyHillman Imp22:14.5551:20:56668.851:46.303
1489Adrian OliverHillman Imp22:19.9851:25:99668.571:49.540
1894Steven PlattsSinger Chamois22:37.1901:43.20167.701:46.664

Croft - circuit length: 2.1270 miles; weather / track: sun / dry


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