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In my Site evaluation guestbook:
Name: Bill Reiter
Tuesday, June 4th 2013 - 08:08 PM
Why did you visit: Trying to find my long lost Emery GT-P
Your general impression: Great! I'm a life long cohort of Paul Emery and his racing ventures.

As per the Emery-GTP: That was/is my car. I bought it from Paul Emery at the London Race Car Show and raced in Germany before taking it back to So. California. I raced it at Santa Barbra, and Riverside before losing my job at JPL. I left the car with Bob Boggio, who I had invested some $$$ in his RCA F-Vee Kit Car enterprise. I had to leave the car with Bob when moving to NC, and never heard from him since. As far as I'm concerned: This is a STOLEN Car!

From: Bill Reiter
Cc: Marty Reiter
Subject: Re: Emery GT-P
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013

As far as the engine:
Paul first built the car with a 1000 cc Hillman Imp engine with a VW transaxle inverted. The shift pattern was in reverse, but I managed to get through the gates with no effort.

I ran the car in Int. Hill Climbs and closed race courses at AvD and ADAC events in Germany. Paul Emery once attempted to enter our cars at the Spa/ Francorchamps 24 Hr. race in 1964 and at the Sebring 12 hr race, but could not get sponsorship money to do that. I think I may still have a memo from Paul attempting to promote our team entry for Sebring ---I will try to look that up in my archives. Paul intended that I was to co-drive with his driver, Jerry Delmar Morgan at British and European [Nürburgring 500/1000 km] events.

I did receive Dunlop Tire [Dunlop-Green Spots] and BP/Fuel-Oil sponsorship from Jack Brabham resulting from Paul Emery's intercession from his prior F-1 employment with Brabham's 2/5 Ltr. F-1 cars.

My main mechanic in Germany was a local Gas Station owner in Kaiserslautern, but I no longer have his name.

I'm including a shot of the car aboard the VW Transporter I used to haul the car to the races. I left the VW transporter with Paul when I was transported back to Southern California.

Here is one Program entry of my Emery-GTP -Team Stiletto:

120 - Reiter, Bill (Team Stiletto) Kaiserslautern - USA Emery Hillman

As you can see, I had to run against Willi Martini's BMW-Prototypes and Squadra Foitek Lola and Porsche Colani's.

Later on I took the car back to Paul for installation of a 1300 cc -stretched conversion block of his own design. I left the car and the VW with Paul, as I was subsequently sent back to Southern Cal. -where I had the car shipped to me upon completion of the work.

I may still have the shipping documents to verify all of this ---I will have to check later.

I was basically my own mechanic, both in Germany and in California, but got a little help from Frank Monise in Pasadena and a bit more help from Bill Young -the Lotus Dealer in La Canada Cal. Bill was racing a Can/Am McLaren at the time and was really a big help to me with anything I needed. I also got some help from another Cal Club racer from El Segundo Cal. -who was running a Lotus-23 with a push rod Renault engine. This guy borrowed a push rod from me from my AH-Sprite to use in his Renault engine to run a race at Riverside, and was such an accomplished engine expert that Carroll Shelby hired him to work on his Mustang GT-500 engine project. Hopefully, I will be able to find his name somewhere in my archival records.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything further about Bob Boggio. Bob was the designer and builder of the RCA-Formula-Vee Kit Car who I invested some money in, developing engine dyno work for the RCA F-Vee. Bob [my friend] took custody of my Emery when I left Cal. for North Carolina and subsequently never responded to any of my follow-up queries after my departure. I feel that Boggio eventually disposed of the car, and I have had no further information until seeing this photo of the car -supposedly from the San Francisco area.

I have nothing but great memories of my relationship with Paul Emery and the opportunity he gave me to compete in what was truly a phenomenal race car. Even though it was lacking CC's/power, I nonetheless did creditable battle with the likes of the C-Sports racing Lotus 23's and Brabhams, and especially the Elva/Porsche's at Riverside/Ontario/Willow Springs/Santa Barbara tracks. I was able to pass the Elva with ease in the tight turns but was blown away on the straights. But there was no way I could hang with the Lotus 23's or BT-Brabhams of the day.

Bill Reiter, Scuderia Stiletto

From: Bill Reiter
Cc: Marty Reiter
Subject: Re: Emery GT-P
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013

I never discussed the VW transaxle question with Emery.

The VW unit was easy to adapt to the mid-engine layout of the Emery GT-P and by merely flipping it upside down it was cheaper than dissemble the gear box to reverse the ring and pinion gear. In addition, since the GT-P car was built with a 1000 cc engine, the sturdy VW gearbox would easily handle the power range.

In addition, VW gearbox core was the basic unit for the higher priced 'Hewland' gearbox conversions featured quick/change gears and final drive ratios and used exclusively on most mid-engine race cars. Thus, using a standard VW gearbox cut the cost by probably several thousand dollars.

I purchased the car circa 1963 at the London Race Car Show. It was not the specimen on display, as Paul set about building me one from scratch. If I recall, the delivery price was about $3700.00

The original version was delivered with a modified 1000 cc. IMP engine, and was fitted with 'Wills Rings' around each combustion chamber - thus eliminating the need for a head gasket and providing much higher compression ratio.


However, due to the FIA-Group C Prototype classification rules, Sports Racing and GT-Prototype engines could run up to 1300 cc's. Paul designed a new wet-sleeve liner that could be replaced increasing the displacement to a full 1300 cc's. I took the car back to England after the 1964 season to have the new engine work done, but was transferred back to So. California before it was finished. I had the car shipped to California and raced it there in the C-Sports Racing Class -which allowed engines up to 1600 cc's. Thus the little car was again put at a disadvantage, and even though it had great cornering ability it could no way match a Lotus 23, Porsche Spyder, or an Elva Porsche with a full 1600 cc's.

The 'P' stands for GT-Prototype: The FIA classified Sports Racing cars, such as the Lotus 23's, and Porsche 550 Spyders; whereas the GT-Prototypes were closed Coupes. The FIA specified that a given number of GT-P's had to be built to homologate a given 'Factory' produced car. Also: GT was an abbreviation for: 'Gran Turismo'.

    Bill Reiter's Emery GT-P on track at Willow Springs Raceway, California
Bill Reiter's Emery GT-P on track at Willow Springs Raceway, California

From: Bill Reiter
Cc: Thomas Martell, Marty Reiter
Subject: Re: Emery GT-P
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 08:08

Here is my Emery GT-P on track at Willow Springs Raceway, California.


From: Bill Reiter
Subject: More Stiletto data
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 08:31

Stiletto ads placed in the 1963 Rhineland Pfalz Berg Prize Program

From: Bill Reiter
Subject: Re: Emery GT-P
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 08:12

No! I took the Emery back to Paul's shop for installing the larger engine. He shipped the car to me thereafter to California.

I did not purchase another engine . . . . . He modified the original!

From: Bill Reiter
Subject: Re: George Esser's Formula-Micro
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 08:21

As I explained: The Stiletto name was originated by Maj. George Esser as part of our development of the Formula-Micro. It had nothing to due to the Sunbeam Stiletto, George merely coined the idea from scratch, and I was able to adopt the logo for my FIA racing Team.

I, in turn, adopted the Scuderia Stiletto Logo as part of my Emery-GTP racing venture. Some of your Web site info indicated someone else had originated the Scuderia Stiletto Team, and I have merely included this additional information to substantiate the origin of the Scuderia.

I would ask that you review your information and correct any erroneous accreditation to anyone else -other than Major Esser, or myself as the originator of the Scuderia Stiletto team.


From: Ray H Gay
Sent: Sat, Apr 2, 2011
[published with permission]

Came across your site when looking for remnants of Scuderia Stiletto, a loosely knit racing group based in Germany in the 60s. I think I remember seeing an Emery GT, white, at Klaus Fritzinger's shop in Kaiserslautern one time in about 1965. I had driven a racing Mini over there from Ramstein to get a new exhaust pipe installed and I had never seen an Emery before that. I was new to the group and didn't know all the driver/owners yet, so I don't know who it belonged to. One of our members raced an Imp - his name was Jerry something. Last time I saw him was at a hillclimb not far from Ramstein. We always called it the Hillman Pimp.
Scuderia Stiletto was formed originally by Major George Esser, a UASF officer and engineer stationed at Ramstein. He did tuning on customer cars and had a brand new BMW 1800 TI which was a very impressive sedan in the day. The operation was taken over by Bill Vanderford (aka Blue Bill – military people commonly raced under pseudonyms) after George returned to the states and Bill stayed several years, up to about 1969 or 1970, racing around Germany and France, subsidizing with the tuning business. Steve "Yogi" Behr (as Mr PCA) was a member, as was Fritzinger. I remember one of our members was a tech rep out of Denmark with a brand new Cooper/BMC F3 car. It was a beauty then and priceless now – it stayed at our shop one night. Bill and Steve are still alive and kicking up their heels – Bill in a spec Miata and Steve building a GT Prototype for ALMS. I sold my GT3 Datsun a couple of years ago and am now nursing a BMW 635 back to life.
I have maybe the only existing Scuderia Stiletto decal, but it is a later blue/white rectangular and not the circular one.

Ray H. Gay

Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 17:29
The following entry has been added to your Book: site_evaluate
Entry number 98:
Name: Bill Reiter

Contrary to the info on your Web page, Mr. Gay was not involved with the formation of the Scuderia Stiletto. Major George Esser and myself collaborated on the construction and design of the Stiltetto F-Micro. I have pictures to substantiate the fabrication of George's concept car. It featured a Goggomobile/trans axel engine -used exclusively by myself and another Air Force Sgt. Arlan Edwards. We both won the European Micro Midget Championships -Arlon won the Class-A and I won the Class-B event. Later, I won the first ever, Micro midget road race event at Hann Air Base.

Major Esser was never involved with my Emery GT-P car, other than an ardent supporter of our mutually developed 'Scuderia Stiletto' Team. George and I went to the London Race car show appreciably to meet with John Cooper to solicit consulting advice for the design of the suspension on the F-Micro under development [I have a photo of George making measurements on John's newly developed F-3 at the London Show.

Bill Vanderford, mentioned in the info, was in fact a member of the International Sports Car Club in Kaiserslautern and competed in the majority of the AvD sponsored events with us -but was not initially a part of the Stiletto Rennsport enterprise. George and I formed a Company together to fabricate the prototype F-Micro car, but unfortunately I was sent back to JPL in California and Major Esser [as best as I know] was sent back to California with the USAF.

From my best recollection, Bill Vanderford inherited the F-Micro project from Major Esser, and apparently also took over what was left of the Scuderia Stiletto assets. I never received any remuneration from my initial investment with the Steletto Rennsport enterprise and have had not hadfurther contract with Major Esser since my departure in 1964.

Through the years I have continued to campaign a variety of race cars and motorcycle racing efforts with my Son under the banner of "Suceria Stiletto" and subsequently, the 'Reiter Racing Team' and 'Fiero Sud Racing'. I would very much appreciate any information whatsoever concerning how the Emery has changed hands in California, and the whereabouts of Bill Vanderford.

Bill Reiter, Tel. 252-633-1280

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