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Brian Davis

Davrian-based Imp; Autoquip Imp
Fourth on its Lydden debut, Brian Davis's Davrian-based Imp

New Autoquip Imp

Lydden regular Brian Davis debuted his latest special saloon device at the Kent circuit on Sunday, the ex-David Hall Vivian Candy Davrian-based monoco-que Imp complete with Demon 1220cc Carter engine.

The former Team PR Reilly-Captain America's machine swept all before it in Ireland in 1979 but lay dormant in a barn until Davis bought it. Brian's team at Autoquip in Dover have tidied the Imp up over the past couple of months and re-liveried it in his attractive white, red and blue colours.

Following a test session at Brands Hatch last week, Davis decided to enter his local event, though a number of detail modifications have yet to be carried out.

New rear suspension geometry has improved the Imp's handling and, with new dampers, the car is expected to be fully competitive in the hands of the Autoquip boss who finished fourth overall at the weekend. Brian previously raced the ex-Divina Galica Escort and a similar Davrian-Imp in special saloon events prior to a season of Sports 2000 with a Lola T492.

- Autosport, September 10, 1981. - p.23

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