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Meet the men who make racing cars... and those who drive them : the aim - the fastest small car in the world.
- Courier Motor Review 1966, May 6. - pp.10-11

Modifications meet stress and strain

THREE Imps are prepared to International Group 5 specifications to run in British Saloon Car Championships in the 1000 c.c. class.

Two will be raced by Ray Calcutt, the Fraser No. 1 team driver, and Nick Brittan, and the third is kept as a practice and reserve car and for club events.

The stringent regulations for this class of racing require that the bodywork must be standard both internally and externally; only the engine and suspension may be modified. A roll bar, and a steel bulkhead between petrol tank aod the driver are, however, fitted for safety.

The development team has taken the standard engine in its 42 b.h.p. form, enlarged it to 998 c.c. and, by work on the cylinder head and camshaft have raised the Output to more than 95 b.h.p.

The suspension system is basically standard but modified to cope with the additional stresses, strains and speeds of 100 m.p.h. saloon car racing.

Two Imps will run in the free formula club events in Which they made their mark last season. One will have an 850 c.c. engine for its c1ass while the other will have a 998 c.c. engine.

This class of racing permits the bodywork to be modified and lightened and the reduction in weight means better acceleration out of the corners and a slightly higher top speed.

For the engines standard cylinder blocks are used and the whole bottom of the production power unit - crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings - form the basis of the racing engine.

A reprofiled camshaft and careful working of the cylinder head, with particular attention to the air flowing in the inlet ports, are responsible for the great increase in power. The engines will rev in safety at 8,500 r.p.m. and produce maximum power at about 7,500 r.p.m.

All Ihe cars run in the Alan Fraser colours - white up to the waist line and from there upwards Scottish blue. The bold white diagonal cross of St. Andrew runs across the roof, for although he was born at Hildenborough, he is of Scottish parentage. And the stag's head crest on the side of the cars is another reminder.

Six contests

It is planned to enter one Sunbeam Tiger in the marque sports car events.

The team is entered in six principal championships

  1. the British saloon championship (eight events)
  2. the Spring Grove saloon car championship (eight events in the free formular category)
  3. the Embassy trophy championship for women drivers
  4. the Freddy Dixon trophy for marque sports cars
  5. the Autosport championship and
  6. a season long championship at Mallory Park and Brands Batch.

It will be in action every weekend and plans to appear at the new Ingliston circuit in Scotland and in Northern and Southern Ireland.

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