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Gloria Castresana Waid

At 18 Gloria started to like cars. When she obtained her driver's license, a world opened! Her first car was bought in 1960, a Simca Sport. In 1961 she went to live on the Canary Islands, working for an American company. Here she met Robert Waid, who shares her enthousiasm for driving. He made it possible for her to pursue her passion: motorsports, if only as an amateur.

But Gloria wanted more and began to visit motorsports events and in 1963 she began to participate in races. The first big result was winning her class in the first rally of La Palma, in 1965 - "Rally Isla de La Palma" - in a Cooper 'S'.

From that time on, Gloria came almost always first, second or third. She even beat her husband more than once. "The mechanics prepared the car for me, and although I was interested in the subject of mechanics, I knew too little about it, but I did know how to race!"
One of the events she recalls most vividly is the 1967 Rally Femenino San Isidro, women only. It was organized by Iberia (Spanish airline) and Coca Cola. Gloria participated as co-pilot to the Miss Spain of the time. And they won both the Slalom category as well as the general stages.

The presence of her husband Robert -Bob- was important for her.
The editor of the main car magazine in the Canary Islands remembers Robert Waid well. In the racing events, Gloria's husband was significant. Which was saying something as at that time the best cars and the best street racing of Spain was to be had in the Canaries (because the islands had a favorable tax climate). "The latest and greatest were to be seen on the Canary Islands." Gloria remembers seeing cars on the islands like the Fraser Sunbeam Imp, Lancia, Austin Sprite, Alfa Romeo, Minis, Escorts, Lotus and Porsche.

One of the times that Gloria fondly recalls, is her participation in the opening festival of the Jarama circuit near Madrid in 1967. This event attracted many Formula 1 stars. On 23 July 1967 the first F1 race was run (outside of the F1 calendar). The major names in auto racing were gathered: Jim Clark (Lotus / Cosworth) who won the race ahead of another legendary pilot: Jackie Stewart. In addition to them was also the Australian Jack Brabham (fourth in his Brabham BT23-Cosworth) or French Johnny Servoz-Gavin (fifth with MS5 Matra-Cosworth). Also participating, but dropped out before the end of the race, others as Jochen Rindt (in a Brabham BT23), Graham Hill (in the Lotus-Cosworth), John Surtees (Lola T100-Cosworth) or New Zealander Bruce McLaren (on its own and the team M4A-Cosworth FVA).

She raced mostly Austin Coopers, but also ran her husband's Fraser Imp occasionally when he was not able to make the meet.

September 29, 1968. Gloria competing in the 3-hour Jarama in their Sunbeam. Championship of Europe.
Gloria Castresana Waid
The results do not mention competition number 32. 30 starters, 18 finishers

Gloria was for many years one of the major players in the circuit. Here in the Jarama in 1968.
Gloria Castresana Waid

Gloria with participants in the category of Turismos in the 1st GP Madrid in July 1967 during the opening days of Jarama.
Gloria Castresana Waid

Jarama, 29 September 1968 - Gloria Waid Jarama, 29 September 1968 - Gloria Waid

Once again in an awards ceremony.
Gloria Castresana Waid

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Gloria was one of the major protagonists of the disputed 1st Rally island of La Palma (which she did in a Mini Cooper S) on June 18, 1965.
Gloria Castresana Waid

A new award for Gloria. July 18, 1965, Tenerife.
Gloria Castresana Waid

Gloria won one of her many triumphs in the 1st Ladies Rally 'San Isidro' of 1967, as co-pilot for Miss Spain of the year.
Gloria Castresana Waid

two books:

President of the Basque American Foundation in Fresno, California

1991 'La poltica lingstica de la corona en Amrica', In Impacto y futuro de la civilizacin espaola en el Nuevo Mundo. Ed. Gloria Castresana - Waid. Madrid: Ediciones Ciruela S.A. p.119-125

Angelita Estrada aboga por carreras de autos para damas / Octavio Fernandez. - Anagia No. 380, 20 April 1968. - pp.39,41

Angelita Estrada, que debutó en el campo automovilistico en el I Gran Premio de Tenerife, lo hize tambien en el I Rallye y el año siguiente, en el II Gran Premio, pero el ver, que su participación no levanta la expectación entre su sexo, la illusión decreció, bueno mejor es que le dejemos a ella que nos cuente...
Yo, al principio, tomé parte muy animada de que, seguramente al verme las demás chicas seguirian mi ejemplo, y para ello solo me dieron facilidades por parte del Real Automovil Club, asi como de don Miguel Jiménez Nima, asimismo mi gran animador fué papá que me dejó su Hillman Impala, en el primer año.