Fred Hendy
 Fred Hendy, Godfrey Hill Integral
 Rawlson Spaceframe chassis, built by Fred Hendy and Barry Sheppard of Rawlson
 Rawlson Spaceframe chassis, built by Fred Hendy and Barry Sheppard of Rawlson
 Hendy's yellow Imp boasts sponsorship from Godfrey Hill Integral

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Fred Hendy


From: Hendy, Fred (Canada)
Date: Mon, 21 Ocober 2013

Good afternoon,
Attached are a few pictures of my Rawlson Spaceframe chassis #1 Imp, built by myself and Barry Sheppard of Rawlson in Dover in 1977-78. The car was powered by one of Clive Brown's demon 850cc short stroke engines and we won many races and set several lap records at tracks throughout England.
Barry sold other spaceframe units to Jim McGaughay and Chris Roberts.
The car was outwardly very similar to John Homewoods 1,000 cc car. John was a good friend and his sponsor Godfrey Hill gearboxes decided they would also sponsor me in the 850cc class. The main difference was that John's car was a on a monocoque Davrian unit and mine was a Rawlson spaceframe with a one-piece Davrian shell.
The car was quite heavy, compared to some of the other spaceframed units, but it was a very rigid platform and proved to be very competitive.
The black and white clipping is from Autosport and taken at Snetterton - I'm guessing around June 1978. The black and white photo of the car racing on its own was taken at Donington Park in 1978.
Let me know if you require any more information.
Thank you


AutoSport, 1978:

After a lengthy gestation period, Fred Hendy's demon new Rawlson-Imp has won 3 850 special saloon events in recent weeks; at Snetterton and Thryxton over the August bank holiday-weekend and at Donnington on Sunday, where he qualified well up in a 1300cc race. The car is based upon a Rawlson spaceframe chassis unit to which is bolted the standard subframes and suspension parts from last year's car. It is now lighter, stiffer and lower than the 1977 machine, and appreciably faster, thanks partly due to its power unit, developed and built by Clive Brown of Bexleyheath.

Replicas of the chassis are available from Rawlson in Dover - James MacGaughay being one of the first customers, racing his car extensively in the north. Hendy's yellow Imp boasts sponsorship from Godfrey Hill Integral, specialists in quality gearbox rebuilds, who are based at Deptford, East Malling and Dartford. The company have maintained a low profile until recently, their signwriting appearing once the car had proved competitive. The bodywork was produced from the same mould as John Homewood's ultra-successful 1-litre Imp, also backed by Godfrey Hill.


From: Alan Ramsay
Date: 21 September 2015
Subj.: Fred Hendy

Hello Franka !
As you might remember from Imp National 2014, I have a Rawlson Davrian spaceframe Imp, and I have been in touch with Fred Hendy quite a lot recently while trying to sort out it's history.
He has sent me a load of photos, and also asked if I could forward copies on to you.....he has lost your e-mail address.
There are about 10 photos, and about 1MB each. How many can your inbox cope with at a time / per e-mail ?
Slainte, Alan C. Ramsay


From: Hendy, Fred (Canada)
Date: 18 September 2015

This is bottom bend at Brands hatch Michael Holland leading from Chris Roberts and myself, Michael Holland blew up in front of me at Paddock , I was right on his tail and he put a rod through the side , it was like someone throwing a bucket of oil over my windscreen, I saw an ominous red glow in his exhaust before his engine blew, I won the race Chris was second. These were great times the racing was fiercely competitive, some of the best days of my life.
    Brands Hatch, Michael Holland, Chris Roberts, Fred Hendy

From: Hendy, Fred (Canada)
Date: 18 September 2015

This picture is from Snetterton Hitachi Championship 1978 me leading Chris Roberts ( in his new car) and Charles Bernstein in his Mini.
    Fred Hendy, Godfrey Hill Integral

From: Hendy, Fred (Canada)
Date: 18 September 2015

Wendy Wools all capacity race from Thruxton fastest laps

Wendy Wools
Special Saloon Championships

Information sheet no. 19
Britax Day
Event Seven - 10 laps
Thruxton, Monday 28 August 1978
Start 6.04 pm

Cl.No.Entrant and DriverCarTime
5thC140Silverlake Garage
Dvr: Brian Prebble
Hartwell Imp16.04.0
6thB221 Datsun Sunny Coupé16.13.02
7thD160Godfrey Hill Integral
Dvr: Fred Hendy
Rawlson Imp16.13.3
8thC236John SchneiderHillman Imp14:45.3
(9 laps)
9thB3  Leyland Mini 
10thB4  Austin Cooper S 
11thB5  Cooper S 
12thD2  Morris Mini Tyrell 
13thD355Sue DaviesHillman Imp Fraser15.35.9
(9 laps)
14thC341Peter StrideHillman Imp Hartwell15.38.5
(9 laps)
15thC435Douglas FairbairnChrysler Imp15.47.6
(9 laps)
    Wendy Wools 28 August 1978 Britax Day Special Saloons Championship

From: Hendy, Fred (Canada)
Date: 18 September 2015

Fastest laps from Thruxton, I equaled the lap record, which was held by Reg Ward.
 fastest laps Thruxton 28 August 1978

From: Hendy, Fred (Canada)
Date: 18 September 2015

This one is from Donnington Park. I won the class, Chris set fastest lap but crashed.


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