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Jacqui Smith

Jacqui Smith, at 22: "I always wanted to race - even before I knew how to drive. It's the fullfilment of all I've dreamed of. [...] My ambition is to race every weekend - and to paint."

Alan Fraser, chief of Fraser Imps, spotted her and signed her up for the Rootes Group's 1966 racing team.

Score card up to June 1966:

One crash: "It was in February 1964. We shot through a hedge and landed upside-down in a field - the result of a skid on a wet fram-crossing."

Other facts:

For relaxation she paints pictures of race drivers and cars - and has sold some.

1966 Club Racing Championships: BWRDC Embassy Trophy:

1   Mrs Jean Denton   MGB   33
2   Miss Jacqui Smith   Hillman Imp   32
3   Mrs Wendy Hamlin   Mini-Cooper S   26
4   Mrs Gabriella Konig   Hillman Imp   21
5   Miss Natalie Goodwin   Brabham   16


Miss Smith (jnr.) keeps an eye on Miss Smith (champ.). - Modern Motoring and Travel 1966, July. - p. 22-23
girl drivers in the news + they share a name + and courage

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Roger Clark and Jacqui Smith both entered in the 1967 Brighton National Speed Trial in a Ford Lotus Cortina Mk II with a fully race tuned engine, developed by BRM and entered by Calypso Racing Division, maker of a brand of cigarettes.