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Imps that George Bevan and Rob Mason built together

Rob Mason Bevan space-frame Californian
sponsors (?): Team Esso Uniflo; Goodyear; Century Supreme (Special Saloon Car Championship 1977)

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Rob Mason

In 1968 and 1969 Rob Mason used (Don Moore's?) Minis in competition that had a Peter Bevan tuned cylinder head.

In 1977 Rob Mason changed from Minis to Imps. He and George Bevan prepared Imps together in the shed in George's back garden in 1977 and 1978.

George Bevan prepared and raced other Imps and won championships with different drivers. 6 Oct. 2002, Rob Mason wrote:
Bevan ran four drivers in his time:

In 1976 George Bevan built a special saloon Imp and won the Kent Messager Championship with Rob Mason driving. In 1977 a Super Saloon Imp was built with a formula F2 2000cc engine and Rob Mason won again the championship. Lap records were taken at each race circuit visited.

Mason Stiletto

Mason built a semi-space-framed Stiletto racer for dr. David Enderby who had once too often lost with his fancy Mini against an Imp.

This Stiletto was sponsored for a while by magazine 'Cars & Car Conversions', and they gave regular reports of driver and car. It had big CCC stickers and was white.
It was a top runner in the Wendy Wools Special Saloons Championship.

In 1978 it took a triple roll at Brands Hatch (due to a fracas with Mike Parkes), and it only showed a few cracks and scrapes. The disadvantage of the semi-space-frame was that it was some 1cwt (50kg) heavier than a space-frame, which made it really only suitable for Imp engines and transmission. But it was superior in handling.

Shell ran a scheme of 'Shell Sports stars', where every win resulted in a star - and its door was bedecked with these.

Mason also built one for Alan Humberstone, which was BDA and Hewland equipped.

In the winter of '79-80 David Llewellyn purchased Enderby's Mason-Stiletto, minus engine and transaxle at the Humberside residence. (By that time Enderby was racing a black space-frame Singer Chamois, perhaps it was also built by Mason. He nearly killed himself in 1980, writing off the Chamois.)
Until Llewellyn found somewhere to keep it, Enderby held on to the car and obtained all the missing items to get it on the track. All in all it cost Llewellyn some £3,400.
To David the Mason Stiletto was ideal as a novice's car. [Impressions March 1995. - p. 11-15] However his introduction to motor sport was not a success and by the end of 1980 he had neither money nor hope. The Stiletto was stored in a number of places around south-east Essex.

Later the chassis was sold to Brian Innes, near Aberdeen; the rest of the parts were sold over the years. Stephen Brett of Barking inherited all the suspension and other bits.

Ian Forrest and his successful 'Drambuie Imp'.
He drove a BMW M3 in the 80s sponsored by Novaphone. He took the Mason for the boss of Novaphone, Bob Jamieson, to use as a novice's car.


Cars & Car Conversions articles - 70s

Rob Mason was writing an article about his Imps in 2002.

David Llewllyn - Impressions
March 1995, p. 11-15
April 1995, p. 19-23

Ex George Bevan/ Rob Mason
It says Paul Halfpenny on the windscreen. Competition #26
Ex George Bevan/ Rob Mason

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Perhaps this is the same Rob Mason:

Apex Cheviot National Rally 1998 (15 Feb 98)
9th in class B9; 49 overall, John Stanger-Leathes/ Rob Mason in an Austin Healey with no. 69 in 1:52:49 (winner: 1:12:17)
British Special Stage Rally Championships

Cumbria Classic Caper 1999
John Stanger-Leathes (driver) & Rob Mason (navigator) in an Austin Healey Arkley (no. 31) competed in class H1. Result: 18th overall.