Roger Nathan
Roger Nathan at the Ouston Circuit, nr Newcastle upon Tyne.
Seen here with the 'Journal Trophy' race winners cup (R/H) and a gold cup for the outright circuit record. 1965.

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Roger Nathan

17 juli 1943  -  alive & well.

Roger Nathan is both a racer and a tuner. He made a name for himself in the early sixties racing Lotus Elites and then set up in business developing tuning kits for Imps.
Roger Nathan's first event was a sprint meeting at Brands Hatch, March 1961. He finished 2nd in an Austin Healey 3000. He then purchased a Lotus Elite and an Elva Formula Junior from Bernie Ecclestone. 1963 was Roger's first full season and from there on he had a very successful career.
In '66 Nathan raced the prototype Costin-Nathan (an open car) six times and won his class five times and was second once. He also set five new class lap records.
A closed Costin-Nathan GT was entered for the Le Mans in 1967. The car was driven by Nathan and Mike Beckwith and is recorded as having a 1006cc engine - presumably an optimistically measured 998 to take it over the 1000cc minimum capacity limit. It retired in the fifth hour with electrical problems. Until then it had unhappily run dead last.

1966 Club Racing Championships:
Guards Sports Car Championship: Roger Nathan in a Costin Nathan-Imp came 3rd in class (Upto 1150 cc) and came on a shared 4th overall, gathering 13 points.

1966 Club Racing Championships:
Westover Saloon Car Championship: Roger Nathan in a Hillman Imp came 3rd in class (Up to 1000 cc, behind Bernard Unett and Ray Calcutt - both in a 1.0 Hillman Imp), gathering 16 points.

   Boxing day 1966
Icy Boxing day 1966 at Brands Hatch, British Special Saloon Car Championship
1) Ray Calcutt - Fraser Imp; 2) Ian McDougal - Broadspeed Cooper S; 3) Alan Harvey - Autocadia Cooper S; 4. Roger Nathan - Nathan IMPudence II; 5) Capt Ken's car; 6) Mac Ross - MAC10 Cooper; 7) Tony Taylor - Hartwell Imp; 8) Bill McGovern - Paul Emery Imp; 9) Peter Brown - Frazer Imp; 10) Martin Maudling - Ford Anglia.
photo taken from: Capt. Ken's Mini Cooper racing days


  Roger Nathan, Hillman Imp, maybe 1966, early 1967
Roger Nathan driving a Hillman Imp, presumably at Croft Circuit as this photo (by Viki Heppenstall) was used on the front of the entry form for the Croft Race Meeting on 16th April 1967


Impudence 2
Photo by Robert B. in France, sent in by 'sterling49' to According to sterling49 "all of Robert's photos are from 1964, maybe a few from 1965". Even as early as 1964, Nathan Imps carried a BP sticker on the front wing, as seen on one of the photos in his autobiography. Are these orange coloured alloys (IIRC) - these look as if they could be coloured, rather than 'silver'. Nathan Imps always featured orange.

The wheels on the Impudence II were perhaps magnesium 'Brabham Wobbly Webs' or maybe likelier Brabham F3 wheels.

extract fom the Racing Car Show catalogue, 1967. (Olympia)...


Roger Nathan's Hillman Imp / John Blunsden. - Motor Racing 1965, August. - p.319,321. - [Track Test ; 41]
Impudence II, prepared by Roger Nathan Racing Ltd.

Silverstone test day : Nathan G.T. / written by J. Walton, driving by Steve Neal. - Cars and Car Conversions 1969, April. - pp.345,347

An Adventurous Life: The Costin-Nathan Story (Paperback) by Roger Nathan (Author), Stephanie Gutzwiller (Author)
Publisher: Stephane Gutzwiller (27 Aug 2006). - 162 pages
# ISBN-10: 095539340X (Paperback) # ISBN-13: 978-0955393402

Nathan GT 1969
Tested at Silverstone by CCC, 1969
Nathan GT, April 1969
The downdraught carburation on the Nathan G.T. The engine is canted over in the opposite direction to standard.

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B.R.D.C. Silverstone, beginning of May 1964
Sports Cars: 1,150 to 2,000 cc:
1. Lotus-Ford (J. Sutton) 44min 42.2 sec., 94.28 mph (24 laps);
2. Brabham-Climax (R. Nathan) 45min 14.8sec
3. Lotus-Ford (C. Williams) 45min 42.6sec

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