photos supplied by Henk Hol; Spa-Francorchamps, 2016

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Pete Richards

The Clan Owners Club says that: "One member, Pete Richards, has raced the same Clan in over 200 events in the last 20 Years! "


750 Motor Club Roadsports, 2nd overall


750 Motor Club Roadsports, 1st in class


Howard Jones, 11 March 2003, wrote: "In the race Pete Richards' Clan Crusader crashed quite heavily on lap 3 on the exit to Gerards"


Kampf der Zwerge – Saisonrückblick 2010; von Redaktion: ..."während der Brite Pete Richards regelmäßig mit seinem Clan Crusader im 'Kampf der Zwerge' bewegte."


The 360 Endurance Festival
Snetterton, 4-5-6 May 2012
Sunday 6th May: Race 7 – 360 Six Hour Race
Car. No. 40
Team name Clan 40+1
Drivers: Pete Richards; Michael Chapel; Andrew Green; Simon Benoy
Car Make: Clan
Type: Crusader
cc: 998
Group: Psychedelic Seventies

Croft Nostalgia Weekend
4th – 5th August 2012
Provisional Entry List:
Race 3 and 10 HSCC Evans Waterless Coolants
70s Road Sports Championship
40 - Pete Richards - Clan Crusader


Spa Race Festival 2013
So fuhr Pete Richards mit seinem Clan Crusader mal wieder mit...

Diesmal war es aber nicht Pete Richards, der das Öl auf der Strecke verteile ...


Saint Goueno 2014



6 hours of Spa, Historical Races


Electric Water pump / Pete Richards. - Clan Owners Club Magazines Vol. 24 (Spring 2000), No. 1. - p.16

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