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This Imp Sport will enter different 1975 championships with either drivers Derek and Ray Armes

Ray Armes

This pretty little Imp is the child of Ray Armes, a production director for a design consultancy. Ray's competition career began back in 1972 with a road going Imp Sport, which he entered in the ACSMC sprint/Hillclimb championship, managing to end up 3rd in class without the advantage of a blueprinted engine.

1974 saw a repeat of this car being entered and winning a few awards.

Then along came Derek, who was once one of the leading lights in the powerboat racing game. The couple decided to enter Saloon racing with the backing of Derek's photographic studio - which could account for the very good photo.

The car was bought in its present trim, and then the engine promptly blew up on the first sprint. It is rebuilt for 1975 and both drivers will enter different championships.

The shell is completely lightened with alloy roof and glassfibre doors, bonnet and roof, there are Armstrong shockers all round. Braking power is provided by front discs with alloy F1 type calipers, and the rear drums are 9 inch.

Power comes from 998cc lump, which has been very highly worked on, and includes a niterided crank and R23 cam, and the juice reaches this through dual fuel pumps and twin 40 DCOE Webers.

Power output is reckoned to be around 116 bhp. Watch out for them on the tracks this season.


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