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In the late 1960s and 70s it became a common event to squeeze a car engine into a racing outfit and it was the 'oversquare' all-aluminium, four-cylinder single overhead camshaft 998cc Hillman Imp engine that became the most favoured. Drivers like Vic Phillips, with his immaculate 'Nerus Impetus' of 1966 and, slightly later, Idris Evans and the Teagle brothers, all appreciated the relatively light weight, cheapness and easy availability of tuning spares, and the prodigious amounts of dependable power obtainable from a well-tuned Imp unit. But as the results show, they were a minority - even in the classic cut-off year of 1972. In the second half of the 80s Imp-engined outfits were beginning to outnumber other makes on CRMC grids and, inevitably, winning too.

In 1986 Richard Nelson (25) and passenger Mark Camp (26) were in their first year of chair racing. They were the surprise winners of the Classic Sidecar Race of the Year at the Donington Park Classicfest.

Triple Brew Racing

Pembrey in March 2008

Race 1 on Saturday - Damian Perilleux and Nancy Detoumay were on pole.

Race 2 - As the flag dropped the three Imps hit the front. Sadly the Belgium pair seemed a little anti-social and once again drove off to a 20 second lead. We had Ray 6 seconds ahead, tantalizingly close but just out of reach. Ian and Debbie Salter led the 750's home ahead

Race 2 Sunday - Damian's Imp seemed to be losing water

Anglesey: Newcomer Simon Smith will also be there on his Windle Imp, providing engine builder Reg Patten does his stuff

source: Race Reports Pembrey in March 2008

Manx National - Tourist Trophy

Sidecar A; 1980
Course: Mountain (post 1914); length: 113.25 miles (3 Laps)

PositionRider nameMachineTimeSpeed (MPH)
1Trevor IresonYamaha1:09:12.2098.13
28Trevor BrandrethImp1:21:48.2083.02
RBob MunroChessman ImpTimeSpeed (MPH)
RRobert SmithCrick ImpTimeSpeed (MPH)

Source: Manx National Collections - Tourist Trophy: Race Information

Searching the TT Database for Model = Imp

Position Name Race Year Manufacturer Time Speed
28  Trevor  Brandreth  Sidecar A  1980  Imp  1:21:48.20  83.02 
Trevor  Brandreth  Sidecar B  1980  Imp     
31  Paul  Dutton  Sidecar A  1985  Imp  1:19:00.60  85.95 
34  Paul  Dutton  Sidecar B  1985  Imp  1:18:42.60  86.28 
37  Paul  Dutton  Sidecar A  1984  Imp  1:20:25.20  84.44 
Paul  Dutton  Sidecar B  1984  Imp     
40  Paul  Dutton  Sidecar A  1983  Imp     
32  Paul  Dutton  Sidecar B  1983  Imp  1:21:30.20  83.3 
Idris  Evans  Sidecar 750  1970  Imp spl     
33  Idris  Evans  Sidecar 750  1969  Imp spl  1:57:39.40  57.73 
Gerald  Flynn  Sidecar A  1979  Imp     
Gerald  Flynn  Sidecar B  1979  Imp     
Gerald  Flynn  Sidecar A  1978  Imp     
Gerald  Flynn  Sidecar B  1978  Imp     
28  Gerald  Flynn  Sidecar A  1977  Imp  2:01:12.00  74.71 
Gerald  Flynn  Sidecar B  1977  Imp     
Roy  Hanks  Sidecar 1000  1975  Imp     
14  Graham  Hilditch  Sidecar 1000  1975  Imp  1:21:44.80  83.07 
14  Robert  Jacobs  Sidecar 1000  1976  Imp  1:20:14.00  84.64 
13  Les  Langridge  Sidecar 750  1974  Imp  1:22:06.40  82.71 
David  Lawrence  Sidecar A  1977  Imp     
David  Lawrence  Sidecar B  1977  Imp     
Michael  Miller  Sidecar A  1979  Imp     
39  Michael  Miller  Sidecar B  1979  Imp  1:26:53.60  78.15 
Bob  Munro  Sidecar A  1980  Imp     
27  Bob  Munro  Sidecar B  1980  Imp  1:25:45.40  79.19 
Paul  Rogers  Sidecar A  1977  Imp     
Paul  Rogers  Sidecar B  1977  Imp     
26  Brian  Rostron  Sidecar A  1977  Imp  1:56:48.20  77.52 
Brian  Rostron  Sidecar B  1977  Imp     
25  Brian  Rust  Sidecar 750  1974  Imp  1:26:51.20  78.19 
Robert  Smith  Sidecar A  1980  Imp     
Robert  Smith  Sidecar B  1980  Imp     
33  Robert  Smith  Sidecar A  1979  Imp  1:19:05.00  85.03 
Robert  Smith  Sidecar B  1979  Imp     
Robert  Smith  Sidecar A  1978  Imp     
27  Robert  Smith  Sidecar B  1978  Imp  1:28:23.60  76.83 
30  Maurice  Tombs  Sidecar A  1977  Imp  2:02:14.60  74.07 
Maurice  Tombs  Sidecar B  1977  Imp     
26  Pete  Tyack  Sidecar 500  1975  Imp  1:32:15.00  73.62 
Phil  Williams  Sidecar 1000  1975  Imp     
41  Phil  Williams  Sidecar 750  1972  Imp  1:57:12.80  57.95 

In an editorial in the magazine Classic Racer of 1986, a wave of controversy is talked about. At one side there are the contenders who abide by the spirit of the sport's rules and they are discouraged by those who ride machines that are fully legal, but not what was envisaged when historic competition took root. Like Japanese two-stroke twins. And, to a lesser extent, Hillman Imp-powered sidecar outfits. The editor states that the rules need changing and argues for separate races. He says that on the topic of the Imp sidecars, the solution is not as clear cut, since Imp-powered outfits were very definitely around in the classic period. They didn't arouse controversy then because they didn't win may events. But in 1986 they were beginning to, and the crews relying on motorcycle engines were getting restive.


Open Megga, the monthly magazine of the CRMC

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