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Circuit of Ireland International Rally


photo: R. Faulkner

Pace car 001, McCandle's own rally car.
It may not have been competing, but it wasn't dragging it's heels, either.

This Clan had been used as a rally car in local Northern Ireland events. At the 1985 Circuit of Ireland TIJ 3405 was used by Peter McCandles as a course car in an attempt to advertise the car and its potential to a wider field.

"A story from the man himself when I went to look at the cars, was that he was on a rally (tarmac,) and he came yumping (correct terminology,) over a hill only to find a Sunbeam rally car (Talbot Sunbeam Lotus,) was in the middle of the road, sideways, stopped. Unfortunately it was stalled and they were trying to get it started, the Clan could not avoid hitting the Sunbeam and managed to hit the Sunbeam centre on, pushing the B post in almost to the gearbox. Luckily the driver was out of the car and did not get injured.
Only a small corner of the Clan was damaged, about 6cm x 6cm, but the poor Sunbeam was a write off!

Needless to say the Clan carried on but what else could he do? A good advert for the strength of the Clan!!!"

There's a large photo of it in the centre of the Octobre 1985 issue of Impressions.

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