Astra stages rally historic 2000
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Gordon Alexander
& John Paterson

Club: HRCR
Hillman Imp Californian (white), GJT548E
1040 cc

Robin Hood Forest Stages Rally Historic and Post Historic 2000
A National 'B' event comprising 10 Special Stages, held on Sunday 5 March 2000
They finished 31, 5th in class with competition no. 76. It was their first rally in the Imp and they would have retired with a broken exhaust, had the service crew of David Clibbery not come to the rescue.

The B1 entries:
19    35  Gordon Cameron/Sheila Grimshaw  Austin Cooper S         0:56:49
26    72  Chris Underwood/Peter Stimson   Ford Anglia             0:59:49
27    69  John Parker/Robert Harrison     Saab 96 Sport           1:00:02
29    63  Peter Barker/Hugh Wyllie        Morris Mini Cooper      1:01:05  the Miniworld Magazine entry
31    76  Gordon Alexander/John Paterson  Hillman Imp Californian 1:03:37

8 April 2000 they entered the Vauxhall Astra Stages Historic Rally 2000 in class B1, Championship BH. (others in this class: Austin Cooper; Saab 96; Morris Mini Cooper; Honda Coupe S800). There were 69 starters for the 10 stages.
They did not finish due to oil pressure and/or overheating problems in the 5th stage. Looking at the times of stage 4, they already had trouble there.

The Bulldog Historic Rally 2000
137 Gordon Alexander/John Paterson Hillman Imp B1

Millbrook Tarmac Stages 2000 - Historic
Gordon Alexander/John Paterson were in a very smoky Imp (competition no. 154) that didn't last long.

Gordon Alexander rallied a Vauxhall Nova later in 2000 and 2001.