Malcolm's coupe rally car, 1990

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I started this page a good while ago, thinking I'd collect bits on his many years of rallying. His brother started his own page, though. So I'm fortunate to have my work done for me. Check:


Despite major bad luck (a blown up Imp Rallye engine), Malcolm Anderson succeeded in winning the 1300cc Rallye class 1988 of England with a 1040cc Californian! Amongst the competiton were Peugeot 205s.

The rally photo I sent was from a tarmac stage rally called the Spring Stages at Wilbarston airfield in Northamptonshire, May 1988. We finished 17th overall and 1st in up-to-1300cc class, out of 95 starters.
This was part of the South of England Tarmac Championship, which we won outright and also won the class. 5 class wins, 3 x 2nd in class wins, 2 x 3rd in class wins in this year.
 Malcolm Anderson
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He competed in the 1985 Aylesbury Stages
photo: centre of Impression 1986, February

with a broken rudder


Malcolm Anderson at Ardley Quarry, Bicester: the Chiltern Stages Rally, 1979.
The engine was still running perfectly, but progress was halted...

The photo was used for a 1991 Caption Competition.
Winner: "I think the rudder's broken"
2nd place: " he said to me: Go out and get stuck in"


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