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Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 04:33:27 -0600
From: Gerald Stanley
Organization: MIRAGE DESIGNS, Inc.
Subject: G15 pic from england


I finally found a website with Ginetta's on it.......Short of starting my own. I own a Ginetta G15 with a Friend of mine, Ray Stammers. Along with my father, Geoff Stanley, who owns a G15 and co-owns a G17 single seater with Mick Mooring, we race both the 15's and the 17 at
G. Stanley at Loton Park
Hillclimb events and sprints accross England.

Though since moving to Kansas, I have had little opportunity to race my 15 which is still in England, I still have an interest in the marque, and will, no doubt locate a Ginetta here in the states sometime in the future.

Nevertheless, I thought you may have a use for more Photographs for you web site. The pic of the G15 racing is me at Loton Park, a hillclimb event in Shropshire. Loton is a very interesting track, exceptionally narrow and deceiving.....also one of my favs.

The pic of the G15, owned by Geoff Stanley and currently raced by Jack Stanley (my granfather), and the G21, owned by Steve Fidler, was taken at the LeMans Racing Circuit in France. The Ginetta Owners' Club annual trip from England is organized, usually by Roger and Jane Bryson, to LeMans to see the 24 Hour race, and generally enjoy the French food and especially the French wine. The last pic of the G15 was taken at the chateau we stayed at one year on our visit to LeMans.

The G15 has some interesting racing history. The engine is an Ian Carter built 998cc imp with 40DCOE Webers. Later the engine was modified with a Weber Alpha Fuel Injection System and fitted with a full race cam (R23 I believe). The fuel injection made the engine so manageable, the car could be driven to the local supermarket with ease, even with the full race cam. Ian carter engineered a one off 1228cc engine. This engine was fitted to the G15 and met with great success on the track in the hands of Geoff. Later, the 1228cc, a long stroke version of the original imp engine....prepped for racing, was finally fitted to the newly purchased G17 (which has a mid engine rear-drive layout). The Weber Alpha Fuel Injection System and Jack Knight Straight-cut dog box followed, making the G17 a truely supurb racing machine.....Very much in the spirit of the Ginetta marque. Fitted with hillclimb slicks and with the suspension full sorted after much work, the G17 is a record holding single seater, competitive even with the likes of Edward Tyack's 2 liter BMW powered G16.

If you would like more info, I would love to share. I also have pics of the G17, and my co-owned G15 during construction, with the engine and chassis just finished, and also with the body just fitted. The G15 in the pics btw has original works-arches fitted at the factory. Email me anytime, if you would like more!

Fellow enthusiast,

Gerald Stanley

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