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1000 Millas, Uruguay

Horacio Passegi Torres

Montevideo, Uruguay

In 1996 a newly restored Stiletto was entered in the 1,000 Millas Sport y Clasicos - a historic rally. When the car was parked in the mall for inspection prior to the race, it drew a lot of attention.
104 cars were participating.

On the day of the race it was pouring down.
275 miles had to be covered, plus a slalom at the end of the day.
On the second and third days the distance was 350 miles on each day, including more slaloms. Each day included some distance at a controlled speed (55mph), as well as regularity tests with secret checkpoints.

Horacio Passeggi's family in Uruguay imported Rootes Group cars from 1950 on, mostly Hillmans.
When the Imp came out, it sold well (though there was of course the well-known teething-trouble). Only two Stilettos were imported. These were very well liked by Mr. Passeggi, who was at the time a teenager.
In 1993 he found the remaining body shell of one of the Stilettos in a scrapyard. September 1996 it was back on the road!

These days Mr. Passeggi lives in Queensland, Australia. He brought his Stiletto along!

20 miles from the start on the first day, the engine overheated. As they were so close to the start, Mr. Torre decided to send the car back for repairs. The support car took the Torre team to the end of the first stage, while the mechanics worked the whole afternoon on the Stiletto. It was sent by lorry to the next start, so the following morning the Torre team was back in competition.

10 miles into the second day's drive they had to stop once more with the engine overheating again. This time they stopped for good. At least there were the spectacular photos of the car at the start line...

He was planning on participating in the next race, saying it would have to be properly tested beforehand, but it never happened (?).

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