Very early Nymph with designers on board
The first Nymph (?) with both the designers on board.
Sorry about the white spots - they were in the magazine...

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BS Nymph

Now for the Nymph. - Hot Car 1976, January. - p.42-43
At last - a cheap fun car to revitalise Hillman Imp MoT failures. No author named.
Reprinted in Impressions 2000, March. - p.34-35

At the time of writing, which was likely halfway December 1975, there was only one runner.

Designers Peter Bohanna and Robin Stables saw the potential of a cheap basic and practical vehicle, that would serve as anything - from a beach buggy in Spain to a budget runabout in London. The Nymph, with its various options can be adapted for every need and -because of its light weight- gives a comfortable 50 mpg driven quite hard.

This basic kit costs £378 inclusive of VAT.


If you want to use the standard wheels, some spacers can be supplied for the rear, that will increase the track and help fill the arches.

Arrows are body mounting points
Original Imp parts are in black
Nymph x-ray
Transferring the mechanicals from the Imp to the Nymph body is simply a matter of unbolting the engine and suspension at the rear, wheeling it out and wheeling it back into the Nymph. At the front more or less the same applies.


Light Bronze Green
The hood and side screens in the pictures are still under development and will look slightly different around the rear.
The car looks good even with the standard wheels - even if they are quite tatty.


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