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BS presents the Nymph

What is the NYMPH ?

Not just another 'special' with a flimsy single-skin fibre glass body grafted on to a rust prone metal chassis ! Styled to be cheekly attractive in any surroundings, the NYMPH has been designed by people with many years of experience in glassfibre boat and car design. It is built for us by firms accustomed to building high performance racing hulls to exacting standards using only the finest materials and skilled labour. (For this reason the NYMPH is not the cheapest kit on the market - but certainly it is the best.) The superbly finished full monocoque double skinned body shell is built to take years of punishment, neglect and English weather - it will not rattle or rust. The colour of your choice is in the material, so you will never have any paint peeling problems. All exposed metal parts supplied by us are NYLON coated for maximum protection. All lids are double skinned for maximum strength and pleasant appearance.
The NYMPH kit gives you the chance to build a car to suit YOUR needs - YOU <illegible> Whichever form you choose, it will be nippy, safe and very economical. Our aim has been to to produce a car of charm and character to suit your very own needs - a lot of people are now telling us that we have succeeded.

How does it fit into your life ?

The NYMPH is unlike any other car available today - so versatile that it adapts to your moods and needs in minutes - on hot sunny days strip it to match your spring feelings ! Imagine yourself in Barbados as you drive around town or to your favourite country <...> - wander off down those leafy country tracks and really smell the countryside. <...>screens are fitted and folded away ready for use in minutes. On sunny spring days <...> soft top. Come winter - fit the smart heat preserving double skinned hard top and be snug with side screens or doors.

Can I afford it ?

The cost of building a NYMPH is very variable - if you base it on a 1964 M.o.T. failure Imp costing £30.00p, spend another £30.00p on essential spares, it will cost you about £526.00p with a soft top and side screens.
If, on the othe hand you decide to fit works reconditioned exchange components and take the whole range of options, such as hard and soft tops, solid doors and side screens, full carpet kit, softer springs and choose a special non-standard colour, your total bill will be about £950.00p. This, however, gives you vitually a new car - and what else do you get for under £1,000 at today's prices ?

How do I build it ?

A great deal of thought and design work has been applied to this aspect of the NYMPH project. Three major stages in development involving extensive modifications to moulds and the construction of preproduction prototypes for each one have been necessary to arrive at a body/ chassis kit that meets our own very demanding specification. We are now satisfied that our customers will not have any problems fitting the mechanical components from the Imp range to our shells.
Everything you need to compliment the kit we supply, will come rom the standard Hillman Imp with only a few exceptions. (These are detailed in the instruction leaflet that is supplied on ordering the kit.)
It is at this stage that you start making decisions that will affect the end product. We strongly suggest that, unless you intend completely rebuilding all the mechanical components, or fitting reconditioned units purchased from a reliable source, you purchase an Imp that is drivable so that you can identify any faults and be prepared to rectify them before building them into your NYMPH. If you order a NYMPH, we send you a full instruction sheet along with your delivery confirmation, which, as well as detailing the assembly procedure, gives you many useful hints on what trouble sports to look for when choosing your Imp. In this way you can be ready to start your building as soon as your kit arrives.
If you have an average knowledge of car mechanics and common sense you will be able to to follow our simple illustrated instructions. Specialist tools are not required and the normal spanners, drills, screwdrivers from an amateur D.I.Y. toolbag are all that is required. No heavy lifting tackle is required. The body shell comes with all holes drilled and with the windscreen surround frame fitted.

What about registering the NYMPH ?

The NYMPH body / chassis is in fact a replacement body shell so the finished car retains the registration of the Imp that supplied the mechanical components to build it.

What if I want a NYMPH but can't face building it myself ?

As a result of initial press publicity, we have been contacted by garages all over the country who are interested in putting together kits for customers in their area.
They would be willing to locate and test a suitable Imp and build the NYMPH from our kit for you at an agreed price. So write to us and we will put you in contact with the garage nearest to you. Alternatively, contact your local garages and see if they would do it for you.

The above brochure contains photos of DDL 384C and 514 NPO - the two prototypes ?

"Can you afford not having one ?"
Published in Impressions, June 1986

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