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BS Nymph Mk. II


   drawing of mk 2 Nymph
   colour White
   colour Pirate Red
Pirate Red
   colour Golden Yellow
Golden Yellow
   colour Light Bronze Green
Light Bronze Green
   colour Golden Brown
Golden Brown
   colour Anchusa Blue
Anchusa Blue
lettering of mk 2 Nymph


Nymph Mk.2

We are very pleased to be able to announce that production has now started on our revised Mk.2 Nymph and we are now in a position to quote firm delivery dates.

During the delay period forced upon us by production problems we have been able to analyse information fed back to us from people who have built our Mk.1 cars. To this we have added our own experience of building and running Nymphs and have incorporated many detail improvements into our Mk.2 as a result. We are confident that the many changes carried out now ensure that our customers are receiving a kit which will not only be foolproof to put together but will result in a very professional looking car.

Enclosed in our folder you will find our latest price list. This is not the cheapest kit car on the market but we are happy that it represents real value for money. Included in the basic kit is everything you require to build your car - this includes all the nuts, bolts and screws required. All the trimming and major hole drilling is done; rear wheel spacers, new metal brake liners, headlamp rims etc. are supplied. Detailed assembly procedures are included so you are left with the straight-forward work of transferring your mechanical components from the Imp to the Nymph.

During the next few months we will be touring major centres in the country to let the hundreds of people who have written to us see and drive a Nymph. When we are going to be in your area we will publish the fact in the local press and advise you personally by letter.

Again we must apologise for the many delays - we are glad however that we have been able to utilize the time in perfecting the car and the final result now ensures that the Nymph is the most advanced and practical runabout kit car available, and that it will give many owners years of economical, rust free, fun motoring.

Bohanna Stables Limited

Price list

May 1976

    Basic   V.A.T.   Full price
Body Chassis Kit
Full monocoque double skinned construction in 1st quality Glass Fibre reinforced polyester. Self coloured in six atrtactive colours. (Special colours are available at £10.00 extra.) The kit comes complete with all metal parts Nylon coated ready to accept components from a Hillman Imp to make a basic runabout)
£368.50 £29.48 £397.98
Fixed Rollover Bar
£18.00 £1.44 £19.44
The standard hood gives full headroom to front and rear passengers. Standard colour black. Other colours £7.00 extra. Hood can be used with side screens or doors. Comes ready fitted.
£56.50 £4.52 £61.02
Side Screens £26.50 £2.12 £28.62
Hard Top £78.00 £6.24 £84.24
Solid doors £64.80 £5.18 £69.98
Softer rate road springs
Give softer ride and improved road holding
Rubber mat
Pre-cut to shape
Pre-cut to shape. Hard wearing black carpet ready for you to fit and glue


Nymph Mk 2, 1976, hardtop

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