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Andy Chesman, 1973
 Andy Chesman 1973

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CCC 1973, August:
New name on the scene is Andy Chesman, who is rapidly becoming one of the men in the Imp tuning business. Andy -1972 World Hydroplane champion- took over Greetham Engineering, Edgewick Road, Coventry, at the beginning of this year and is specialising in the preparation of Imp motors for road, track and water. Currently using Chesman motors are:

One litre versions of the Chrysler engine are supreme in hydroplane racing and it is self preparation of these motors that has given Andy his experience.
Andy (I'll always use Vanderwell lead indium bearings) is also supplying engines to Italian hydroplane ace Beppis Golnaghu.

At first is was called 'Greetham Engineering', later it became ACE: Andy Chesman Engineering ltd., Coventry. Andy Chesman used to race Imps and he and his company could do all tuning and engineering work on Imp engines such as 998cc & larger engines, crankshafts etc. He devised a way of machining Imp cylinder heads at an angle to help the engine make more power eg. 125bhp from a 998cc engine with twin Webers and R23 camshaft. This special head is called a WEDGE head.

Chesman engineers
 Chesman Engineers
photograph: John Colley

After his death in 1998 the company became Chesman Engineering and is run by Andy's daughter.
Corley Conversions took over the Imp stock and runs the parts side for Imp engine parts and co-ordinates the machining of Imp heads, blocks etc.

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