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Close ratio racing gearboxes

We have available three close ratio racing gearboxes to suit the Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois, or racing car chassis as follows:

14 speed and reverse close ratio racing gearboxs  £170. 0. 0.
25 speed close ratio racing gearbox - with or without reverse gear  £230. 0. 0.
33rd and top gear conversion
This consists of retaining the standard 1st and 2nd gears as fitted to the Hillman Imp and fitting lower and close ratio 3rd and top gears. This is the same specification as that used in our Works Cars, and we have found it gives excellent results.
£32. 11. 0.
 Supplying complete gearbox to No. 3 specification  £122. 18. 0.
 Modifying customer's gearbox to No. 3 specification £47. 18. 0.
 Limited slip differential conversion to suit any of above £75. 0. 0.


Available gear ratios

 7.155.774.86 3rd and top gear ratios are
 6.95.534.65 interchangeable

The above are combinations of gears giving overall ratios through standard final drive, which is not changed.

Postage and packing extra.

Road speed and engine revolution graph on next page.



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