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Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois Conversions

Bred on England's racing circuits by Roger Nathan Racing Limited


MOTORING NEWS"Very useful road machine. Putting it against the stop watch we returned 18 secs. standing start ΒΌ mile and 0 - 60 in 12.1 secs. in the wet! At 7000 r.p.m. in top the Imp was showing 105 m.p.h. and still waiting for more. What more could be said?"

18 February 1965

MOTOR"It's performance is outstanding. Over the 600 miles we drove it is great fun with all the infinite controllability of a personally tailored car. We clocked 0 - 30 in 3.8 secs. and 0 - 60 in 11.9 secs."

27 February 1965

AUTOCAR"Q car extraordinary. This normal looking Hillman Imp tuned by Roger Nathan was capable of 107 m.p.h. Fun to drive and did not hang about."

30 April 1965

SMALL CAR"There just isn't any doubt about it - THIS IS ONE OF THE FASTEST SMALL SALOONS IN THE WORLD. We drove it and felt frightened, much as we should feel frightened in a Grand Prix car, because of its ability to do things faster than we could think. We rode in it with owner/ developer/ driver - Roger Nathan himself at the wheel and we were positively terrified."

September 1964

CARS AND CAR CONVERSIONS"Take a hillman Imp, lighten it and modify the engine and suspension, etc. This is the formula for Impudence II, the Roger Nathan RACING IMP. Result - one of the fastest small saloons in the world."

June 1965

MOTOR RACING"Brakes were superb, the engine simply revels in high revs. Nathan has transformed the Imp into a non-standard little bomb - it goes like stink! It is a great achievement to have converted such a fundamentally 'non-raceable' car into one which is fast enough to beat them all."

August 1965

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