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Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois Conversions

Bred on England's racing circuits by Roger Nathan Racing Limited



This very popular conversion was designed to suit the motorist seeking high performance coupled with moderate outlay and is easily fitted in place of the standard components. Many months of extensive research, development and tests went into the specification of this Stage using numerous combinations of manifolds, carburettors, valves and camshafts until the most suitable was found.

Performance is outstanding with no great loss of fuel consumption and is achieved by extensive alterations to the cylinder head and raising the compression ratio. The cylinder head is supplied assembled. Larger in-let valve inserts are fitted in place of standard in order to accommodate the larger valves, which are specially contoured to ensure maximum flow. Combustion chambers, ports and port throats are extensively re-worked, gas flowed and polished to a high degree. Our No. 2 camshaft, specially developed to provide top end performance and good flexibility, is supplied together with stroncer valve springs which eliminate valve bounce at high revolutions. The carburettor choke and jets are modified to cope with the improved gas flow. The four branch exhaust manifold and straight through silencer of our own design complete this conversion.

With cylinder head and camshaft in exchange£80. 9. 6.
Deposit required pending return of exchange parts£17. 0. 0.
Charge for fitting to car and road testing by Roger Nathan Racing Limited if required£19. 0. 0.

55 b.p.h. at 6800 r.p.m.     0-60 13.0 secs     Max top speed 95 m.p.h.

Postage and packing extra.


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